Chapter 9 I Am Maximo, Your Husband

He was the one she had buried in her memory and she thought she would never see him again in her life.

In a daze, the man had arrived in front of her.

Even when she was standing on stairs and was higher than him, he still looked higher than her.

His thin, good-looking lips opened slightly, and his voice was resounding. "I am Maximo, your husband."

I am Maximo, your husband...

His words echoed in her mind, and Kaitlynn slowly moved her gaze down to look at his fingers.

His fingers were so beautiful, clean, long, and thick. Such fingers seemed to make her feel safe.


She murmured his name. 'It turns out that he is Maximo.'

Kaitlynn gazed at him and opened her mouth to say something.

However, before she could say anything, Maximo withdrew his hand because he saw her stare. His expression was indifferent. "I know your name is Kaitlynn McCarty. No need to tell me your name."

"I..." Kaitlynn froze.

He raised his hand and looked at his wristwatch. "It's late today, tomorrow morning at nine o'clock, your family will deliver your documents to my house, we'll go to the Civil Affairs Bureau together to get the wedding certificate."

His manner was strange and indifferent, his voice flat and toneless as if he was talking business with her.

Seeing that she was still staring at him in a daze, Maximo frowned and said with impatience, "That's all. I have some business to deal with. Help yourself to the dishes and contact Meadow if you have any questions."

With that, he stepped out, and Kaitlynn subconsciously called out, "Wait!"

He paused and turned his head sideways, glancing at her with a questioning look in his eyes.

Kaitlynn pursed her lips and stared at him seriously. "You..." You don't remember me?

Maximo snapped in an indifferent tone, "I think Xzavier has told you that we won't have a wedding. If you feel aggrieved, hold it back. I will try to meet all of your requests within my ability. Just tell it to Xzavier, but..."

He stared at her emotionlessly. He spoke unhurriedly with a callous attitude, "I won't have feelings for you!"


Kaitlynn was stunned. For a moment, the indifference in his eyes put her in a trance.

She didn't know when Maximo left, and when she came back to herself, she could only find herself in the room.

She gazed fixedly at the door and suddenly smiled to herself. her eyes curved into a smile. "It's him... I was not having hallucinations... It must be him!"

'He is no different from the boy I remembered and loved, and he's got more mature.'

Although the words he had just said were cold and hurt her heart, seeing him again was enough to make her forget that and fill her with joy.

Her heart rate began to accelerate the moment she saw him. Her eyes were sparkling with happiness.

It had been ten years since he left. She never expected that the man she thought she would never see again would one day stand before her and say that he was her husband.

Even if he didn't remember her anymore.

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