Chapter 15 You've Achieved Your Goal

What grandma and her mother said, especially when grandma threatened her with life, was too unexpected. She knew what these words meant.

"You've achieved your goal. Are you happy?"

He stood quietly at the end of the bed and looked at her. His tall figure was like a Greek warrior, and his deep eyes shone like obsidian.

His thin lips were pursed, and he said sarcastically, "In the past few years, you've been dragging on a meaningless marriage for all sorts of reasons, keeping a man who doesn't love you. Now that you've agreed to divorce, I thought there was something good in you. But I've thought too much. For a woman who does everything to achieve her goal, how can she give up so easily?"

"You are really straightforward with me. As I expected, I can't hear a good word from you."

Although she knew that he wouldn't care about her, these sarcastic words still hurt her.

Over the years, she had told herself many times not to be sad, but the result was always disappointing!

"Qian Yu, you are the most shameless and thick-skinned woman I have ever seen!"

"Thank you for the compliment!"

She had heard too many mocking words, and she was getting used to the pain.

Qian Yu closed her eyes and suddenly didn't want to see Gong Mingye. She felt especially uncomfortable for his coldness.

"You can go. I'll go back to grandma's place myself. I don't need you to drive me."


"I'd never want that. Since you don't want to stay here, go."

After saying that, Qian Yu covered herself with the quilt and buried her head in it, ignoring him.

She didn't care whether he left or not.

Gong Mingye did not expect that Qian Yu would chase him away. She would have tried everything to have him stay by her side for another minute in the past.

Was she playing hard to get?


If so, she would be disappointed.

Qian Yu could still feel Gong Mingye's mocking gaze through the quilt, but she didn't care what he was thinking now.

She came round. The relationship without love was meaningless.

She was so tired during those 5 years.

Grandma was efficient. After contacting the attending physician and the family doctor in Gong Residence, she immediately went through the discharge formalities for Qian Yu.

Gong Mingye left without hesitation. Qian Yu couldn't tell grandma about this. She wouldn't tell grandma that she had no preparation for the hospitalization last night either. She could go out and take a taxi herself.

"Young Madam."

As soon as she left the hospital, she saw the driver of Gong Residence. He opened the door for her instantly at the sight of her.

Qian Yu smiled bitterly. Grandma knew very well that Gong Mingye wouldn't send her back to Gong Residence, but she still wanted Qian Yu to live there. What for?

Gong Family was the symbol and the largest family in Gong City. Sixty percent of the people in Gong City relied on the industries of the Gong Family for living. The Gong Family was the leader here, so the Gong Residence was magnificent. Although it was not as luxurious as a palace, the whole residence was antique. Every brick and tile was expensive, and the interior decoration was even more exquisite.

It was not the first time Qian Yu had been here. Every time she stepped in, she felt grim and nervous.

Grandma had been waiting for her in the living room.

When grandma saw Qian Yu coming in, she was somewhat disappointed and turned her head away.

"Didn't Mingye come back with you?"

Grandma already knew. Qian Yu thought grandma would not say it out, but she didn't expect grandma to ask so directly, which surprised her.

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