Chapter 6 Go with Him

Kaitlynn majored in fashion design at university. Time flies. In less than half a month, she would graduate.

Thanks to the hectic period of exams, it kept her from thinking much about what had happened before.

When the exams were over, her classmates said they wanted to celebrate and do a farewell ceremony. After all, it was their last day at the campus. Kaitlynn tried to shrug it off several times but was forced to go by her roommates this time, and she had no choice but to accept.

Out of the campus, a black Bentley was waiting there.

When they came out, its door opened, and from the car stepped an elegant man in a suit and rimmed glasses.

"Excuse me, who is Miss McCarty?" His voice was musical.

The classmates next to Kaitlynn nudged her in the shoulders, their eyes full of derision. "Kaitlynn, he's coming for you."

Kaitlynn glanced from the crowd at the man and frowned slightly. She did not know him.

She nodded, "It's me."

The man walked towards her, gave a smile, and extended his hand, polite and humble. "Hello, I'm Xzavier, and I am the man to pick you up."

"Pick me up?" Kaitlynn froze, "Who asked you to do that?"

"You will know when you get in the car with me." Xzavier smiled decently. That smile was so perfect and professional.

Kaitlynn could not see his true feelings under his disguised smile.

"Sorry," Kaitlynn said with a straight face, "I won't get into cars with a stranger."

It seemed that Xzavier had expected such a reply.

He took out his phone, dialed a number, and then handed it to Kaitlynn. "Miss McCarty, I believe you will know the reason after you answer this call."

Kaitlynn took the phone in suspicion and said to her classmates, "You guys go ahead. I'll come later."

A few of her best classmates waved at her. "Hurry up, we'll wait for you."

Kaitlynn nodded towards them and waited for them all to walk away before putting the phone to her ear. "Hello."

"It's me." On the other end of the phone was the emotionless voice of her father, Enzo, whom she had not seen for a long time.

Kaitlynn was shocked, unable to believe that it was her father!

But soon, she collected herself.

In response to Enzo's coldness, she used a voice even colder than his and said sarcastically, "How rare. I mistook you for a scammer."

His daughter, who hadn't seen him for a long time and had been living on her own, just said something cruel like that to him.

Full of anger, Enzo did not want to say anything more to Kaitlynn, and went straight to the point, "Since you answered the phone, Xzavier must be with you. Go with him."

Kaitlynn's eyes narrowed slightly. "What?"

'he told me to go with another man?'

'Maybe I am not his biological daughter, am I?'

"Xzavier is the assistant of Maximo, the president of the Global Group. Mr. Cortez wants to marry you, and Assistant Pennington is here to pick you up," Enzo said briefly, "You have graduated from university and are ready to marry, so I have promised Mr. Cortez."

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