Maria laughed giddily with her laptop in front of her, Dean had been running around dancing horribly since Maria had filled her in.

“He actually asked you on a date? I'm screaming right now.” Dean tapped her flushed cheeks.

“You can't scream by this hour, your spouses would kill you and your children will be upon you in seconds.” Maria smiled softly just thinking of her godchildren.

“Whatever, anyway what are you going to wear because you have to wow him, after what happened last night I'm sure it wouldn't take much.” Dean wiggled her eyebrows.

Maria covered her cheeks to hide her blush “Nothing happened last night, why would you even think that?

“Becausee bestie you're sporting a very delicious hickey.

Dean burst out laughing when Maria raced to the bathroom.

“Damn it, no makeup can cover this brutality.” Maria muttered under her breath.

“Then why don't you wear it with pride, it looks like a necklace anyway with the ring like bit-”

“Stuff it Dean or I'm calling Lilah to put you straight.

“She'll just spank me or make me call her mommy” Dean blinked her eyes rapidly perfectly mimicking the look of a submissive.

“That's exactly what's going to happen in five minutes” Dean squealed when Lilah appeared out of nowhere ”You wouldn't pipe down because of your excitement so I figured you were talking to Maria, you woke the kids twice so I'll just let Ron deal with you.” Lilah walked out of the room as silent as she came.

“Naughty bottom!” Maria laughed into her palm watching her friend get so flustered.

Ron yawned widely taking in the scene before him before waving at Maria, balancing Dean carefully in his arms Maria could only stare in awe at the utter look of love, devotion and lust on her friends face.

She was this close to saying she felt that way too.

Maria waved her friend goodbye before disconnecting the video call, Dean would definitely be busy for another couple of hours. Now she was lonely, bored and frustrated.

She couldn't call Trent because she didn't want him to feel choked up but now that they were fine again she just wanted to fall asleep in his arms.

Shaking off memories of the previous night, Maria set about to make her day productive.


Trent stood in his room wondering what the fuck he was doing, cursing under his breath he punched the air.

What the hell am I doing? The question kept ringing in his head like a mantra.

The beep of his phone brought half of his attention back to earth.

“Hey dude” Cole greeted through the receiver.

“What's up?

“Whoa man why the gloomy response anyway I just wanted to ask if everything was going the way we planned.

Trent swallowed the lump in his throat “Yea it is, your mom won't suspect a thing.

“That's fantastic. Thanks a lot man I don't think you can understand what you're doing for me right now.

Trent hummed while Cole chattered on about other things Trent couldn't for the life of him give a fuck about.

“-so that's what I told Sasha yesterday in class though”

“Oh yea I see” Trent tried to remember anyone named Sasha yet it kept coming in blank.

“Well I think I've blown off your ear with my babbles, I'll be on my way now man just pick me up tomorrow for school or I will definitely skip it and sleep.

“Yea sure I'll be there, just be awake or I'll wake you up with ice again.” Trent threatened.

“Don't you dare Trenton whatever your middle name is, I mean it, do not put any gaddamn ice in my bed!

Trent smiled at Cole's outburst, the smile turned upside down immediately the call ended.

It was time.


Maria applied her makeup perfectly wanting to look her best for Trent, not older certainly not older.

Hoping her frown lines weren't prominent she took in deep cleansing breaths before applying perfume to her wrists and neck.

She looked like a million bucks and she she knew it.

Now for the hard part, Trent couldn't pick her up here so how was she going to get there and where was she even going.

Dammit. She was so caught up in her frenzy she just agreed to dinner without actually knowing where she was going.

What if she was overdressed? What if she was underdressed? Her phone beeped dulling her aggressive thoughts.

We'll be dining at Moira's.

I'm sure you'll look exceptionally dressed, you can drive down or take an Uber.

Either way I want you to be my last meal after all the buffets we're going to eat.

I'll be waiting for you, I'm also not sure how long I can wait.

Maria's heart could have stopped and she wouldn't have noticed, she hadn't received texts like this since well since.

Deciding to take a car she picked her baby, an Audi R8, she might need a quick getaway if her body couldn't behave itself.

Scaling through traffic with one eye on the road she dropped a quick text for Dean, she might need to have some girl talk after tonight.

Moira stood tall and intimidating, it had a welcoming look but it also screamed volumes about class, Maria was sure it would be filled with snobs and so many people who felt they were richer than king Solomon.

Maria gave her keys to the valet gliding into Moira, she couldn't help keeping her shoulders squared, it wasn't the building she was worried about but the people in it.

“Welcome to Moira how may I help you.” The hostess asked warmly.

“Uhh I think I have a reservation made by  Mr. Trent.

The hostess checked her tab tapping a few things before guiding her into the restaurant.

It was busy alright and the scents of different foods made Maria's stomach growl, she really looked forward to tasting and dropping her reviews on the restaurant.

Maria replied her un read emails as she waited for Trent's arrival.

“I'm sorry I kept you waiting this long.” Maria's smile froze on her lips when she looked at the man sitting opposite her.

“Frank?” Maria looked at him like he had grown two heads. “What in the world are you doing here?

Frank smiled lopsidedly straightening the jacket he wore. “You fixed this date last week and I accepted, I thought we could just have a good time.” 

Maria felt like the Boogeyman was playing silly tricks on her, this was all some stupid joke.

Her phone beeped, Maria tried to calm the racing of her heart, this was all some stupid joke. She kept chanting it in her head 

I'm sorry

That was all the text said, for what Trent? She wanted to scream. Why wasn't he here? What was she even still doing here?

Maria eyes moved towards the door just as Trent came in with a well dressed girl. So that was it. Maria thought to herself, was this a game? It wouldn't hurt this much if she didn't put everything on the line.

It wouldn't even sting if he didn't just make love to her yesterday like she meant the world to him.

They looked like a cute couple, the girl was probably one of his classmates, she couldn't find it in her to be angry neither could she be happy.

What was she expecting? A life finally on a bed filled with roses, Romance? Maria chuckled bitterly slamming the doors that still believed in fairy tales, she cursed herself for being so open and vulnerable. 

Staring one more time at Trent's table, she saw how happy he was eating a meal with the woman he truly wanted. Steeling her body so she wouldn't be carried out of here in an ambulance she packed up her purse.

“Maria look it seems like there was a misunderstanding but we can still make the best of it don't you think?” Frank caressed her hand in his, Maria felt nothing but disgust, her skin crawled with each stroke.

“Frank I really don't feel well, I wanted to taste the food immediately I stepped in but now it's nauseating, I think I need to go home.” Maria pulled her hand from Frank's grasp pushing her chair back.

The valet was holding the door to her car while she was half running half walking towards the car, tipping him generously she zoomed off.

The eerie silence of the car never used to bother Maria but now all she wanted was noise.

Turning on the radio the first song made Maria smile sadly.

I'm mad at Disney Disney

They tricked me tricked me

Had me wishing on a shooting star 

And now I'm 20 some-

“Make that 30 something” Maria whispered hoping she could get home with the wild party taking place in her head.

Pressing speed dial she hoped Dean would pick.


Maria didn't think she would love Dean's sleep stricken voice but she did at this moment.

“I'm coming home can you prepare the jet for me”

“Wha- Why? I thought today was a happy day or is there an emergency I don't know about.

Maria was shocked when stupid moisture gathered in her eyes, who was she kidding she was human too.

“I jus-” Maria's voice broke, fanning her eyes to stop the tears from falling she prayed they would just stay in her eyes like they did all night. 

“The jet will be there in 1 hour baby girl, I'll be waiting for you at the airport ok”

Maria nodded forgetting Dean couldn't see her. “Yea sure no problem” she said instead.

She would wait till she got to LA before she sorted out whatever she was feeling.

As long as Dean was there she would be fine.

That didn't stop the first wave of tears from falling.

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