Chapter 11 Do You Want to Die?

"Let's eat."

There were a lot of scolding words he wanted to say, but Gong Mingye didn't say them out.


Qian Huan was absent-minded during the meal.

Was she being too kind? Did Mingye start to feel disgusted? Or did he really hate her to the extreme?

If there should be an answer, it must be the latter.

In the Chinese restaurant, however, Qian Yu sipped the white wine in front of her until a woman sat down opposite her.

The person grabbed her glass away and said angrily, "Do you know what you're doing, Qian Yu? You've never had a drink before but you're drinking spirit as if it were plain water! Do you want to die?"

As soon as she got off the plane from abroad, she received a call from Qian Yu. On the phone, Qian Yu was very disappointed. Thus, she rushed over in a hurry and saw this scene.

There was no doubt that it must be Gong Mingye who could make an always cheerful and lively woman so decadent.

Du Weiwei was angry, "Look at you, since you married Gong Mingye, you are not the former lively and lovely girl! You are now dull and decadent! If he doesn't love you, then divorce him! Why torture yourself? You keep getting drunk and hurting yourself for him! Is he worth it?"

Was he worth it?

Qian Yu didn't know the answer either.

But there was never a true answer to this problem in love.

"No... I just feel a little depressed. Sometimes the spirit is really a good thing. It could make people forget all their troubles."

"Stop drinking. I told you this marriage should be over long ago. Your sister Qian Huan is really going to piss me off."


Qian Huan?

She didn't want to regard her as her sister at all.

Qian Yu brought the bottle again. Du Weiwei grabbed it away immediately and shout angrily, "Stop drinking. Let's go. I'll take you to settle the score with her."

This bitch stole Qian Yu's husband and even showed off in front of her!

"Weiwei, there's no point in it. Why don't you just get drunk with me! I've been suppressing myself for the past five years. Let me have a quiet meal today."

Then she picked up her chopsticks. Although there were all kinds of her favorite dishes in front of her, she had no appetite today. The spirit was indeed strong. At this moment, she felt her internal organs were burning up, and only after eating a mouthful of vegetables did she feel better.

Qian Yu only felt a blur in front of her, tears dripping on the back of her hand. The reason was not clear. Maybe it was because of the spirit, maybe it was because of her sad life.

No matter how hard she wiped her tears, she couldn't dry her face.

Seeing her like this, Du Weiwei's heart ached so much that she quickly wiped her tears with a piece of tiisue and said angrily, "Don't let me see your sister or I will beat her up. It's really disgusting. No one will believe that you are sisters!"


They had no longer been sisters for a long time, although Qian Yu didn't know why Qian Huan hated her from the start.

Qian Yu used to really treat her as her sister.

However, things had changed. Maybe her sister probably didn't think so from the beginning.

In her mind, the happy time with Lu Feng after just graduating appeared. She could have been happy for a lifetime, but it all changed because of the Qian Huan ... Qian Yu felt bitter, and Du Weiwei had replaced the spirit with red wine, and she picked up the glass.

"Yu, listen to me. You have paid so much for this relationship. You must not let Qian Huan off easy. Why could she have everything she likes? How could she enjoy the happiness while you should suffer this? Just hold on, love may come in time. You can't give up that easily..."

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