Chapter 8 What Are You Doing?

"What are you doing!"

She was pulled up from behind and pushed out. Gong Mingye hurriedly held up Qian Huan and checked her body nervously. "How are you? Are you hurt?"

"No..." Qian Huan whined and threw herself into Gong Mingye's arms. She hugged him and said, "Mingye, you're finally back."

Qian Huan was tearful. She raised her head with the five fingerprints on her cheeks. The mark on her face had turned red and swollen.

He choked. "Your face... Qian Yu, didn't I warn you?"

Turning around, he walked towards Qian Yu with his eyes full of anger, wishing he could kill her.

"Didn't I say to you not to provoke Huan? Did you ignore my words? You hit her. Qian Yu... I really underestimated you."

Qian Yu lowered her head slightly and saw clearly that he was clenching his fists, and his veins were bulging. She knew he was suppressing his anger. If he didn't like what she would say next, he might have slapped her for Qian Huan.

"Mingye, don't do this to Qian Yu. She's my sister." Qian Huan dragged Gong Mingye back, crying, "It's my fault. I shouldn't have gone traveling with you so that she wouldn't be able to see you for a few days. I shouldn't have sent the things we bought during our trip to her as gifts, which provoked her. It's my fault. Don't blame her."

"Huan, you're too kind. You treat her like your sister. What about her?"

The slap on her face was the best proof. In the past few years, Qian Huan had always thought about Qian Yu when she saw anything good. Qian Huan always bought things for Qian Yu, but Qian Yu never appreciated them and was more outrageous.

"Mingye, no matter what, she's still my sister. After all, I made a mistake. She is your wife, and I am not. Of course, she would be angry."

"You're sisters. Why are there so many differences? Qian Yu, if you were half as good as Qian Huan, you wouldn't end up like this."


Half as good as Qian Huan.

She didn't want to be anything like Qian Huan.

Qian Yu's mocking smile totally angered Gong Mingye. "See you at the court tomorrow morning. I don't want to be married to someone like you for another minute."

"Mingye, my cheeks hurt." Qian Huan frowned out of pain. She tried to touch her face but was afraid of pain. Her dark and bright eyes blinked with tears, which killed Gong Mingye to see her like this.

Gong Mingye glared at Qian Yu. "Why are you standing there?! Go get the medicine box!"

"I'm sorry, I'm not tolerant enough to get a medicine box for the home-wrecker."

Without even looking at Qian Huan, Qian Yu turned around and went upstairs.

This was her marriage, and she had no way to hang on to it.

"Mingye, I feel so dizzy. I want to lie down and rest."

Qian Yu stopped on the stairs.


Gong Mingye took the medicine box and was about to apply ointment to Qian Huan. When he heard Qian Huan say this and saw her looked uncomfortable, he said nervously, "Are you all right? I'll take you to the hospital."

"No, it's just a slap. There's no need to go to the hospital. It might be a sequela. I'm dizzy. I want to lie down and rest."

"Well, I'll take you back to the room after putting the ointment on you."

"Okay. I've asked Elder Sister Zhang to cook for you. You've been so busy these days in Paris. You've lost some weight. You'll have to make up for it since you come back."

After that, Qian Huan sat up straight and kissed Gong Mingye gently on the neck.

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