On Fire

It wasn’t like Chelsea to throw herself at a guy. But this wasn’t just any guy—this was Heath, a guy she’d lusted after for so long, she couldn’t even remember the first time she’d fallen asleep thinking about what it would be like to kiss him, or the first time she’d dreamt what it would be like to wrap her legs around him the way she was now.

When she settled onto his lap, he didn’t balk. He didn’t push her off or tell her she was crazy. Instead, he settled his large hands on her narrow waist, his eyes wide with surprise, but not disdain. She couldn’t help but lean in, her lips saying what her words could not. She saw his moment of hesitation as he likely thought about what her brother Mike would do if he found out. But then that look faded, and suddenly Heath’s warm mouth was on hers.

The first kiss was just as sweet and passionate as she’d expected it to be. He took her breath away in a manner she never would’ve expected. At first, he only pressed his soft lips against hers, but then, as Chelsea let out a soft moan and parted her lips, Heath plunged inside, his tongue darting inside of her mouth, circling around hers. Then, there was simply no going back.

She grabbed hold of the back of the chair, pulling herself tighter against him, feeling him spring to life between her legs as he hardened against her. The kiss continued to grow deeper, hotter, as his hands slid up her sides, settling on her rib cage beneath her shimmery silver top, his thumbs gliding beneath her breasts. Her nipples hardened instantly in anticipation of his touch as she rocked up and down, rubbing her damp panties against his jeans. She had to end the kiss in order to come up for air, but she didn’t want to pull away from him. Gasping for oxygen, she filled her lungs, and then went in for more.

Heath didn’t meet her mouth, though. Instead, he settled against her neck, his tongue stroking up and down against her salty skin as his hands pushed her top even higher. Unable to control herself, Chelsea let go of the chair for a moment and reached around to unfasten her top. It fell in an instant, revealing her perfectly perk breasts.

It was Heath’s turn to gasp. He pulled back from her neck and stared at her hard pink peaks for a moment before his thumb traced her rippled flesh. His touch sent tingles through her body. Chelsea rubbed against him harder, leaning in as her teeth nipped his ear. As if he could feel her willing him to take her inside of his mouth, Heath complied with her wish and placed his hand on her back, pulling her closer and taking her nipple into his mouth.

At first, he was gentle, running his tongue along her tit, flicking it softly. Then, he began to suck, one hand working her other nipple while he held the breast inside of his mouth into place. The moan that escaped her lips was loud. He’d set her afire, and as good as it felt to have her breast in his mouth, she wanted more. She wanted all of him. She wanted him now.

Heath switched to her other breast, and she calmed herself long enough to let him run his tongue along that nipple as well, but before long, she found herself reaching for the button of his jeans, pulling down his zipper, setting him free.

Her mind fuzzy from alcohol, though she still knew she wasn’t drunk, she wasn’t thinking clearly. She’d taken her pill that morning—hadn’t she? She was usually good about taking it. With Heath, she wasn’t worried about diseases. He was a good guy. She knew she was clean. There was nothing preventing them from pressing forward, even though she knew a condom would’ve been a better idea. But the embers she’d been carrying inside of her for so long were blazing now. She wanted him more than she’d ever wanted anyone in her life. Without another thought, Chelsea lifted herself up, pulling her soaked panties aside, and came back down with Heath pressed deeply inside of her. Electricity and euphoria arched within her as she took him all the way in, arching her back and opening her mouth for a silent scream of ecstasy. He was huge, he was hard, and he was hers.

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