Chapter 6 If You Want to Cry, Just Cry

Grandma was in poor health. Before the funeral was over, Jerome asked Lampel to send her back to the hospital, and Grandma did not reject. This was the case when one got old, not bearing to see loved one separated by death, especially when she was burying her own child now.

It was still drizzling, reducing some heat of the scorching summer. The people who had come to the funeral had already left, leaving Sandra and Jerome alone in the huge cemetery.

Jerome held the umbrella in one hand and hugged Sandra with the other. He looked down at her. "Cry if you want to."

Sandra shook her head, as she didn't want to cry. Why would she cry? She wouldn't like to do that.

But why couldn't she stifle her tears while thinking it that way? Eventually, she couldn't help but turn to Jerome's arms, bursting into loud sobbing.

Jerome patted her on the shoulder and said nothing, soothing her quietly.


Sandra wailed for more than half an hour until she was tired of crying.

She stood in front of Jerome and blushed sheepishly at the sight of the wet patch on his suit jacket.

She slouched her head and stammered, "I'm sorry to stain your clothes."

"You shall wash it."

"Hmm?" Sandra was taken aback for a moment before she quickly came to her senses, then she nodded at him and mumbled, "I'll wash it. And... thank you, just now."

She was grateful for the hug he had given her just now.

Jerome only shot her a significant look in silence.

Her nose reddened, and the rims of her eyes were red and swollen from the crying just now, as if she had been bullied. He suddenly remembered the only two times that she had been like this in bed, and he couldn't help but feel sexually attracted at the sight of her in such a state.

It was already dark when they left the cemetery, and Lampel was waiting outside.

Because he came directly from the army, he was still wearing his uniform. As soon as he got in the car, he took off his uniform jacket and handed it to Sandra.

"Move to my house when you get back." Jerome suddenly spoke when they was about to reach the hospital.

Since they were married, they naturally had to live together. Otherwise, what was the point of their marriage?

"But..." Sandra looked up at him. "I didn't tell grandma about my marriage."

Grandma had just had an operation, and Sandra was afraid that she would get so infuriated that she would get sick when she knew about it. Most importantly, Sandra had never thought of moving in with him.

Jerome tilted his head to see the woman next to him frowning slightly, her palm-sized delicate face full of hesitation.

"I'll tell grandma about it, and all you need to do is to move over." His voice was low and full of the charm of a mature man, albeit with unmasked coldness and dictatorship.

"The doctor said grandma can't be stimulated because of her illness." Knowing that there was no other reason to stop Jerome, Sandra had to take grandma's illness as an excuse.

But who was Jerome? Born into a prominent family, he had grown up pampered by many as stars would the moon. Later, he went into the army and rose up from a trivial soldier to become the youngest major general in the country in less than ten years. Of course, there were family supports, but more because of his own abilities.

Everyone knowing him knew that he didn't like to explain, let alone be questioned, yet Sandra's words just now were obviously questioning him.

After Sandra finished speaking, she felt the air in the car suddenly freeze, and even the temperature was several degrees lower.

Lampel, who was driving in the front, also noticed that the atmosphere in the car had begun to condense. He sighed in his heart and thought that Miss Faiman was indeed fearless.

The car stopped at the entrance of the hospital. When Sandra and Jerome went up, grandma was sitting on the sofa, and she even waved at them seeing them return. Sandra quickened her pace to walk to grandma and took a seat by the side, then she naturally put her arms around grandma and pouted adorably childishly. "Grandma."

However grieved she felt, in front of grandma, she would always be the blissfully carefree Sandra oblivious of sorrow.

Grandma reached out her chapped hand to pat Sandra on the back. "Sandra, go through the discharge procedures for me later! I want to go home. I've been staying in this place all this time and I'm almost developing some new sickness out of boredom!"

"But your body..." Sandra looked up at grandma.

Grandma shook her head and said, "I asked the doctor when he came just now, and he said I could be discharged now." Seeing Sandra's hesitation, she continued, "Besides, everything costs money in the hospital, and resting at home is the same for me."

Hearing grandma's words, Sandra still couldn't disperse her last tinge of worry, but grandma was very determined to leave the hospital, and she urged Sandra to go through the discharge procedures soon.

In the end, Sandra had no choice but to walk out with the necessary documents for discharge in her hand, but she didn't hurry to discharge her grandma, instead, she walked to the attending doctor's office first to confirm that grandma indeed could be discharged.

When Sandra finished the procedures and went back, there were only grandma and Jerome in the ward. Grandma had a solemn expression on her face, so Sandra walked to her and asked doubtfully, "What's wrong?"

Grandma did not answer her, but said to Jerome, "Jerome, please go out first. I have something that I want to talk to Sandra alone."

Jerome nodded and turned to walk out. When there were only grandma and Sandra in the ward, Sandra still looked puzzled.

"Sandra, why didn't you tell me about your marriage with Jerome?" Grandma looked surprisingly calm when she asked this question.

Sandra, however, was the one looking flustered. What should she do now that grandma had known? Damn it, he really did what he said! He made so swift a move that she was completely unprepared.

She was so nervous that she didn't realize what grandma had called Jerome.

But before she could reply, grandma had already started talking to herself, "You childish girl, at least you should have told me about such a big matter as getting married!" As she spoke, she sighed. "Your parents have passed away, and I don't know how many more years I can stay with you. Fortunately, Jerome is here. I could tell that he indeed likes you. Although you're still young, it's always good to have someone else to take care of you."

She had no idea what Jerome had said to grandma to make grandma pardon her for her sudden marriage, nevertheless, Sandra still heaved a sigh of relief knowing that grandma was not upset with her, and she took grandma's arm to purr like a spoiled child. "You will live a long life, grandma, and I still have to earn money to grant you a happy life!"

"Okay, I will wait for that." Grandma chuckled softly as she spoke. It was her first smile in so many days.

Sandra did not know what Jerome had told grandma, but seeing that grandma not only didn't blame her but looked rather relieved, she felt that the world was full of so many miracles she couldn't quite figure out.

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