Chapter 4 Five Years of Love

"Gong Mingye, I've been married to you for five years and I've loved you for five years, but you even barely look at me. Sometimes I don't even know who your wife is."

Qian Yu's voice was choking with sadness. The fact was that he had never looked at her for five years, let alone admit that she was his wife.

Gong Mingye sneered, pushed Qian Yu away, and said in a hateful voice, "This is all your fault. You know I don't love you. Still, you married me. You ruined the relationship between Qian Huan and me. If it were for you, we would have married. It's all your fault. You deserve it."

His words were like a heavy hammer, pounding on Qian Yu's heart. She sat on the sofa in a daze.

Yes, he was right.

Five years ago, she was desperate to marry him. At that time, she was desperate and she didn't take the marriage seriously at first, but she fell in love with him and stayed with him for five years. But what she got?

All this, according to his words, was indeed her own fault.

She wiped away her tears stubbornly, "Can we get a divorce after grandma's birthday?"

"At the beginning of the year, you were afraid of hurting her. It's not good to divorce during the mid-autumn festival as it was a time for the reunion The new year was not a wise choice. And her birthday..." Gong Mingye narrowed his eyes disdainfully and mockingly, "Qian Yu... Do you have other reasons? Do you still want to play any tricks? Or do you want grandma to stop us from getting a divorce?"

Qian Yu sat down, wiped away her tears, and looked up at him in disbelief. In the past five years, there were various reasons why they couldn't get a divorce, but it turned out... In his heart, she was such a person.

She was obviously heartbroken. Gong Mingye turned his head and took a step back.

"Stop making excuses. There's no point in dragging on like this. You're the only one who can keep a man who hasn't looked at you for five years."

After he finished speaking, he turned around and left, leaving Qian Yu alone in a daze.

A few days later.

"Young Madam, Miss Qian Huan is here."

Elder Sister Zhang was behind Qian Yu. A gust of wind came over. She tried to shrink her neck into her clothes. The room was warm and air-conditioned, but she shivered when she came out of the balcony in the blink of an eye.

Young Madam had been sitting outside for the whole afternoon these days. She looked down and saw that her slender fair fingers were pale from the cold. Were they finally back from their trip?

"Madam, it's cold outside. Come in quickly!"

"It's okay."

Ignoring the sympathy in Elder Sister Zhang's eyes, Qian Yu pretended not to see it.

It was also... After five years of marriage, her husband's eyes had never been on her. However, Elder Sister Zhang and her husband were very close and passionate about each other.

"Madam, I don't know what Qian Huan is going to do this time. She's carrying a lot of things."

What Elder Sister Zhang disliked the most was Qian Huan, who was complacent but was also good at making puppy eyes. Elder Sister Zhang that Qian Huan was approachable on the surface, but she was not kind as Young Madame. Elder Sister Zhang didn't like her.

"Let's go take a look."

"Madam, you are too nice. Only you can tolerate her. Look at how far she has gone. She regards herself as the hostess here. As soon as she comes, she asks me to prepare lunch for her according to her taste."

Now Elder Sister Zhang was angry at the thought of Qian Huan commanding her arrogantly while saying thank you, and she didn't know what Young Master was thinking.


As soon as Qian Yu reached the stairs, Qian Huan immediately stood up from the sofa and greeted her with a smile, "Sis."

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