Trent climbed the stairs with his head full of uncertainty.

What he was about to do would kill him and make him happy, it wasn't like he had much of a choice anyway.

Cole had asked him to take care of this aspect so he would do it besides Maria might like it.

Maria was standing in the balcony leaning on the railing, she radiated such a beautiful glow that made Trent's heart ache.

The heart wouldn't get what it wanted this time.

Digging deep to hold unto his sanity he stored his thoughts for another day.

“I thought you weren't going to come.” 

Trent leaned his shoulder on the wall trying to perfectly school his features. If she caught on to how disorganized he was, him being here would be for nothing so he put on his best smile.

“I don't think I've ever left you hanging”

Maria raised her brows trying to understand the change “You've left me hanging for weeks now Trent.

“Andd now I'm here to apologize because a beautiful woman like you shouldn't be left in the dust.” Trent kissed her hand 

“Is today April fool's day?” Maria smiled but her eyes showed how tired she was “If it is then I missed the memo, what did you want to talk about Trent?

Maria wrestled her palm from his grasp mentally distancing herself from his charms, she was too tired for games.

“I'm here to talk about us Maria, I'm here cause I've come to a conclusion”

“What conclusion is that?” 

“That I want you”

Maria held on tightly to the chair behind her so she wouldn't collapse, she had waited for weeks to hear that sentence and the effect wasn't any different.

This boy did wondrous things to her, things she was sure he had no idea of.

Trent held her face like she was a porcelain doll, caressing it till she felt like she would burst into tears any minute.

If this was a game she didn't think she would be able to handle it alongside Cole's tantrums.

“Trent if you're not sure please don't” Maria whispered against his lips begging whatever God was listening to make him sure.

Trent licked his lips smiling when Maria's eyes hungrily followed his actions.

Pulling his shirt over his head, he watched Maria struggle with touching him and looking away.

“You can touch me besides I'm yours” Trent whispered into her hair praying for his soul when she moaned.

The first contact of her hand on his chest set all his nerves on edge. 

He took in deep breaths through his nose while Maria touched him like she hadn't in years.

When she kissed his chest he was the one grabbing the chair so he wouldn't overwhelm her.

Maria's taste buds tingled when she licked Trent's neck, her body was shaking like she was on a drug high.

There were so many things she wanted to do but kissing him, tasting him was worth it, he was like the coffee she needed to start her day.

The way he groaned or shivered when she did certain things drove her crazy, knowing she could do this to him made her dizzy.

Trent captured her lips like he had been waiting for that particular moment, he gave her no chance to breathe so she clung to him like a life line.

Maria broke the kiss with obvious difficulty, Trent allowed her take in lungs full of air before stealing her lips once again.

“God please I can't- Trent please” Maria gasped 

Trent kissed her till she was dizzy with lust.

“Please what?

Maria's legs turned to jelly when he rubbed his full length into her.

Trent lifted her into his arms while he caged her against the wall with his body.

He groaned when he realized she was bare, his torso was wet from her juices.

“Fuck Maria!

“You told me you were coming I could only hope I swear” Maria dragged her nails down his back.

Trent tried not to dry hump her, he couldn't even if he wanted to, he was so hard it would hurt.

“Tre-nt pl-ease” Maria pushed her center into him trying to get enough friction.

“I'm going to hurt you” Trent gritted his teeth when Maria found one of his sweet spots. “Ma-ria I won't be gen-tl-e”

“Just hurry Trent I need you so bad”

Trent balanced her on one arm while the other pushed his jeans down enough for his d*** to spring free.

Maria held her breath when he tapped her clit with his d***. “Tr-ent fuck me plea-se”

Maria's eyes rolled to the back of her head when he filled her, he pulled out only to slam back in. She could feel him in places that made her head spin.

He hadn't even started thrusting yet and Maria could feel the tingles of a fast approaching orgasm.

It took a while for her to adjust to his length, when she did he began to move.

Slow at first till she couldn't formulate sentences, when Trent felt her walls squeeze him he slowed his thrusts.

Maria almost lost her mind when he brought her down from her high, he built her up again only to bring her down once more.

“Oh my God please Trent please” Maria pleaded when Trent did it the third time, her pussy was so sensitive it was beginning to feel unbearable.

She would beg if that was what it took for Trent to have mercy, her legs were as good as gone, she knew walking would be a problem for a few days. 

“I'm going to fuck you ti-” Trent held his breath when her walls squeezed his dick continuously. “-till you beg me to stop or not to stop, till you moan it, till you scream it.

Maria knew her body wasn't hers anymore, she would give it over to him a thousand times if this is what he would do with it.

“Are you ready Maria?” Trent asked as he slammed her into the wall, Maria forgot the pain in her back when she felt the pressure build once more.


“I know” Trent reassured her with kisses while his thrusts never slowed, Maria tried to prepare for the storm she could feel coming.

The waves hit her unexpectedly turning her body into a shaking mess.

Maria tried to catch her breath but how could she do that when Trent hadn't stopped digging for gold in her pussy.

He groaned as Maria milked his d*** but he wasn't anywhere near done, repositioning her legs to his shoulders he slammed rhythmically into her.

Maria knew nothing could have stopped the screams pouring out of her mouth, the next wave hit her like a truck, her vision blurred while she tried to get her soul back into her body.

“Don't tell me you're done?” Trent slowed his thrusts finally allowing her to catch her breath.

“I am, Trent please my pussy can't take anymore” Maria whispered too tired to wipe the sweat off her brows.

“I'll let you rest but I'm not done, not by a long shot now will you have dinner with me?

Maria took minutes to reply because of how foggy her head was, she felt herself smile as she agreed to have dinner with him.

Trent tucked her in snuggling right behind her.

The heart got what it wanted didn't it?

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