Chapter 12 Lie

At around nine o'clock, Sandra called her grandmother and told her that she would stay over at Jerome's home tonight. Her grandma then asked Sandra how Jerome's family treated her.

Hearing grandma's words, Sandra felt a lump coming into her throat. She bit her lip and tried to make her voice sound natural. "I'm good. They all like me."

"I knew it. Sandra, you are such a sweetie. Who wouldn't like you?" In grandma's eyes, Sandra was the most adorable girl in the world.

"Grandma, Goodbye! His parents are still inside the house."

"Well, go in quickly. Be sweet."

"Of course!"

After hanging up the phone, Sandra stood at the door of the room and looked up at the night sky, as dark as her mood.

She wiped the tears from the corner of her eyes. When she turned around and was about to walk in, Selma came out.

"Sandra, come in. Uncle, aunt, and Jerome are waiting for you." With that, Selma had already stepped forward and took Sandra's hand. They walked inside together.

Selma turned to comfort her, "Sandra, if uncle and aunt said something offensive, just listen to it, but don't be angry. As long as Jerome protects you, they will eventually compromise."

"I see, Selma. Thank you." The gratitude came from the bottom of her heart. Perhaps Selmathought her words very common. But for Sandra, it was like a ray of sunshine.

"You're welcome. After all, you're Jerome's wife." Selma chuckled.

For some reason, Sandra felt that her smile was meaningful.

Suddenly, Selma said, "Sandra, are you forced by Jerome?"

Sandra was surprised. Did she find out anything?

Selma shook her head and seemed not to notice Sandra's sudden expression change, saying, "If Bob knew that Jerome was married, he would be sad."

Although Sandra didn't know who was Bob, she had already pictured him in her mind.

She imagined that a handsome man sat by expressionless Jerome, holding his arm and saying coquettishly, "Jerome, you promised to be with me forever. But you secretly got married. Why did you do this to me?"

Thinking of this, Sandra could not help but shiver. That was a terrible joke.

Jerome and his parents were in the living room. Seeing them come in, Jerome waved at her.

Seeing Jerome's gesture, Selma let go of Sandra and gently pushed her from behind. Then Selma covered her mouth and snickered. "Jerome and Sandra are inseparable. After departing for a second, they have already missed each other."

"Naive girl. Do you know what "inseparable" means?" Although it was a reproachful remark, Jerome's tone softened a little.

Selma was obviously used to Jerome's doting tone. Hearing his words, she said casually, "Of course I know. It is coined for you two. Look at you and Sandra." She frowned. "Besides, I'm not a child anymore. When it comes to September, I'll be a freshman in college."

"Well, you've grown up." Jerome chuckled. "Have you received an offer?"

"Of course, long time ago."

"What about you? Did you get it?" Suddenly, Jerome turned to look at Sandra, who was sitting next to him.

"Me? Yes, I got it." Sandra hadn't recovered from a shock. What did she see just now? Could poker face smile too? Could that cold man be gentle?

"Did Sandra just finish SAT?" Selma was a little surprised.

Not only her, but even Candy, who remained silent, was a little surprised to know that Sandra had just finished SAT. She thought that Sandra just looked young and didn't expect her to be of the same age as Selma.

"She's not old enough to get married. How did you get the marriage certificate?"

Before Jerome could say anything, Gavin said, "Jerome, our good son, in order to get the marriage certificate, faked Sandra's age and increased it by two years."

Sandra looked up at Jerome. She always wondered what he had done to get them the marriage certificate. After all, she was not old enough, but she did not expect him to fake her age.

Jerome ignored Gavin's sarcasm. Instead, he turned to Selma and said, "In September, your sister-in-law and you will be in the same college. You can ask her for help if you have anything unknown." Then he looked at Sandra. "Selma enrolled in the same school as you. She's fragile. Take care of her in the future."

Sandra nodded. "I will." She only said what Jerome wanted to hear. In her opinion, Selma didn't need her help at all.

The Mellman family worked and rested in accordance with schedule. At 10 pm, they all went back to their rooms to rest. Sandra followed Jerome to his room. It was a typical man's room, but compared to his department's decoration, it looked more like a boy's.

In the spacious room, there were a few big posters about basketball hanging on the wall and some books and a photo on the desk. In the photo, Jerome was holding a basketball. He was young and fair, not more than fifteen years old and wearing a white ball suit, smiling brightly.

When Jerome came out of the bathroom, he saw Sandra sitting at the table and looking at something. He walked over and found her staring at his photo. Then he quickly pressed it upside down on the table and said coldly, "Go take a shower."

"Okay..." Sandra got up and walked to the bathroom. When she turned around, she secretly twitched her lips. Was it worth him to make a big fuss? She just looked at his photo.

When he saw Sandra go in, Jerome reached out and picked up the photo on the table. It was taken when he was about to graduate from middle school. At that time, he was a talented boy with a higher IQ than other children, who had not gone to military school, and.

But all of this was gone forever. That summer, he entered the military school. From then on, his life was nothing but training.

They did not favor him because he was Gavin's son. Instead, it was because of that, he had to do his best.

After the shower, Sandra suddenly realized that because she had not expected to stay over at his home, she did not take her loungewear and clean clothes. Her soiled clothes were put aside and got wet when she was taking a shower.

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