Trent pulled up in front of the hospital, taking deep breaths he made his way to Cole's room.

He had had to go home to don clean clothes, shave and get some shut eye, he wasn't leaving today anyway, he needed to stay awake just in case Cole finaly woke up.

Scrubbing his face with his hands he missed the door opening right in front of him.

“Jesus Christ!” He yelled holding his nose.

“Whoa watch it kid, didn't you see the door?” A middle aged man scowled at Trent.

Trent scowled right back. “If I had seen it I wouldn't have a bloody nose, the least you could have done was apologize”

“You not seeing the door is not my fault kid, this is a hospital; a bloody nose certainly wouldn't kill you”

Trent quelled the anger simmering at the surface, it wasn't his fault that this happened and he wouldn't let this man spoil his mood.

“It's a simple apology which I see that you lack the memo to even create one, I'm here for a very important person. If you are too I'd advice you lose the negativity, it has no place in a hospital. Good day sir” The man opened his mouth for a retort but Trent was already looking for a nurse station.

He didn't want to see Cole with a bloody nose, he was supposed to be the upright one and the cool one not the snappy angry one.

Cole wouldn't like that.

Trent winced when the finally started attending to him, the nurse was gentle but he could see the tiredness written all over her body.

Admiration flowed in his words when he thanked her, these people studied, worked day and night to make sure others were ok, he was very grateful they poured every ounce of their time into Cole.

He had gotten the doctors report, he didn't know how things were going to be from now on but one thing he knew was the Cole he was used to might not be the Cole who would come back to him.

Making a sign of the cross he hoped Cole would at least take the news well if not entirely good, his scholarship was pending till they got his doctors report as well.

No matter how Trent looked at it, his friend was going to face a lot of rough patches, no longer depending on sports for scholarships he would need to work on his CGPA with just few months left to graduation he couldn't see how a miracle could happen.

Pushing Cole's door slowly he slipped into the room trying to be as quiet as he was large.

He had started arranging Cole's blanket when he noticed the third person in the room.

“You?!” Maria pointed at him.

Trent shuffled his feet trying and failing not to stare at her, she hadn't changed at all, she just had a new haircut, he could still feel the long tresses in his palm.

Shaking himself from his memories, he caught her staring too but not at his face, his ears turned beet red when he felt her stare burn into his every pore.

Trent cleared his throat pulling her eyes from his body, finally able to look at those eyes when they weren't dilated or begging for mercy, his mouth hung open with nothing to say.

“H-i” he Stammered

Maria watched the boy-man of her fantasies fidget under her gaze. Flashes of their night together blinded her for almost a minute.

“Why are you here?” Maria bit her lip cursing herself inwardly for the sharpness of the question.

“Uh I'm Cole's friend, I've been here for days trying to make sure he's alright.

“Are you stalking me?” 

“What? No I'm not, I'm Cole's friend”

“You can't be Cole's friend, like what could be the odds, did you befriend him to get more money now that's just greedy and stupid. You honestly don't want to mess with my family, you might have been good but this is my family mutt” Maria stabbed his chest with her finger.

Trent tried to think past the pain in nose, what the hell was she talking about? How could one beautiful person turn so ugly in seconds. 

“Look ma'am I don't need your money, I never have and never will, I'm Cole's friend, I'm not going to mess with your family but Cole is my family to-”

“He's not your family, wash his name out of your filthy mouth. Look I've had a shitty day alright just tell me how much” Maria scrunched up her face in disgust as she brought out her cheque book.

Trent ignored the pang in his heart as he watched his dreams burn up in front of his face.

“Who's this?” Trent cursed under his breath while Maria rolled her eyes at the intruder.

“I'm taking care of him Frank” Maria said.

“This guy? What are you doing in my son's room?” 

“I'm a friend sir”

“I didn't think my son kept disrespectful friends” Frank occupied the door with his huge frame.

If that was supposed to intimidate Trent it just fueled his anger. “And who are you?” he asked glaring at Maria.

“I'm his mother”

Trent blinked rapidly trying to process that little information before chuckling.

“So you're the parents, I can see the resemblance now” 

“What does that mean?” Frank growled as he flexed his jaw.

“That when you see one you should automatically know how the other would look, he might have taken your looks, I'm just glad he didn't take the ugliness within.” Trent eyed Frank totally ignoring Maria. Frank he could handle, he'd focus on forgetting Maria as soon as possible.

She was his best friends mother, how could he not make that placement.

Shaking his head and wincing from the pain that shot through his nose, he massaged his nose gently.

“Hmmm" Cole grunted.

All three of them watched Cole for a minute hoping he would move or something.

When Cole opened his eyes, Trent was out of the room in a flash screaming for a doctor.

Maria was shushing Cole while Frank stood awkwardly in the room. 

“When did he open his eyes?” The doctor asked while he checked his vitals.

“Just now doctor” Trent answered.

“His vitals looks good, he should be talking in a few minutes, just give him a few ice cubes at a time. Please press this button if any thing critical comes up, I'll be in my office” The doctor nodded her goodbye. “Oh and Trent I know you're in the same class but you've been cutting back on your school work and sleeping here several nights in a row, your mother and coach are worried so please try to rectify that.” The doctor said at the door before slipping out.

“Hey man, how've you been?” Trent asked Cole trying to get the prying eyes of the occupants in the room off him.

“Man it's been a lousy day, I can't remember anything asides the fact that this was our school's first amazing season.

Trent stiffened, his smile freezing in place. “Of course, just get off this bed you lazy ass you've got a lot of catching up to do.

Cole hummed before slipping back into unconsciousness.

Ruffling Cole's hair Trent blinked the tears in his eyes away before facing Frank and Maria.

“Don't say it please” Maria pleaded softly

“He's almost seven years behind with his memories.” Trent wiped the tears that still fell unashamedly.

“Jesus Christ” Frank mumbled as he walked out of the room.

“I'm sorry Trent” Maria reached for Trent but he pulled away.

“It's fine ma'am, I understand that this was all a misunderstanding but Cole is my best friend and I'll be here for him regardless of whatever we had.

Maria nodded partially accepting what he was offering.

She berrated herself for being so forward and ruining something beautiful.

“Why don't I buy you lunch so we could start over.” Maria offered.

“Uh- I don't think I'll b-”

“Please” Maria masked her shock at the use of the word.

“Sure, I'll uhh- I'll be here any time.” Trent shuffled his feet adjusting his big frame.

A smile crept slowly on to Maria's lips as she said “I meant right now big man.

The blush she was used to adorned his beautiful face, guiding her out the door. She thought of ways to right her wrongs.

In summary she wanted Trent in her bed and she was going to have him there very soon.

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