Chapter 5 You Are My Sister

If they hadn't grown up together, Qian Yu would have thought Qian Huan's smile was pure and innocent. Unfortunately, it wasn't.

When Qian Huan reached out her hand seemingly friendly to her, Qian Yu said calmly and decisively, "Don't touch me."

"Sister?" Qian Huan was shocked. She pursed her lips and her eyes were red. "Sister, are you still angry with me about what happened a few days ago? Sister, you really shouldn't have blamed me at that time. I should have stood firm, but..."

"Qian Huan, there are no outsiders today. You don't have to pretend to be like that anymore. What's the matter? Let's make it clear."

"Sister, what are you talking about... You really misunderstood me. I'm apologizing to you. What happened that night was my fault. I came here to apologize today. I bought a lot of things you like. Come and take a look."

Designer clothes, bags, cosmetics... and all kinds of luxury goods of the most popular limited edition, which were some things that couldn't be bought even if one was only rich but not noble.

"Sister, look at these. Do you like them? I chose them according to your skin color. They will look good on you."

Qian Huan picked out a sequined sexy dress and handed it over with a pearl necklace. "Look at this. The pink dress with the white pearl necklace. You must look very good in them. You usually wear too plain and simple clothes. You should dress up."

"Thank you for your kindness, but they are not my style. I'm sorry."

If Qian Huan really wanted to buy her some gifts, why would she choose those sexy dresses that she had never tried before?

"Sister, you really need to change. There are pretty colors except for black, white and gray. Women should be sexier and dress up better."

Qian Yu looked at herself in a simple casual outfit. If it wasn't necessary, she wouldn't wear makeup at all. On the contrary, even in winter. Qian Huan was wearing a very sexy one-piece skirt, a thin pullover coat, and knee-length boots which revealing her slender, white, and tender thighs.

Her exquisite makeup, her beautiful face... Compared to Qian Huan, she really didn't know how to dress up.

"Sorry, our style is different. I don't need these things. They suit you most. You can take them back."

Qian Huan didn't care what Qian Yu said. She picked up all the things and shoved them to Elder Sister Zhang and said, "I don't care. These things are for you. If you don't like them, you can throw them, Elder Sister Zhang, take these things upstairs first."

"Qian Huan, only you and me are here now. Just tell me what you want. You don't need to beat about the bush."

"Everything I want to talk to you can be heard by others." Qian Huan sat down. The gentle and magnanimous smile on her face had disappeared and her face became a little cold.

"Don't tell me you're just here as a guest to give me gifts."

They were never good sisters since childhood. Qian Huan came here alone today, and Qian Yu knew she was definitely not just being a guest.

"You're my sister. And that's reasonable that I bring you some gifts back from travel. And yes, I'm not here to be a guest. I'm going to be the hostess of this villa soon. "

Qian Huan raised her hand, tidied up the hair beside her ear, and stretched her slender and fair hand. Only then did Qian Yu see that there was a sparkling ring on her ring finger.

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