Chapter 2 Unable to Control

"Mingye, don't say that about my sister. It's our fault. This is indeed my sister's home. We should have controlled ourselves, or we wouldn't choose here..."

Qian Huan sat up regardless of her nude body. Her skin was fragile and crystal clear. She had a perfect figure with big breasts and wide hips. Compared with Qian Huan's plumpness, Qian Yu was too thin.

Qian Huan held Qian Yu's hand guiltily, like a child who had done something wrong, waiting for the adults to forgive her. She leaned naked close to Qian Yu. "Sister, we really didn't mean to. We'll go right away. We won't be here next time."

While speaking, Qian Huan showed off the hickey on her neck, which hurt Qian Yu dearly.

They would make love here next time?

With a wave of her hand, Qian Yu shook Qian Huan's hand away and looked cold. "Wherever you like, don't do it in my room."


Qian Huan fell to the ground. The coldness of the marble floor made her exclaim, "It's so cold."

"Qian Yu, don't go too far!"

Gong Mingye grabbed her and pushed her out of the door, suppressing his anger, "From the day you tried your best to marry me, you should have known that this was the end. Qian Huan is innocent. It's not your fault that you broke our relationship and insisted on marrying me. You should have hurt her. Am I too tolerant of you?"



Only God knew that she only used a slight force, which was not enough for Qian Huan to fall down to the ground.

Qian Yu looked at Qian Huan, who was already picked up by Gong Mingye. He also put on her bathrobe. Seeing that he had personally tidied up and tied the straps for Qian Huan, Qian Yu knew that she had lost this battle before it began. She was just unwilling to surrender and was still struggling.

"Mingye, don't blame my sister. No matter what, she's your wife now. We're not lawful to do so. We're here... It's really my fault. I won't do this again. I'll go back."

After that, Qian Huan ran out crying.

"Qian Yu, I'll give you three days to end this meaningless marriage!"

After that, Gong Mingye chased Qian Huan out.

After they left, Qian Yu sat weakly on the steps. She couldn't blame anyone else as it was herself who chose Gong Mingye.

The third day.

"Qian Yu, it's time for a divorce."

The strong wind blew up the novel in front of Qian Yu. The pages were blown by the wind. Her thoughts at this moment were also far away.

Gong Mingye sat on the sofa and stared coldly at the woman beside him who was reading the novel happily.

Qian Yu was watching the male protagonist confess to the female protagonist when they were sweetly together. Hearing this, he said softly, "Yes."

Gong Mingye raised his eyebrows angrily.

He had mentioned divorce to her many times in the past few years. Every time she agreed to him in such a tepid manner. She just turned around and pretended not to hear anything.

He hated her for being like this.

He was deeply disgusted with her.

He stood up, reached out to grab the novel in front of Qian Yu, and moved his right hand... With a crash, the page she was reading was torn to pieces and thrown to the ground.

Qian Yu lowered her eyes.

The book had been torn apart, like their marriage.

"You know the person I love is Qian Huan. After all these years together, I should give her a status. We love each other very much." Gong Mingye suppressed his anger and spoke to Qian Yu patiently.

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