After Trent made sure the ice bucket was carefully balanced on the bed stand with the rope attached to it, he tiptoed out the door before Cole's alarm rang.

Laughing softly in the kitchen, while drinking his usual black coffee, he waited for his toast and Cole's great wake up call.

“HOLY FUCK!” Cole's screech resonated through the house. “I'm going to kill you, Trent!

Laughing out loud now, Trent dumped his coffee in the sink slinking between the fridge and the wall when Cole's noisily made his way down the stairs.

“Where are you, Tren Tren? Come out now that I'm in a good mood.” Cole sing-songed.

Standing as quietly as he could, Trent smiled as he watched Cole search everywhere for him before dejectedly moving upstairs to probably get ready for school.

He wouldn't call himself a pro, but with four younger siblings, Cole didn't stand a chance.


Trent led the team on a slow torturous jog ordered by Coach. His limbs had given up thirty minutes ago, but he knew he wouldn't dare to fall.

Cole glared at the back of his head–the grunts and groans from the rest of the team reminded him that he wasn't the only one suffering.

“Thirty minutes left!” Coach hollered, rousing collective groans from everyone. “Make it forty since you still have a little strength in you.

A pin could drop a mile away and everyone here would be able to hear it. We all pushed through the forty minutes, hoping coach wouldn't tell us to stretch it out.

“Alright boys, stretch it out!” Coach smiled, his thigh. Tough luck.

Trent's bones popped, while he stretched–his already strained muscles cried for help, while he fought to control the tears springing up in his eyes.

Walking like zombies towards the locker room, everyone hurriedly took a shower stall hoping the water sprays would work wonders on their tired bodies.

Trent rolled his head trying to ease the pain in his neck when he felt gentle fingers massaging his tense back–Maria. 

It couldn't be

Turning sharply, he didn't anticipate water getting into his eyes.

Before he could wipe his eyes, he felt soft unwanted lips trying to pry his open. From the 'oohs' and 'aahs' ringing out, he knew he was the one being watched.

Holding the intruder at arms length, he shook his head hoping to get rid of the excess water. Squinting through the haze, he saw the one woman he never wanted to imagine himself with... Ever.

“Gwen.” He spat her name out with the distate he felt.

Why couldn't she leave him the fuck alone?

“Hey, baby. I just thought we could shower together.” Gwen pouted, rubbing her wet uniform on his arm.

All he felt was disgust. He disliked her before, but now it was bother line hatred!

“Don't ever touch me again, don't you ever touch me!” Trent growled, squeezing her hands till she screamed.

“Hey, chill out man. Please, let her go.” Cole pleaded, pulling her out of Trent's grasp. “Come on let's take a walk, Tren Tren.

Taking in long breaths through his mouth, Trent hastily donned some clothes then followed Cole not looking back to see the damage he knew he had done to Gwen's hands.

She deserved every single bit of the pain she got from him. If his mother hadn't trained him right he would have smacked her to Boston.

How dare she kiss him? How dare she take that choice from him? Choice? Ha! it wasn't a life changing decision for goddsake, but he just felt like she had tainted the memory he had of- no he wouldn't think about her.

Why was he even protecting the memory of someone who didn't even dim it fit to say a goodbye, he wasn't even worthy of a common goodbye.Tough luck.

Cole whistled softly as they walked through the school halls before returning to the locker room. Trent picked his bags and dirty clothes in silence.

Patiently waiting for Cole's lecture, he was surprised when Cole grabbed him in an affectionate hug.

“What the-”

“She had no right and I'm thanking you because I would have killed her for that stun. Lack of self respect gets on my nerves, if she wouldn't respect herself then she should have respected you, man.

“You've made me cry, Cole. Now, let me go before you turn yourself on you pig.” He laughed, while he tried to push him off.

Several minutes of play fighting washed all of Trent's anger away. Cole gave equally to what he got and he appreciated that hug.

Pondering the question in his head for some seconds he decided his mind needed the closure.

“Hey Cole uhmm remember M-”

“YOU BASTARD!” Preston yelled as he stormed into the locker room with all his veins popping. “Where is he, huh?

He shouldered his way through the team when he caught sight of Trent. Stomping towards him, he decked Trent in the jaw.

Preston smiled triumphantly when Trent spat out blood. “Don't ever touch my girlfriend again.” This statement caused an uproar of laughter.

Series of 'fool' and 'dumb' floated in the air, some of the teammates were even wiping happy tears from their eyes probably wondering how someone could be so blind.

“I let you hit me, Preston. Brag about it, but it won't happen again. Make sure you get me alone as well, you shouldn't try that stuff in front of my team.” Trent glared at Preston, stretching to his full height so he had to strain his neck to see him.

Preston looked around, unable to stop the fear brimming in his eyes when everyone made a show of cracking their knuckles. He tried to make a hasty exit not bothering to defend himself as they yelled obnoxious nicknames at him.

Preston had just gotten to the door when he was harshly spun around. Staring into the unending depths in Cole's eyes, he felt the punch seconds after when blood filled his mouth.

“You won't need to worry about catching him alone. For every lucky punch, I'll deliver two of mine. Go back to your bitch of a girlfriend and tell her she better not show her face to me or in any of our parties or her plastic face is going to be rearranged and I'm sure that cost a lot of money you cannot afford so let's be cordial with one another. Now, get out!” Cole ordered through gritted teeth.

Preston scrambled to his feet running the rest of the way through the door. At least, Gwen would be thrilled knowing he had fought for her honor.

“Let's go home, Tren Tren,” Cole said as Trent flexed his jaw that was beginning to bruise.

“Yeah, let's go home you twerp. How would you survive without me anyway?” Trent smirked, smacking Cole behind the head.

Cole yelped, while Trent raced to the parking lot. The few seconds head start he had was important to his life, he was too young to die in a highschool hallway.

That was what would happen if the thundering steps he could hear behind him caught on to him.

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