Chapter 9 A Moment of Tenderness

She took the initiative to press her chest against his, and rubbed him back and forth. Leaning against his ear, she whispered, "Honey, you've been lonely during these days because I couldn't get used to the environment there. I feel so guilty."

Her slender fingers stroked his sexy adam's apple and then his sexy neck, and she kissed him down softly and slowly... Her lips went down through his strong chest to his lower abdomen. She touched his belt but her hand was stopped.

She looked up and saw his deep eyes, which were filled with growing lust. His eyes reflected her bashful face. The smile on her lips became more and more charming. "Honey..."

"You little bitch, I'm putting ointment for you!"

"Well... I am just flirting with you. I don't ask you to give me right now."

She straightened her body and raised her head, which made her boobs even plumper. Under the natural light, her body was bright and charming wrapped in a thin sweater. She unconsciously slid past his hard-on.

Her hand was suddenly grabbed.

"Why... Do you want to stop after igniting me?"

He pulled her body into his arms and his thin covered her delicate red lips.

"Mingye... Don't. This is my sister's house. She may see us, it's not appropriate."

Between the kisses, she whispered in his ear and closed her eyes. But her voice was mute of lust, her breath was heavy, and her chest was heaving. The scene was full of erotic intimacy.

But her words gave him an invisible shock.

"Oh, who the hell is she? Her house? From tomorrow on, she will disappear from here."

His slender fingers went straight in, grasping her boobs and skillfully kneading them.

"Mmm... Honey... Mingye... Mmm, isn't it not good for us to do that in the living room? If sister sees us..."

"Woman, we can't stop now. This is my home, and yours in the future. Do you have to care about others' feelings in your own home?"

If that smug look didn't mean anything, then the voices in the living room were enough to wake her up.

This marriage, which only she cared about and had been stuck to, had exhausted her.

Sitting by the windowsill, she felt the cold wind blowing in and hurting her cheek.

'Qian Yu, are you in pain?

'You want a never-change lover for the rest of your life and love your husband wholeheartedly for five years, but has he looked at you once?' Qian Yu thought.

Her cheeks were cold and wet. She didn't want to touch them, nor did she want to think about why were them wet.

She was numb, and even didn't notice whether they had finished.

When Elder Sister Zhang came in, Qian Yu was lying on the bed reading a novel.


Elder Sister Zhang sighed at the door.

Madam only spent the long night reading novels one after another in the past few years. Elder Sister Zhang noticed that she had finished another thick one.

It was all because of the woman downstairs.

"Madam, lunch is ready. Sir asked you to go down for lunch."

Elder Sister Zhang lowered her head slightly and said lightly. Some words stuck in her throat, and she chose to remain silent.

Qian Yu pretended not to see anything. She put down the book and stood up. "Okay."

"Madam?!" Elder Sister Zhang was stunned. How could madam agree? Shouldn't she be running away?

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