Chapter 13 Disliked

He had been holding the phone. It hadn't been out of his hand since they got in the car and arrived here.

Even an idiot would know that he was waiting for a call.

'But whose call is he waiting?'

Other than thinking it was someone very important to him, Kaitlynn could not think of anyone else and only turn around silently and walk towards the city hall.

Maximo looked askance at her as she disappeared in the doorway. He frowned, and when he said those words, he regretted for a moment that his words were too harsh.

But seeing her walk into the hall like normal, he didn't bother to pay that much attention.

After waiting outside for another twenty minutes, the phone in his hand still didn't ring. Gillian hadn't even sent a single text message to him.

Abruptly, he put his phone directly into his pocket and turned to stride towards the Civil Affairs Bureau.

Since Gillian expected him to marry another woman, he would do as she wished.

It was surprisingly crowded with more than a dozen couples in the queue. Kaitlynn knew that Maximo was busy, so she went to stand in line in advance to save time.

She moved forward quite a bit but was grabbed on the wrist. The man's attractive voice, cold and angry, rang out in her ears, "Why are you wasting my time? Don't you know I'm busy?"

Without giving her a chance to argue, Maximo dragged her straight to the registrar's desk and slapped the two documents on the table, "We're getting married! Register now. I don't have time!"

'He is in a bad mood.'

Kaitlynn could see through his thoughts at a glance but still called out, "Hey..."

"Shut up!" Maximo glanced at her coldly.

Kaitlynn's mouth twitched. He scared her quite a bit with that look.

Although Maximo still looked handsome when he was angry, yet the early forty-year-old registration clerk didn't even glance at him and replied coldly with brief words, "Get in line!"

Maximo was stunned for a moment, thinking that it was an illusion, so he asked, "What did you just say?"

"I said get in line!" The registrar looked him up and down with a bit of contempt in her eyes, "Young man, don't think that just because you look like a noble, and then you can do anything out of order. This is not your home, please be disciplined."

With this, the lady deliberately placed the "Queue up" sign in front of Maximo, her words harsh, "This little girl was in line but you just cut in line. I really don't know if young men of rich families like you are all presumptuous."

Maximo's face was dark with rage. He couldn't believe what had happened.

He was the president of Global Group. He was the one who always told others to wait for him and to follow his orders. He had never been asked to follow others' discipline.

'Am I Presumptuous?'

Maximo's distorted face and the registrar's straightforwardness made Kaitlynn chuckle.

Maximo noticed her snickering and instantly glared at her accusingly. Kaitlynn met with his irritated gaze and made a gesture of shutting up.

Although she didn't know Maximo well, she thought that the registrar was the first person who dared to put on a solemn face and humiliated him in public.

The scene was hilarious.

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