Chapter 11 An Orphan

"Well, although work is important, health is more important. You still need to have meals regularly." Candy thought that he had forgotten to eat because of work. After all, it was normal for Jerome to forget to eat because of work.

While the Mellman family was eating, it was rather quiet and no one spoke. Sandra lowered her head and ate the rice in the bowl by using chopsticks. Occasionally, she picked up the celery in front of her.

Seeing this, Jerome picked up a piece of meat from the plate and put it in her bowl. "Eat more."

His voice was abrupt in the quiet air. And as soon as he finished speaking, everyone wore a surprised look.

Looking at the extra piece of meat in the bowl, Sandra whispered, "Thank you."

At the end of dinner, Candy suddenly said, "Jerome, why not stay at home tonight?"

In this way, she could know Sandra better. Although Sandra was elegant and good-looking, what the Mellman family needed was a smart woman who could help Jerome. In Candy's opinion, Jerome's wife was supposed to be not only outstanding and capable but also had a good family background. Only in that way could she help Jerome.

"Okay." Jerome did not refuse. Today was the first time he had brought Sandra back to the Mellman family. There was nothing wrong with staying at the Mellman family for a night.

After dinner, the group sat in the living room. Nanny Lampel brought up a plate of fruit and left.

"Sandra, what do your parents do?" Candy asked.

"My parents are dead."

"Is there anyone else in your family?" Candy asked again.

"I live with my grandma."

After hearing this, Candy frowned. Even Gavin's expression was not so good. He held the information that Langston had just given him.

"Miss Faiman, then how did you and Jerome meet? How long have you known each other?" Although Candy didn't show her dissatisfaction, her address to Sandra had changed.

Sandra sensed the subtle change, but what did it have to do with her? If Jerome hadn't threatened her, she wouldn't have married him at all.

"We met at DH club..."

However, before she could finish, Jerome interrupted, "We've known each other for months."

Then he said, "Mom, I know what you want to ask. I'll tell you now. She's just a girl from an ordinary family. She doesn't have a good family background. You don't have to ask anymore."

His words were quite direct. Sure enough, Candy's face darkened after hearing his words.

"Ridiculous." Gavin's voice was not loud, but he sounded both angry and domineering.

"Before anyone else knows, you should get the divorce certificate as soon as possible." Then he said to Sandra, "Miss Faiman, I don't know how you and Jerome met, but I hope you can divorce Jerome. You can get whatever compensation you want."

As early as Jerome left the study, Gavin had asked Langston to check on Sandra's background. Now he was holding Sandra's information, including her family and the awards she had won since she was a child. Langston said that he didn't find out how she and Jerome knew each other, but that didn't matter anymore.

Indeed, she was very outstanding, but she was too young and unsophisticated. Except for her parents who died in a car accident not long ago, she had not experienced any setbacks. If such a girl stayed with Jerome, she would be a burden to him.

Sandra had long known that she would not be liked by Jerome's parents, but she did not expect them to be so direct.

But that was nothing serious. She wanted to divorce Jerome as long as he agreed.

But after all, she and Jerome had a three-year contractual marriage. After listening to Gavin, she didn't say anything. Instead, she turned to Jerome and complained in her heart, 'You think I'm not good enough for your son, while I think your son is not good enough for me.'

Receiving her gaze, Jerome said, "Dad, mom, I wanted to be with Sandra myself. It has nothing to do with her."

"I don't agree with you being together." Candy voiced her opinion.

In her opinion, Sandra was nothing but beautiful, and she did not even have parents. Such a girl was usually scheming. Sandra must have two faces. Jerome must have been tricked by Sandra to contradict her now.

Jerome suddenly sneered, "Didn't you always want me to get married? Now that I'm married, why aren't you happy?"

Candy frowned. "I'm urging you to get married, but I didn't ask you to marry any woman. Marriage is a lifetime thing. What can she do for you when you're with her? She may not even be able to take care of herself. Being with you will only drag you down."

"That's the end of the topic. You'll get your divorce certificates tomorrow." Contrary to Candy's reaction, Gavin instructed, leaving no room for discussion.

"Dad, have you forgotten that military marriages can't be divorced easily?" After hearing Gavin's words, Jerome smiled instead of getting angry. Since he dared to take Sandra home, it meant that he had prepared for the possible consequences.

Gavin didn't expect that Jerome would use this rule. Candy finally realized that they had habitually ignored this question.

"I didn't bring her back today to ask for your permission but to tell you that I'm married. Whether you agree or not, my wife is her." At least, she would be his wife for three years.

There followed a dead silence.

At this time, Selma, who had not spoken since the beginning, said softly, "Uncle, auntie, don't be angry anymore. Jerome must have his reasons for doing this."

"Hmph, if he's reasonable, he won't tell us until he gets his marriage certificate." Candy was still angry that Jerome got the marriage certificates before telling them. The most unacceptable part was that the woman had no decent family background.

From Candy's words, Jerome knew that her attitude was a little uncertain. She was just not satisfied with Sandra's family background, and she was still angry that he didn't tell them beforehand. "Dad, mom, it's my fault that I got the certificates before telling you, but I have my reasons for doing this. I hope you can understand."

"It's true that you've got your marriage certificate. I don't care about it, but the wedding can't be held for the time being." Hearing Jerome's words, Candy's voice softened.

She knew she couldn't force him in terms of this matter. Military marriage could still be divorced. It was just more troublesome. However, with the current strength of the Mellman family, they could solve the problem easily.

"Okay." Jerome did not refuse this time.

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