Chapter 3 Contractual Marriage

But only Sandra knew that she wasn't pure at all... How clean could the woman who sold herself for money be?

When she went out, Jerome was still sitting on the black leather sofa but accompanied by a man in short black sleeves.

Sandra couldn't help examining the man who was clearly wearing a casual suit, but he stood straight as if... A soldier.

"Let's go!" The three of them took the elevator down to the underground garage. The garage was very big, full of all kinds of luxury cars, the worst of which was worth millions.

Sandra followed Jerome all the way to a Hummer, and the man in black opened the door in advance for Jerome.

Jerome didn't get on first but put his hand on the door and eyed Sandra.

It was not until Sandra was seated that he turned around to get into the car on the other side of the car.

Seeing that both of them were seated, Lampel walked towards the driver's seat.


The car stopped at the entrance of the hospital. Just as Jerome opened the door to get out, Sandra suddenly reached out to grab his sleeve.

"What's wrong?" Jerome turned to ask. He was actually confused but seemed as if interrogating a prison with his low and cold voice.

Sandra didn't mind. Although they seldom communicated with each other, she could feel that Jerome always spoke in a simple and clear way, instead of interrogating her.

"Are you going up with me?" Sandra asked rhetorically.

Jerome glanced at her and answered calmly until she seemed to be flustered, "Although we are in a contractual marriage, we have to visit our parents. Besides, the doctor who operated on our grandma was arranged by me, so I should have gone to visit her."

Sandra did not know that Jerome rarely explained, but his words were really reasonable. When they were in the elevator, she gazed at Jerome with her big pure eyes and pleaded softly. "Can you not tell my grandma that we have already got the marriage certificate later?"

Grandma was already old and in poor health. Sandra was afraid that if her grandma knew that she had married a stranger for money, she would be angry and her heart disease would worsen.

Jerome naturally understood Sandra's concerns. He just silently nodded in agreement.

"Thank you!"

Sandra entered the ward with Jerome, with Lampel waiting outside.

"Grandma, how are you feeling? Are you feeling better?" Her grandma was awoke. Seeing it, Sandra hurriedly sat down beside the bed and reached out to hold grandma's hand.

Grandma nodded and smiled. "I'm fine." Then, she turned to Jerome in confusion. "Who is he?"

As soon as Jerome came in, grandma had noticed him not only because of his handsome appearance but also because he looked powerful and dignified.

"He's..." Sandra rolled her eyes and came up with a trick. "He's my dad's friend. He heard you were sick and came here to visit you."

The grandma was convinced. "Sit down please!"

Then, she patted Sandra's hand. "Get a chair for the guest."


Moving the chair next to Jerome, Sandra said embarrassedly, "Sit down first." It was as if Jerome was really her father's friend.

Although the couple had been intimate after what had happened last night and their relationship was improved rapidly today. However, to Sandra, Jerome was just her legal husband who she had known recently and was powerful enough to save her grandma.

Since Sandra introduced Jerome to her grandma, Jerome's eyes had fixed on her all the time. She couldn't judge his emotion in his deep eyes, so she felt more nervous.

Because of what had happened to Spike and Yvette, her grandma had been upset all the time. Coupled with her illness, she had always been weak. As a result, Jerome stayed shortly and left after saying some words.

Sandra sent Jerome out. When the elevator door opened, Jerome suddenly looked at Sandra and said, "I'm your father's friend, right?"

Sandra was speechless. She said so for telling a white lie to her grandma.

"I'll be here tomorrow morning when our grandma is in surgery. Don't worry. Just take good care of her."

Before Sandra rejected his request, the elevator door had been closed.

Looking at the shadow reflected in the elevator door, Sandra shook her head and smiled bitterly. Although she dislikes his stubbornness, it would indeed be less worrying if he was here. Otherwise, she really didn't know what to do on her own.

Because she had slept too much during the day, grandma was already asleep at night. Sandra Faiman was not sleepy at all. She pinched the corner of the quilt for grandma and got up to walk out.

In the corridor of the hospital, it was so quiet that there was no sound or anyone. Normally, Sandra Faiman would be afraid, but now she was walking alone in the quiet corridor, without a trace of fear in her heart.

Sandra sat on the chair in the corridor with her hands on her knees. The moonlight spilled in through the corridor window, leaving a white mark on the ground. It was clearly June, but Sandra felt cold.

At this moment, it was eerily silent.

Sandra missed her father and mother, and she even wondered if that would have happened if she had been braver at that time. Everything would have been the same as before. Her parents would have been alive, and her grandma would have been calling her at home.

Sandra still clearly remembered what had happened that day.

That day, she had received a call from the police. Before she had rushed to the hospital, her parents had already been dead.

The police had reported that her parents had a car accident. Then, they had handed her a small red book clenched by Yvette.

She had taken the little red book from the policeman with her hand trembling, which was written by "Divorce Certificate".

At that time, Sandra had been filled with irritation.

They had been eager to divorce. Even at the last moment of their lives, they had held the divorce certificate tightly.

The next day, at dawn, a nurse came to perform a routine examination for her grandma. Sandra thought that Jerome was just joking, but he really appeared before the operation.

Although Jerome was still a stranger to Sandre, at this moment, seeing him here gave her great strength.

Sandra felt it was suffering to wait outside the operating room. The door separated two worlds. She could not see her grandmother and had no idea how her grandmother was now inside.

During the process, Sandra sat in a chair next to the door of the operating room, with her body tense and her eyes fixed on the door, afraid that she would miss something.

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