“I do not understand how you would just come back and not le- Ahhhhhh!” Dean screamed as she walked into Maria's kitchen.

Maria pushed Trent off her making him land flat on the ground with a thud letting out a groan of pain.

“What the fuck are you doing in my house?” Maria glared at Dean as she frantically tried to find her clothes.

“I am always in your house bu- but this is so new, the counter Maria oh Jesus! How can I ever lean on that place ever again?” Dean shuddered in disgust.

“I don't care how you lean on it.” Maria gritted her teeth “What I care about now is how fast you can get out of my house.

“Nuh uh, I ain't going nowhere, this gossip is too hot for the media and my eyes isn't going to miss it.

Maria thought of a thousand ways to kill and dispose of her friend in 30 seconds tops.

“Can I get up now?” Trent asked still lying on the ground.

“Shit! I'm so sorry Trent, did i hurt you? Did you hit your head hard?

“No I did not but I'm sure I'll feel all the hurt tomorrow morning.

“Not if I massage you later today”

Trent hummed wrapping his arms around her before pulling her close. “I could also he-”

“Jesus Christ I'm still here guys!” Maria screeched pushing Trent away from her when she heard Dean's voice. Trent tripped over his feet falling to the ground again.

“If I fall to the ground again, I might as well be buried here” Trent grumbled.

“Dean out, out now!” Maria shooed Dean out of the kitchen before rushing to help Trent get off the floor.

“If I'm going to land back here just leave me be.” Trent said

“Oh come on I'm so sorry, I didn't know she was coming, is your back hurting? I'm so sorry.

“Hey hey it's fine, it's just bruises and maybe life long injuries” Trent teased.

Maria pinched his abs making him laugh. “All you have is muscles so it shouldn't hurt that much, your bones have probably turn into iron by now.” Maria said lowly as she caressed his body.

“We could always check how strong I am right now.” Trent lifted Maria placing her back on the counter before bathing her neck with kisses.

“Fuck Trent! I don't think I can keep up.” Maria moaned.

“You were the one who wanted this fire, I'm sorry if you can't keep up but you're the only one who can make all my desires come true.

Maria arched her back moaning soundlessly as Trent moulded her breast in his palms.

“Holy crap, I need to purify my eyes after this.

Maria yelped shoving Trent away from her sending him back to the floor.

“DEAN!” Maria yelled the same time Trent whispered “Fuck it”


“Heyyyy boss” Dean sing-songed as she glided into Maria's office.

“What now?” Maria massaged her temples hoping the headache growing and Dean could just go away.

“Oh nothing just checking in on you.” Dean stared straight faced at Maria before a creepy smile adorned her lips.

“Not now Dean please, I'm having a nasty headache.

“After all the nasty things you did last night why am I not surprised”

Maria threw the papers she had squeezed up on her desk at Dean, smiling in satisfaction when one knocked her glasses off her face, she was practically blind without them.

Maria uncrossed her legs preparing to tease Dean when Lilah walked into her office.

“Maria this actor keeps ge- Why is Dean on the floor?” Lilah frowned at Maria before placing Dean's glasses back on her nose.

“Oh babe what would I do without you?” Dean eyes glittered as she stared at Lilah.

“Possibly get yourself in deep trouble and be thrown in prison.” Lilah kissed her forehead “For a face so innocent and sweet you can be a tyrant atimes.

“Preach sistur” Maria clapped her hands.

“Don't even think of walking away from this one, if she's a tyrant you're her side kick, the two of you in one place is just like a volcano on the verge of erupting”

“Whatever, you're only supporting her cause she's your wife.” Maria glared at Lilah hoping she and Dean would just leave her alone.

“I'm supporting her cause I have to, now the reason why I'm here is there's this actor who keeps getting on my nerves. He misses appointments, doesn't listen to anything I say but stares at my ass all day.” Lilah said as she typed God knows what on her iPad.

“He did what now?” Dean asked in a tight tone.

“Hey hey calm down fire cracker, it's all been taken care of, I took him off the set handpicking other recommended actors because we do not have enough time, we were suppose to air last week but the delays are not social friendly or budget friendly at all.

“Do whatever you need to do Lilah, I'm sure whatever you choose will be for the best, I never liked Freznof anyway.” Maria pursed her lips “What kind of name is Freznof anyway? Is that freeze my ass off or what?

Dean burst out laughing from the look of frustration on Maria's face, Lilah chuckled kissing Dean goodbye before going back to her station.

“So bestie what's really bothering you hm, that vein in your head is gonna pop soon”

“I don't know ok, I'm just cranky and no it's not my period i already had that bitch.” Maria closed her eyes as she leaned back into her chair.

“Is it your beautiful hunk?” Dean raised her eyebrows.

“No it's not Trent he's really sweet, maybe it's because I didn't get enough sleep. Any other complaints coming into my office might just have to wait till tomorrow”

“So where did you meet him?

Maria rolled her eyes “I'm not surprised you didn't hear a word I said, it doesn't matter where I met him.

Dean squinted her eyes before gaping in surprise “You used my website didn't you?

“I did not” 

“You don't find men yourself Maria, you used it.

“I did not” Maria argued

“Then where did you meet him?” Dean smiled knowingly.

“At hunting bar” Maria blurted out. Shit I'm dead. She thought to herself. 

Dean's eyes widened in disbelief “You are fucking a college boy?

“Quiet!” Maria admonished Dean as she stared at her open door “He's not a college boy, he works for Mabelle companies, he's industrious and strong, why would I go for a college guy?

“Whoosh now that's a bummer, that would have been a twist besides who cares what you do or who you do it with hmm?” Dean dusted invisible dust off her clothes “Well my friend I've gotten all the information I need, now I'll be on my way. Try to get some sleep no matter how good he is you have a life after 8am” Dean kissed her cheek on her way out finally locking the door behind her.

Maria massaged her temples cursing herself internally for that flop.

Trent wasn't a college student, he wasn't working, she didn't even know what he di- she did have a clue on what he did for a living.

He said he was friends with Cole but if that was right then h-

“Oh fuck me” Maria whispered harshly.

He was a high schooler, a freaking high schooler. 

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