Weekends did little to thrill Maria, she couldn't for the life of her find anything to do.

Keep yourself occupied they said, eyeing the movies on Netflix in distaste, she couldn't help but sigh in resignation.

Dean had sent her purse and phone early this morning, she had a feeling Lilah had something with that, Dean would either still be asleep or have her head in a toilet bowl.

Maria scrolled through her gallery smiling at the cute pictures of Cole, damn! She hadn't spoken to him lately. Excuses couldn't be accepted, she left him alone everyday to begin with.

Guilt began it's usual climb before it settled in her chest, she made a thousand promises, she hoped he saw how much she was trying but was she really?

He was just a child, he was always a child to her anyways, Frank was never home, after Maria decided to pursue her career he slowly faded into the background.

Acting like Cole didn't feel his absence, he came for holidays and birthdays, sending extravagant gifts to make up but Cole was a child.

The feeling of failure nestled with the guilt in her chest making it hard for her to breath, watching the view from the couch she searched her mind for the feeling of accomplishment and willed it to wash over her in waves.

She made it. She fought to sit where she was now, many sleepless nights and boring days, she fought relentlessly to be feared and loved.

She wasn't just one of the best, she was the best at what she did, she thought she would feel good sitting here feeling bored about the weekend.

Reaching for the phone on the table she pressed speed dial for Cole's number.

"Hello" A gruff voice said through the receiver.

"Who's this?" her heart sped up from unfamiliar yet familiar voice

"Uh its Trent" He stuttered.

"Where's Cole?"

"He just uh- He's not here but uhhh I'll tell him you called"

"Thank you" 

The click on the other side brought her fantasies back to life, when she finally let herself remember the last night she spent in Greensboro.

The voice was what set it off but what were the odds.

She didn't even know his name, she wished she could request for him again, she didn't care how much it was to bring him out to LA, she would shoulder all the costs.

Just thinking of him in her sitting room made her lose her sanity, when she felt the familiar creep of wetness between her thighs, she went into her office to find some work to do.

Meanwhile Trent was staring at the phone was the gazillionth time wishing she would call back so he would just hear her voice again.

It was his Maria, she called- she really called; maybe he should have introduced himself so that would be off his chest and he could see her again.

Cradling Cole's phone to his chest he willed his heart to stop beating so fast, just remembering her voice again sent the organ on another full blown marathon.

“I knew you were a weirdo but man what were you doing with my phone?” Trent jerked from the sound of Cole's voice behind him.

“Uh nothing- I just uhh was thinking of stuff” Trent smiled sheepishly handing the phone back to Cole.

Cole stared auspiciously at Trent as he inspected his phone. “You sure you weren't masting with my phone, it feels sticky”

“Of course not you idiot, how does that even work?” 

“That's easy, you just need a clos-”

“That's enough, too much information. Jesus Christ how do I even know you” staring incredulously at Cole Trent shook his head.

“Ha! Like you didn't even think about it, you love me too much to let me g- Did Maria call?” 

“Oh yea she did, you weren't here so I told her you would know she called when you brought your disgusting self back to me”

“Yeah yeah whatever, I'll call her back later, we still need to go to this huge part-”

“I'm sure you meant study” Trent interrupted.

“Man we can't study now, it's the biggest party of the year”

“This is also the most important exam of your life right now, we can't go to that party Cole”

“Fine then, study it is but if I don't get into Harvard my children will curse you”

“You were never going to get into Harvard, who aims for Harvard when you've got 1.1CGPA” Trent dodged the fist that flew at him running ahead to avoid Cole's fists.

”Not everyone is as smart as you Einstein bitch.” Cole threw his pen at him.

“Well as long as I'm shady you're gonna have to live in my shadow” Trent mimicked a drop the mic pose before taking off towards the field with Cole hot on his trail.

Trent zoomed right into a training session before he could stop, Cole slammed into him sending them both to the ground with a loud thud.

“Since we've got a tweedle Dee and tweedle Dum they'll anchor our training sessions for today, Trent and Cole make sure you screen the newbies while I take a nap” Coach tapped our backs before walking to his office.

We're so screwed

Six hours and zero applicants later Cole and Trent were passed out on the field gasping for air.

“Good jobs fellas, you saved me a whole day of stress, lock up and be here by 7am tomorrow morning to open up the gym” Trent could swear he heard coach snicker.

“He treats us like horses” Cole mumbled. “I don't think I can move”

“Me neither, we could just sleep here no need to come here tomorrow to open up the gym” Trent sighed when he stretched.

“Uh huh” Cole tucked his arm under his head.

When Trent heard Cole's soft snores he drifted off to a world of his own with romance, sunset and love.

Maria would be there too, beckoning him to come closer, tempting him with her beautiful breasts and those hips.

She would laugh while he chased her round the beach and cuddle into him at night.

She would love to touch his hair and he would love to bury his face in hers.

She w-

“I knew you boys would still be here now why don't you get off my field while I close up”

Trent and Cole groaned for two different reasons. 

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