Chapter 3 I Miss You

After all, she couldn't hold back the tears after all. She raised her hand to wipe her tears away, "What about mom and dad?"

"I'll explain to my parents myself. It's none of your business, just sign it."

He was resolute and he left no room for her to refuse.

The last glimmer of hope was gone, and she could not help trembling. She lowered her eyes and agreed, "Yes."

The phone rang and Gong Mingye picked it up. "Qian Huan." His velvety voice sounded like a breath of fresh air. The thought of Qian Huan's smiling face on the other end of the phone spurred Gong Mingye to rush to her and confess to her.

"Honey, have you done it yet? I'm so bored in the cinema without your company!" Qian Huan's beautiful voice came from the phone, which made Gong Mingye's heart soften a little.

"Isn't there an hour left? Can't wait to see me?" Gong Mingye turned to the side and lowered his voice to ask her with a smile.

"Knock it off! You just know how to make fun of me." Qian Huan pouted and looked at the time, "I'm already in the cinema. I suddenly want to see another movie. It's half an hour earlier. Honey, how long will you take?"

Hearing her voice and thinking about how Qian Huan often acted coquettishly towards him, she must have stomped her feet coquettishly and embarrassedly at this moment. Gong Mingye missed her more and more and wanted to run over immediately.

After a few words with her, Gong Mingye hung up the phone.

Qian Yu saw all of this in her eyes. He was openly flirting with his lover in front of her. She was signing a divorce agreement. Couldn't he wait just for a few minutes? Hah, in the past five years, she gave up all to be a good wife, but he couldn't wait for merely a few minutes.

It was ridiculous to think about it, Qian Yu. This was the man you've loved wholeheartedly for five years.

Gong Mingye was so depressed by Qian Yu's mocking look that he gave her the cold shoulder, "I have something to do later. Sign it."

"I won't sign it!"

Gong Mingye's pupils dilated and he held back his anger and looked at Qian Yu, "What do you mean?"

"I'm going back on my word. I won't divorce!"

With a fit of anger, Qian Yu smiled happily and sat back on the sofa, as if all her five years of resentment had been taken out.

"Qian Yu!" Gong Mingye pinched her shoulder and pressed her down on the sofa with an expression of disgust. "It's been five years. You've been pestering me for five years. You've been with a man who doesn't love you. What's the point of binding us together?"

Qian Yu stared at him quietly. Yes, it was five years. She had been married to him for five years, but she had never looked at him so closely.

Being tall and imposing, Gong Mingye was pressing at her angrily. He was as handsome as a warrior depicted in Greek mythology. His features strongly marked, and his thin lips were pursed straight, indicating his resolution.

He pinched her shoulder, and in front of him, Qian Yu looked very delicate.

"Qian Yu, I don't love you. From the beginning, I didn't love you. You had to marry someone who didn't love you. Why do you ask for this!"

He gradually became cold to her, and his eyes shone with a cold light when she looked deep in his eyes, reflecting luminous light and his mock.

Qian Yu was suddenly stone-cold sober.

Yes... She had to marry a man who didn't love her. For all these five years, she had lost herself and endured his disdain and ridicule all day long.

In five years, during days and nights, she lost herself.

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