Chapter 2 A Strange Man

Kaitlynn's heart lurched as the man's sudden approach made her stiff for a moment. She was sweating all over her body.

'This man is not Guillermo!'

She was familiar with the smell of Guillermo, and this man's scent was alien to her.

The man was enveloped in a strong smell of alcohol. Obviously, this man was drunk!

Trembling, she stiffened and asked, "Who are you? Let go of me..."

The man suddenly kissed her lips, stopping her from speaking. He wrapped his hands around her waist and, to Kaitlynn's dismay, parted her teeth with the tip of his tongue and reached it into her mouth.

His kiss was so fierce that she couldn't take a breath. Due to his strong smell of wine and fast breathing, she got immersed in his kiss.

Kaitlynn felt a strange feeling circulating inside her body and finally rising up to the top of her head. Her entire body seemed to be ignited.

She was pushed against the wall and the man seemed to want more.

Kaitlynn looked scared, her heart beating faster. She pushed the man who was kissing her. "No... Let go of me."

The man smiled gently, his hands intertwined with hers, and pressed them against the wall. He whispered in her ear seductively, "You taste so sweet..."

In the darkness, she could not see his face, but his voice like a breeze sweeping across her ears was pleasant to hear. It was accompanied by the smell of alcohol and a charming hoarse, making it flirtatious and amorous.

But Kaitlynn was terrified. The man was so drunk that her heart was pounding in panic. "Sir, I'm sorry. I've entered the wrong room. I'm not your woman. Please let go of me!"

"Baby, what are you talking about?" The man chuckled and nibbled on her earlobe, whispering, "How could I let go of you?"

Baby... The word spoken by the man wasn't disgusting, but seductive.

'He is drunk!'

Kaitlynn was extremely frightened.

'What the hell is going on here? Didn't Guillermo tell her to come here?'

'Why is it another man?'

But she had no time to figure it out. She was struggling to get rid of him, but he pressed her so hard as if he wanted to squash her. She was panicked and her heart was beating crazily. "Sir, let go of me. I'm really not your woman..."

She was interrupted by the woman's kiss on her mouth.

"Let go of me... Let go, you've mistaken me for someone else... Let go of me... Don't..." Kaitlynn flustered and tried to push him away, but her strength was too weak.

For the man, her desperate resistance was more of an invitation to him. He threw her directly onto the bed. His tall body then pressed down, and his overwhelming kisses seemed to devour her.

The man's domineering actions sent a dart of terror through her and she shuddered fiercely.

She hit him, kicked him, pushed him, and used all her strength to resist. She even cried and begged him, yet none of those seemed to reduce his passion in the slightest. She was overwhelmed by a feeling of horror...

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