Chapter 11 It's Never Too Late to Mend

His sudden question caught Gillian off guard, "Maximo..."

"It's never too late to mend," Maximo stared at her eyes and said in a flat tone. However, she didn't notice the deep love and pleading in his eyes.

She said with determination, "Maximo, you have to do that. Miss McCarty will marry you and you have to make her fall for you. Then, she will surely go for anything if you ask."

"How do you know she's bound to fall in love with me?"

"She will! You're so good-looking and so outstanding, and every woman will have a crush on you."

Maximo's lips showed a touch of self-deprecation.

He was indeed good-looking, and perhaps had the confidence to attract every woman. But Gillian didn't seem to know what it meant when she said that.

She was pushing him towards another woman regardless while there was a glimmer of hope in his mind that she would change her mind.

'If Kaitlynn will fall in love with me and do anything for me, then why can't you? Why should I marry another woman?'

Upset, Maximo pushed her away and stood up. "I'm full. I have to deal with some business and Xzavier has made an appointment with the partner. I have to go."

He picked up his jacket and walked to the foyer to change his shoes. Gillian was suddenly alarmed and hurriedly walked over to take his hand. "Maximo, that's not what I mean. Don't take it to heart. I don't want to part with you, and that's why..."

He looked back at her and saw that her fair and delicate face was full of panic. He finally relented and took her hand, "I understand that it's for our future. Don't worry. I will marry her for your sake as long as you want it."

"Maximo..." There was a look of both gratitude and reluctance in Gillian's eyes.

He knew her thoughts, but only kissed her on the forehead. "Be good. Go and have a rest. I have a business to do and I have to go. I'll see you tomorrow."

"All right."

Despite her reluctance, she had to let go of him and could only watch him away. He put on his shoes, walked out, and closed the door. They are separated.

Maximo drove out of the neighborhood. He gazed at the road ahead, his eyes filling with emotions. The image of the woman he saw during the day surfaced in his mind.

'Make the woman named Kaitlynn fall in love with me?'

With that thought in mind, he curled his lips in a self-deprecating way.

'That was ridiculous.'

Early the following morning.

Kaitlynn got up and washed up, a little out of sorts.

She spent a night in unfamiliar surroundings. Although the interior settings were plush and impeccable and the bed was super soft, she was used to the shabby metal-framed beds at campus and found it uncomfortable.

But she had to fit in here for the moment!

When she came downstairs, she saw Maximo sitting on the sofa in the living room with his legs crossed. He was reading the morning newspaper.

Sitting near the floor-to-ceiling windows, he was bathed in sunlight which created a long, elegant silhouette across the floor. Seeing it, Kaitlynn stood at the staircase, stunned.

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