It's been two months. Trent mused as he jogged round the field.

Two months of endless courting, his body was weak but his heart hadn't given up.

All the flowers he kept sending was just sent back, all his calls were sent to voicemails, his messages were never replied.

Even hanging out with Cole felt like a chore, he had changed with the accident, he was never positive and he looked like he was cooking a devious plan in his head.

He had given up football not like he was preparing for finals by actually reading, he spent his time playing video games that didn't make any sense, always pushing him towards Gwen which was becoming annoying.

Trent just avoided all that by just seeing him in school but that was quickly thwarted when Cole wasn't even seen at all.

Even if he was, he was either rolling with the wrong crowd or staring through you like he didn't know you.

After two months Trent avoided him all together, he wasn't going to watch him self destruct, everyone had tried their best for him so if he wanted to go down whatever path he's walking nobody was going to bat an eye.

He pulled out his phone to send his daily texts that never got replied but that didn't stop him from trying.

"Trent!" Coach bellowed resulting in me dropping my phone in shock.

"Jesus coach where's the fire?!" I huffed checking my phone for any cracks.

"Well now that you've gotten your mind off your girlfriend to grace us with special minutes of your time" Coach snickered as I blushed creating laughter from the team. "Why isn't Cole here?"

"Because he doesn't want to be coach."

"Well have you tried talking to him, I don't care what the doctor said, he's part of us he should watch and play with us for our next games, he's still one of our best."

"Everyone has tried talking to him Coach but Cole is on a path of his own, I don't think we can drag him out even if we tried, he'll just cut the damn rope himself." or use it to hang himself. That was a fleeting thought Trent kept to himself.

"Alright then we'll just pray he comes back home don't you go giving up on that boy Trent, everyone knows how much you love him." Coach snickered lowly as Trent turned to a fully charged pink light.


Coach walked away with a spring in his step yelling over his shoulder "Well you don't wanna keep your girlfriend waiting do ya? Get your ass off my damn field you nitwits"

Trent ran off with the other teammates throwing off questions about the mystery woman.

No one noticed Cole in the bleachers.


"HU-HU-HURRAHHHHH" The whole team cheered when we won our game.

It had been rough without Cole but the new catcher we brought in was working thrice as hard to not hold us back, he had most of the injuries from being knocked to the ground.

We all lifted him up from the stretcher wincing when he groaned. Yikes that must hurt.

We always held our parties at Cole's but with the way things were between us we had decided to rent a hall till mama calls.

"Don't tell me you guys would forget tradition?" Cole walked up to us looking better than I've ever seen him in days.

The whole ground was silent like someone expected him to either disappear or break a fuse.

"Come on I'm not a ghost, where's all the smile reserved only for me heh?" The whole team ran to Cole lifting him up and tossing him in the air.

All except Trent. He wasn't moved by Cole's bold display, the others might settle with that but for him Cole would have to try a tad bit harder.

Trent stayed behind hiding in the shadows long enough for everyone to pile out front before he walked behind them.

When the cars piled behind each other Trent knew Cole was going to throw one hell of a party.


"Wohoooooooo!" A guy yelled before diving into the pool filled with beautiful women serving booze.

If one hell of a party had an older sibling then this was probably it.

It was so classy, you would dust your hands twice before you picked anything up, that was another way to keep high school kids in check.

The half naked women were also a distraction for the boys, they all look like amazonians who had roles in Spartacus.

All in all Trent was unimpressed, he didn't want to be here, in fact for once being here irritated him to no ends.

Thinking of the best excuse to give so he could get out of this obnoxious party just caused the pounding in his head to intensify.

"Hey my man" Cole patted Trent's shoulder smiling from cheek to cheek. Just great.

"Hi Cole nice party, I might leave real soon though i need to rush home"

"Oh that's no problem, I called your mom she said it's fine to stay out as long as you're with me."

Trent scowled downing his drink hoping it would relax his facial muscles. "I have things to do, it isn't about my mom, it's about me having other things to do."

"Ok then why don't you entertain Gwen fo-"

"Entertain her yourself" Trent snapped, he was tired of always helping him out, if he needed Gwen entertained then he should make arrangements to keep her entertained.

"Whoa hey I don't know what crawled up your butt but I'm trying to be nice. I thought you liked her" Cole scanned the crowd paying less attention to Trent.

"I never told you I liked her Cole so stop pushing her on to me, if she's putting you up to it then just tell her no, I'm not interested in her."

"Who are you interested in then? It's been a big mystery going around school."

"She's not here but I'll get her back, I'm going up to rest in your room, the noise is making my head ache." Trent drank what the bartender had topped up for him, it was woozy, he might have called the drink strange, it went down smoothly and burned like hell.

Shaking his head to get rid of the dizziness he almost screamed when it literally shook his whole body.

Damn. He needed to just lie down, Cole didn't so much as wave him off as he stalked off to God knows where doing God knows what.

Trent climbed the stairs like he was 160 years old, he felt like his body had been used like a basket ball.

By the time he had gotten to the top of the stairs he had broken into a sweat, walking cautiously towards Cole's bedroom he said a quick prayer so he wouldn't trip.

By the time he splayed himself over the bed his body was already asleep refusing to budge anymore.

Blinking with no hope to clear his hazy view, he skipped off into unconsciousness with only the image of Gwen hovering over him.

What in hell was in that drink?

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