Chapter 14 Stop the Bleeding

She felt dizzy. She wanted to have a good sleep so she said tiredly, "The blood has stopped. Just wait like this. I want to sleep. Give me your shoulder..."

"Yuyu, Yuyu..."

Du Weiwei's anxious voice came to her ear. Qian Yu wanted to open her eyes, but she could not compete with the dizziness.

"Yuyu, wake up. There's a phone call. Gong Mingye called you..."

When she opened her eyes, she was already in the ward.

"Yu, you're finally awake."

Looking carefully around, Qian Yu found that apart from grandma, there was also Gong Mingye's mother, and even Gong Mingye himself was here.


"How are you feeling?"

"Much better. Thank you, mom."

Grandma Gong held Qian Yu's hand with her own warm hand and her eyes were filled with pity, "Do you have a headache? Does the wound still hurt?"

"It's much better. It's just a small matter. Grandma, don't worry."

"Why were you drinking so much on the night? You can tell grandma and your mother if anything happened! Drinking hurts your body! Luckily the beer bottle is cut your arm, if it cut the face and head, how could you deal with it? It's too late to regret. You're an adult, you have to love yourself."

"Grandma... Sorry, I know I was wrong."

Qian Yu looked down awkwardly and felt ashamed. After all these years, she had just drunk so much once, but everyone knew it.

'How did grandma and mom know? What did Weiwei say? Where was her? It was impossible. Why was Gong Mingye here? Did Weiwei call Gong Mingye and Gong Mingye told grandma about it?'

"Your silly girl, have you ever put your mother and me in your heart? If I hadn't called you last night, your good friend picked it up, would you come to the hospital for treatment secretly and not let me know when you recovered?"

'Did grandma know it last night?'

"Last night your grandmother anxiously called the hospital. Originally she was asleep, after hearing this, she immediately got up and rushed to the hospital. She insisted on being here with you and did not sleep until now. I want to replace her to accompany you, but your grandmother is adamant to accompany you here. She is already seventy years old, Yu, you really shouldn't be like this."

Seeing what Qian Yu was thinking, Chen Lifang immediately explained to her. But what she said made Qian Yu feel guilty, and felt warm in her heart.

It would be wrong to say that the five years she had not been cared for after marring Gong Mingye for the past five years. At least Grandma Gong really loved her and was a hundred times better than her own grandmother.

"Grandma, mom, sorry. I know I was wrong."

"Well, Lifang, this is still owed to the brat Mingye. Don't blame Yu anymore."


Chen Lifang turned her head to look at Gong Mingye, who was standing on the side without reaction. She lightly frowned, "Qian Yu is seriously injured. Although the wound on the hand would not affect too much, it is inconvenient. This matter is because of you, as a husband, and it happens to be the weekend, you should put aside work for the time being to take care of her."

"Bastard, from today on, you and Yu move back to Gong Residence."

"Grandma, do you think it useful? She and I didn't..."

"Shut up. If you want to piss me off right away and think that I've lived too long, you could still do this. You could still make a few more headlines with those actresses. If I don't see you bringing Yu back to the Gong Residence today, I'll die now!"

Everything was like a dream. Qian Yu really hoped that she didn't wake up.

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