Maria couldn't believe her body's reaction to the huge boyish man.

She had finally made the call just thirty minutes ago and almost cancelled five times. Her best friend,  Dean had referred her to the 'Hotspot' as she called it. All you had to do was tell them what you wanted and a handsome hunk would show up at your door to deliver your darkest desires.

This was far from what she expected, but she wasn't complaining, he was too good to be true.

Towering over her by almost three feet, he stood awkwardly like he didn't know where to drop his weight. His hair was nothing special; it just looked so sexy when she imagined him ruffling it.

The best part was his eyes–his big, brown, doe eyes. Immediately she saw those eyes she was sold. 

He must be making a killing at the agency, this only was a freaking fantasy! Her subconscious exclaimed.

“You can sit on the couch, I just want to freshen up.” She offered when he eyed the bed warily, he would be in it soon enough anyway.

“Uhm, look I-”

“It's fine. Just wait for me, I'll be back.” She shoved him lightly and  trailed her fingers down his torso, marveling at the majestic beauty of this creature–his shiver wasn't lost to her either.

Hurrying to the bathroom to take a quick shower, she held the towel to her chest when she walked out. His eyes trailed her every move, his stare imprinted themselves on her skin.

“Are you going to use the bed or is the couch better for you?” She threw the first question since he was so interested in the swell of her breasts.

“Uhh- I don't-I'm sorry I-I, uh." He stuttered before a blush adorned his cheeks. She blinked twice confused by this display, his next words sent her libido into overdrive. “It's just that I haven't done it before.” 

Taking deep breaths to calm her over excited heart, her mind screamed.

Fuck! A freaking virgin, oh the things he could learn to do. 
She thought she would have been turned off by his inexperience, but it just made her hornier than she was before.

The urge to teach him, to make him understand the concept of intimacy made her shiver in delight.

“Well, do you want me to be your first?” She whispered huskily, running her fingers through his hair.

“Hmm, I-fuck! I can't think right now, I just need a little space.” He gave her a half hearted shove, like hell she would let him come back to his senses.

Forcing herself into his lap, his hands automatically moved to her waist. As she was licking and biting a spot on his neck, she grinded on him.

His groan traveled all the way to her core, pulling a pained whimper from her.

His hands moulded her butt cheeks, pulling her flush against his large body, her pussy ached when she felt his member swell and stretch in his pants. 


“I want to taste you, please.” She pleaded, already unbuckling his belt. She gasped when he finally sprang free and she flexed her jaw wondering if he would fit.

Taking him into her mouth slowly, she licked the precum off the tip, swirling her tongue in a circular motion before she began to bob her head.

“Fuck, Fuck.” He moaned as he grabbed the sides of the chair.

She groaned, taking him in deeper until she gagged and he whimpered when she did it again, grabbing her hair to keep her in place, while he instinctively moved his hips.

She gagged, making it sloppier–he groaned when he hit the back of her throat and tears leaked from her eyes from the strain of her jaw.

“Fuck, I'm going to-Fuck wai- Ahh!” His thrusts faltered, while he tried to pull out of her mouth.

Digging her elbows into his hips, she sucked the tip, massaging it gently with her tongue. His grunts of pleasure pulled her into another world of euphoria, the smell of her essence filled the air.

He threw his head back, while he emptied into her mouth. Swallowing effortlessly, she continued to take him gently till he softly pushed her head aside.

“How was that?” She asked licking the residual of him off her lips.

The hungry look in his eyes almost made her cum right there. Returning his stare equalling with hers, she waited for the explosion.

He reached for her, pulling her back into his arms before he devoured her mouth. She had kissed a number of people, but this was pure hunger, he kissed her like he was starved. 

What man kissed a woman after that kind of episode? When his tongue invaded her mouth she lost all trains of thought for seconds.

Grabbing fistfuls of his hair she met him halfway. He broke away from the kiss, sinking his teeth into her neck–pain gave way to pleasure and back again, the sequence almost drove her mad.

Moaning lowly, she tugged his hair hoping he would kiss her again, but his next spot were her breasts. He bathed them in sloppy hickeys and she silently begged him to take them into his mouth.

He tugged the little ring on her left nipple, reminding her of the piercing. When he slowly sucked and tugged the nipple like a child would, she screamed into his neck.

“Please, no t-ugging...

Weighing her breasts in his palm, he carried on without listening as he sucked, lapped and tugged on her nipple. His jeans was soaked from her juices in no time.

When he bit her nipple, tears streamed down her face from the pain. Lowering herself on his lap, she took him in easily from how wet she was. They both moaned from the feeling. He panted thrusting unsteadily into her.

Maria gritted her teeth from how bad he stretched her–her walls screamed in protest, but when he flexed his hips, stars swam in her vision.

Still loving her breasts, he held her hips in place, while he slammed into her. The feelings of her walls gripping him was almost too much to bear, but he ploughed on, resisting the urge to swallow her moans. If not for the party downstairs, God knew the neighborhood would be waiting at the door by now.

“Right there. God, don't stop. Fuck!” 

He gritted his teeth when he felt the familiar tightening of his balls. He stopped the movement of his hips and willed it to go away. Squeezing his eyes shut, he tried to stop his jerky thrusts.

“Oh! fuck, no.” Maria grabbed his shoulders, placing her breasts back into his mouth as she rocked him into her own oblivion. “Cum wit-h m-e.

If he thought the first time was amazing, nothing could describe this feeling. She took every last drop of energy from him leaving him dazed.

He still pulsed inside her, they both moaned when he slid out of her. He didn't know what people did after, all he wanted to do was sleep.

“Will you go to the bed now?” The no longer strange woman mumbled as she stifled a yawn.

He grunted lifting her effortlessly in his arms, but when he felt the heat of her center, he groaned.

“Oh. Hell no, not again.” She whimpered as she peppered his chest with kisses.

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