There was no going back. Once Chelsea had his rock hard dick out of his pants, he couldn’t have made himself stop if he wanted to. The problem was, Heath didn’t want to. Now that her writhing body was wrapped around him, his throbbing cock deep inside of her, he didn’t ever want to stop.

She was a wild creature on top of him, grabbing the back of the chair and working her hips up and down as she leaned her head back, her lose hair billowing as she created her own wind. Perspiration dotted her forehead and just above her luscious, full mouth. That didn’t stop him from wanting to kiss her. He leaned up, stretching to reach her mouth, his tongue lashing out to lick hers before he sucked her in for a deep kiss. She tightened her muscles around him; her pussy felt so good, as if she’d never done this before. But clearly she had. She knew exactly what she was doing. Heath had been with a lot of women, but Chelsea was the best fuck he’d ever had.

Whether it was fear of her brother walking in on them or the fact that she just felt too good, once Chelsea began to cry out, her head tilting back again, her mouth open and her eyes closed, Heath couldn’t hold back any longer either. He always prided himself on taking a long time to cum, pleasing his woman time and again before he finished himself. But it was certain she had gone over the edge into euphoria. He let her go as long as he could, but once he felt his own release coming on, he let it go.

The realization that they hadn’t used a condom occurred to him about the same time that he filled her with his seed. Heath attempted to lift her, to pull out, but most of the shot went inside of her. Startled at his sudden dislodging of her, Chelsea’s eyes flew open, and she stared at him, her expression demanding an explanation.

“Sorry,” Heath said, holding on to her so she didn’t fall and setting her back on his lap. “We didn’t use a condom.

“It’s okay,” Chelsea said, smiling as she realized it wasn’t anything personal. “I’m on the pill.

“Oh, okay.” Normally, this was a question he would’ve asked before he allowed things to go this far, but in this situation, Chelsea hadn’t given him much of a chance to do so. “You take it every day?

“Oh, yeah,” Chelsea assured him. There was something unsettling about the look in her eyes when she said that, like maybe she wasn’t being completely honest, like maybe she wasn’t exactly sure.

Deciding she was probably just distracted by everything that had happened, Heath kissed her again and helped her straighten up her clothes before she stepped back, freeing him to fix his jeans. They needed to make sure there was no way that Mike would suspect anything if he came in. As much as he would’ve liked to take Chelsea back to the guest room, and make her scream his name, that couldn’t happen, not with Mike’s little sister—in Mike’s own house.

Chelsea stepped over to the table and finished her drink, plucking her shoes off of the floor. “Well, I didn’t expect that to happen,” she muttered.

“Me neither,” he admitted. Heath stood and walked over to her, placing his hand on her shoulder. “But I’m glad it did.

“Me, too,” Chelsea said. She turned and kissed him again, and Heath realized he’d gotten himself into more trouble than he’d ever counted on.

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