Maria barked at the secretary they had hired to help Dean, the third secretary they had hired in two weeks.

“This is not what I call spiral binding, this is a poor excuse of whatever knowledge you think you have, You're fired.


“Please make sure to clear your desk, have a nice day” Maria said returning to her work afterwards.

“Whoaa that's another woman you've sent crying out of your office, I'm sure the world is grateful you aren't a lesbian because you're gonna be a heartbreaker.” Dean joked.

“What? Dean” Maria snipped, she wasn't in the mood for jokes.

Dean closed the door before glaring at her best friend. “First of all lose that attitude before I lose it for you, you've been up everybody's ass for something you won't talk about so don't blame anyone for how sad your life is.

Maria started from the rebuff but she knew she needed it. “I'm sorry Dean I've just had a horrible day-”

“Weeks you mean, don't apologise to me apologise to the team. Those women you fired were more than capable for the job so I moved them to different sections.

Maria kissed her friend on both cheeks “What would I do without you Dean, thank you for not staying mad at your boss”

“What? You aren't the boss I am” Dean stated rolling around in Maria's chair.

“Yea yea you are.

“So...what's been bothering you?

“Nothing” Maria said too quickly.

“Ah ha I knew it spill the juices madame” Maria glared at her friend before sighing.

“I used your link.” 

Dean stopped rolling to gape at Maria, “Yo- Y- You liar, why would you lie to your bestie?” Dean pouted.

“Because it got more complicated than that” Maria let out a breath “Turns out he wasn't the one I slept with, the hunk you keep talking about is my son's best friend.

“Oh my God what a scandalous scandal, how could you make that mistake, the tabloids will eat this up like food Maria”

Maria winced, Dean only called her Maria when she was mad.

“You don't need to worry about that I already ruined it anyway.

“What did you do?

Maria counted off her fingers “Called him a gigolo, told him to stay away from my son, insulted and possibly wounded his pride, gave him 300 million dollars to stay away from me which he returned and many more I can't remember” 

“I knew you were a bitch but Jesus Christ Maria, he is a victim of your own carelessness.” Dean shook her head disapprovingly.

“It gets worse Dean” Maria readied herself for the lecture. “Remember when I said he was Cole's best friend I'm not sure you thought about that aspect well.

“What do I need to th-” Dean's eyes widened in horror before the lecture began. “Have you gone insane, a high schooler? You will be tagged a pedophile, this isn't any of your Nora Roberts novels where it all works out for the best. One slip up” Dean held her forefinger up “-and you're dead meat.

Maria massaged her temples, she knew all these things, she had thought about each and every thing everyday but she didn't care.

“Oh no you don't” Dean's voice pulled her out of her thoughts “I know that look on your face, let me tell you now it won't work; it's better if you file all this away as a fling and move on comprende?

“I'm not going to comprende nada, I screwed this up but this boy-man-guy is someone who touched a place so deep I thought seized to exist, he has showed me how shallow I am and I even hurt thinking of how hurt he is right now. I don't care about the tabloids Dean who I care about right now is Trent, who I am going to apologize to so I can get him back into my life and I always get what I want.

Dean searched her friends eyes for anything negative but all she saw was honesty so hers softened. “I'll hold the forte but come back soon, I do not approve but I know a woman in love when I see one.

Maria laughed throatily “I never said I was in love Dean”

“You didn't need to.


Trent punched the ... For the umpteenth time, imagining it was himself was lots better, he wished he could beat himself up till he felt better but he couldn't and he still didn't feel better.

Coach was the only one who talked to him, he had snapped at half of the team the other half tried their best not to get in his way which resulted in everyone avoiding him.

He'd stopped visiting Cole, that was better than getting there and hearing his name had been taken off the visitors list; that would kill him.

He thought it wouldn't hurt if he didn't think about it but she was all he thought about, she was the basic component of his thoughts.

He wished it was that easy to hate her, wished it was that easy to forget her.

He leaned on the mop he was using to clean the gym, that was his punishment for snapping at everyone, clean up for one week before you lock up the gym. Trent could still hear coach's voice in his head.

“I never knew you cleaned.” Trent stiffened from the familiarity of the voice.

“I'm not sure this is a gigolo center, I advise you check ahead.” he said instead.

Maria bit her lip praying to God to make this easy for her but how easy was easy, “Ok I deserved that, I'm here to say I'm sorry.

“Accepted, you can leave now.

“Can we talk?


“Dinner then?

“I don't think I eat anymore” 

Maria took in a deep breath through her mouth reigning in her anger, she was the one at fault so she would grovel all she could.

“Trent please let's just talk.

“Why? I just said I don't want to talk to you besides I'm busy”

“I'll wait outside then, we can go somewhere after”

“I'll be going straight home from here I'd advice you to go home.

“Why haven't you gone to see Cole?" Maria deviated from her original tactic.

“You told me to stay away from your son remember, the last thing I needed was to be kicked out of the hospital.

“I would never do that”

“But I don't know you now do I?” Trent's voice was filled with so much hurt.

Maria trembled as she witnessed the damage she had caused to someone who did nothing but care for her.

“I'm sorry Trent I promise I'll make it right please just give me a chance”

Trent lowered his eyes to hide the tears that escaped but Maria had seen them.

“You can't buy everything with money. I don't need or want your money”

“I'm not using money this time.

Trent flashed her one of his fake smiles “I don't need the pennies either”

“I'm putting myself on the line for you, my heart” Maria said taking a step with each word “My pride, my reputation, everything” 

Trent watched her carefully trying to understand whatever game she felt like playing.

“I don't know what game you're trying to play but I won't be hurt by you again.

“It's a game I'm playing to win, I can't promise not to hurt you cause I'm human but I promise never to do it intentionally.

“I don't trust you” Trent mumbled taking a step back when she reached for him.

”You will" Maria said softly letting her hand hang in the air for a while. “You will”

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