Chapter 7 So Proud

Qian Huan smiled. She looked so arrogant and proud.

At this moment, Qian Huan was like a queen, but Qian Yu was a clown.

Although they were half-blooded, Qian Yu thought they had a good relationship when they were young. Also, she did everything she could for her sister.

"Why? I didn't do anything wrong to you. Why did you force me like this? Do you hate me so much?"

"Hate? What do I have you for? Are you worth it? You don't! I don't know why. As long as you don't have a happy life, I feel happy. I want you to live a miserable life."

Qian Huan leaned close to Qian Yu's ear and whispered proudly, "Do you know why Lu Feng abandoned you back then? Because I told him that you had already slept with another man. He was really stupid. The technology is so advanced and everything can be faked. He didn't do anything to prove it and but just broke up with you. Ho Ai just took off her clothes and seduced him, and he..."

"You made the call that day?"

Qian Yu felt that she was struck by lightning. Her whole body could not stop trembling and she felt pain.

The more miserable Qian Yu was, the happier and prouder Qian Huan became. Qian Huan just wanted Qian Yu to be unhappy.

"That's right. Not only did I make the call, but I also asked Ho Ai to seduce Lu Feng. To be honest, that guy is really infatuated with you..."

Qian Yu slapped Qian Huan hard. "You vicious bitch!"

"Sister, what did I do wrong? Why hit me? I've apologized to you for what happened that night. I brought you so many gifts that you liked from afar. I sent them to you as soon as I got off the plane. Why did you hit me? Why..." Qian Huan covered her face and cried on the ground. Her eyes were misty and she looked miserable. "I really love Mingye. I know you love him too, but sister... You've already taken my place and married Mingye. I know it's my fault not to listen to you and leave Mingye, but I love him so much. I can't live without Mingye in my life. Even if you kill me today, I won't leave Mingye."

"Qian Huan, you bitch. Are you crazy?"

Suddenly, Qian Huan turned pitiful. Contrary to Qian Huan's previous domineering look just now, Qian Yu was even angrier than before.

Her love!

She could have married her boyfriend, Lu Feng, who she really loved. However, because of Qian Huan's selfishness, she was forced to marry Gong Mingye. After marriage, she realized the truth. Her ex-boyfriend betrayed her. And she was married... She knew that she could not change anything and had to accept the reality and fall in love with her husband.

But today, she found out that everything was Qian Huan's scheme. She could have had a happy life, but it was ruined because of Qian Huan.

The marriage she wanted to maintain was about to fall apart because of Qian Huan.

"I've never seen such a despicable woman like you, Qian Huan. Your mother didn't teach you how to be a human being. As your sister, I will give you a lesson!"

"Don't hit me. Don't hit me, sister... I really love Mingye. What did I do wrong?"

"Full of lies. Vicious heart!"

If Qian Huan continued to stay here, Qian Yu felt the air would become dirty.

She had never thought that Qian Huan could be so vicious. She had always thought that she was at most arrogant and willful.

"Get out of here. Get out of here now. I don't want to see you!" She bent down to pull Qian Huan away.

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