Maria drove home wondering how she was going to broach the subject of what Trent did for a living.

He was a fucking gigolo, something tugged at her heart just imagining him sleeping with women to put himself through school.

He was a high schooler and if she wasn't mistaken he was just about to graduate. She didn't know where he wanted to go or if he even had enough money to go, was that why he followed her here? For money? She forced herself to see beyond her shallow thoughts but she couldn't.

Trent hadn't been anything but nice but he wasn't good for her image and he wasn't fit to be Cole's friend, now the problem was getting him out of her system; she didn't think she was over him yet so maybe she might just get her money's worth.


Trent watched Maria work while he pretended to watch the tv, she looked cute with her glasses perched on her nose.

Her mouth moved with no sound as her eyes skimmed over what she was reading, she rubbed her eyes from time to time a sign Trent knew screamed 'Tired'.

Chuckling softly Trent switched the TV off, Maria raised her head in question, Trent kissed her softly taking her books away from her, relieving her of her glasses as well before lifting her into his arms.

Putting her in the bed was no hassle as she was already passed out cold before her head hit the pillows, her soft snores sounded like music to Trent's ears.

Tucking her into his side, he drifted easily into wonderland.

Barely two seconds later Trent was blinded by intense sunlight.

“Awwwhh man” Trent groaned sliding deeper into the covers.

“Oh wake up sleepy head, you've been sleeping for hours.” Maria huffed tugging at the covers.

“Never! I'm never leaving my shelter, leave me to relax in my nest.

“I will, the day you stop behaving like a cave man.” Maria shrieked when Trent grabbed her bringing her into the fort of blankets he had made.

“Who's my partner now?” Trent asked with a childish Glee in his voice.

Maria stroked his face, Trent leaned into the touch pressing his face into her palms.

She didn't want to feel but this boy was doing things to her, he was going to destroy every thing she stood for, every wall she had built he had already broken down.

No better time to do this but now. Maria thought to herself before steeling her heart.

“Trent you might need to go home early”

“Why? You no longer have use for me hmm" Trent trailed his finger around a nipple smiling smugly when she pushed her breast into his hand.

Maria shook her head clearing none of the lust out of it, she couldn't be close to him if she was going to think straight.

Slowly extricating herself from his arms she convinced herself it was for his good not her reputation.

“Trent the truth is people can't see me with you, you're a- you're-”

“I'm what?” Trent wrinkled his brows in confusion.

“You're a gigolo Trent, the sex is really good and honestly it's not you but I have an image to protect, I'm not saying this in a bad way but just tell me the amount that would be suitable for you, any amount Trent I'm serious” Maria said shuffling through her bag for her cheque book.

Trent stared blankly at Maria when she handed him the cheque book, “Any amount huh?” he played with the pen before shuffling an amount on the cheque book.

“A hundred million dollars? I'll triple that amount for you, let me just send this to my account.” Maria turned towards the window to hide her disappointment, he was just a hooker after all.

“That wouldn't be necessary" Trent said picking his clothes off the floor.

“Why? You want the money cash? Do you want to gloat to your friends now that you've made enough to leave the agency or even try to make your life easier now that I've paid for more than you're worth” Maria couldn't help but throw a jab.

Trent tilted his head releasing a laugh so cold it chilled the whole room. “What was I even thinking? That you could make all my fantasies come true, You?” he pointed angrily at her.

“I made your fantasies come true and I just made more of it come true” she threw her phone at his feet so he could see the successful transaction, I booked a flight for you back home, try to stay away from Cole too, you're a bad influence.” 

“I don't need your money ma'am, I have enough of my own, the fact that you think you can buy anybody and anything isn't surprising, I just thought if I gave you a chance you would prove me wrong.” Trent fisted his shirt trying to control his anger “- and Cole is my friend, I am not a gigolo; whoever gave you that information needs to get checked because that's just a sick joke.

Maria scoffed eyeing Trent in disbelief. “I ordered for you that night, it's a site called the hotspot or that's what we call it, I ordered for you there so what pride are you trying to protect, there's no need to be ashamed of who you are.

Trent shook his head “I have never heard of that site, Trent and I attend the same school and I was just there for his birthday, I'm his best friend so I couldn't even miss it if I tried, I live down the street for fucks sake. I only went upstairs that night cause a girl was coming on to me and all I wanted to do was sleep.

“Did she pay you too?” Maria asked coolly.

Trent squeezed his eyes praying his fragile emotions wouldn't get the best of him, she didn't deserve to see him cry. Packing whatever he could get his hands on he left booking his own flight home, he would send her money back to her immediately he got on a plane.

He hoped he never saw her again.


Maria heard the door slam shut, she hoped she would feel good, she hoped contentment would wash over her since she got rid of him but all she felt was...nothing.

What was with that story? If he wanted to lie could he not make her look like a fool, snatching her phone she searched for 'Hotspot' in her contact list just so she could show Cole enough proof when she pressed for him not to be friends with Trent.

“Hello how may I help you? You've reached the hotspot” A chirpy voice said through the receiver just as Maria put the call recorder on.

“Hi I'm Maria and I need to confirm something, I called earlier sometime in January.

“Oh hi Maria from Dean right? Yes I remember you.

“Yeah please did he check in the next morning?

“Yes he did” She said “but he said he pulled up in front of a house where teenagers were throwing a party, he asked around but no one was sober enough to answer him so he left. We were supposed to refund but you haven't been replying our emails so please do.” Maria thanked her promising to pass their contact along to any willing client.

The soft click signaling the end of the call filled Maria with dread.

She had ruined something amazing once again and she wasn't sure she could fix it.

A soft chime showed a return of the money she had sent to Trent.

Fuck me. 

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