Chapter Two

Michael's POV

I closed the door with a smile on my face. I couldn't believe that I kissed my mate on the cheek. I was glad I found the courage to do it and hoped he liked the action much as I did. I sighed and drove away from my mate, to the pack house. I jumped out of the car once I reached the pack house and walked hastily to my office. I wanted to make this meeting as short as possible and return to my mate.

"Where is Theo?" I asked my beta, Daniel, since he was the only one I found in my office. I expected to find Theo too but he wasn't here.

"He left the moment I finished linking you earlier. He said he will let you know." He answered and I sighed. "I'm sorry, Alpha. I should have never let him go."

"Its fine I guess." I said and tried to link Theo but couldn't get through. "So what do you need to report?" I asked.

"Witches have been spotted-”

"In our territory?" I frowned.

"No, Alpha. It was just outside the territory. They didn't pass through but they were around our territory." He explained.

"Send five warriors to my house to guard until I'm there." I commanded and he quickly linked them. The fact that they were not in my territory calmed me a bit but I still had to be prepared. I tried linking Theo again but was not successful. I knew wherever he was, he was fine, but I was still worried.

"The guards are in position around your house."

I nodded absentmindedly then stood up. I started pacing while a hundred reasons why the witches chose this time to appear ran in my mind. I stopped by the window opening it and looking out.

"Do you think they are from her coven?" I asked Daniel.

"No one knows which coven they came from but it’s a possibility they are from her coven because we haven't been faced with other witches but them." He answered.

"When were they spotted?"

"Almost three weeks ago-"

"Three weeks?" I shouted cutting his answer short. I turned away from the window and faced him. "Why was I not told the moment this happened?" I yelled.

"I'm sorry, Alpha. You had just found your mate and I know how you act when witches are involved. I didn't want you to get distracted with the news and besides, they never came in our territory." He explained.

"That's stupid, Daniel. I know I lose it when witches are involved but I still needed to know. I can't protect him if I don't know what I'm protecting him from. Don't ever withhold information about witches again!" I yelled angrily.

Daniel bowed his head in shame and I looked away from him. I closed my eyes as soft wind from the window blew my face. I clenched and unclenched my hand until I calmed down a bit.

“~Dad~” Theo's voice diminished any anger that was left in me.

"~Theodore White! Why did you block me?~" I lightly scolded.

"~Do you really have to shout, Dad? I'm sorry, I had to see Gina and if I hadn't blocked you, you would have sent me home without meeting her.~"

"~Yes I would have. You should get home now.~" I said.

"~I am home. Guess what I found; an omega cooking. Did you bring him here?" He asked and I became nervous. I didn't tell him about Cadmael because I wanted to surprise him and now I didn't know how he would react with the information.

"~Yes I brought him there. He will be staying with us.~" I told him seriously.


"~I found my mate, son. I planned to surprise you that is why I never told you about him.~" I explained with nerves.

"~Since when, dad? I'm kind of disappointed that you didn't tell me but I understand.~"

"~I'm sorry, Theo. It was three weeks ago when you were away.~"

"~Okay, dad. He's done cooking so make sure you are here soon.~"

With a promise to be home soon, the link disconnected. I smiled knowing my son was okay with me having a male mate. Theo could have already showed his disagreement if he hated it.

"Is there anything else that you need to report?" I asked Daniel.

"No, Alpha. There is nothing much. I will write a report of how the journey was and I will leave it on your desk by tomorrow."

I finished up with Daniel and left the office. I drove back home and released the guards on their duty. I opened the door to the kitchen where I knew the two most important people in my life were. My eyes landed on my mate first and I saw him blush. I wondered if I made him brush or it was for another reason.

Theo came to me and patted me on the back. "Damn dad, you know how to pick them." He said and sat on the chair. I knew what he was referring to, so I scowled at him but smiled too. My mate was truly young and beautiful, I was glad he was mine to claim.

We ate dinner which was the most delicious food I've ever ate. My mate knew how to cook and I was happy to know it will be his cooking from now on. Theo and I complimented him on the cooking and he became a blushing mess. I admit though, he looked ten times good when blushing so I enjoyed the view.

After dinner, Cadmael insisted on helping Theo with the dishes so I left them in the kitchen and went up to my room which was now our room. I didn't know if he will like that we share a bed but I didn't want to do otherwise. Having him in my bed was safer and necessary thing to do. I promised myself not to touch him without his consent.

My mind soon got occupied with the witches’ news. The last time I saw any witches was 15 years ago when they came to take Theo's mother. Theo's mother was a witch and came from a powerful bloodline. After they took her and left me with Theo, it wasn't long when I heard about her death.

Until now, I still didn't know if she really died or not. I learned the hard way not to ever trust a witch again. This was why I was worried to what made them show themselves now. Witches from her coven were dangerous and very troublesome. I knew we still were not certain if it was them but my gut told me it definitely was them.

The door to the room opened and Cadmael walked in. He smiled at me and I did the same.

"I think he likes me." He whispered.

"Told you so." I replied smugly. He didn't have to worry about Theo, I raised a good son.

"That you did. I will take a shower first." He said and collected some clothes and disappeared in the bathroom.

I sighed in content when I heard the water running. I couldn't believe I finally found him after all the years I had to suffer just to-

‘No, don't think about it, don't think about ‘her’. Be strong, Michael.

With a deep breath, I concentrated my thoughts on someone else. The water stopped running and I got up to take my pajama pants to change into after I shower.

He came out in a T-shirt and shorts. I passed him as I went into the bathroom he’s just exited. I tried not to let my eyes wonder on his body but just as I stepped through the bathroom door, his heavenly voice stopped me.

"Um, I will wait for you." He said and I turned around to face him.

"Don't wait up. You look tired so you should just get to sleep, I will join you later." I told him and entered the bathroom.

I took my time washing myself as I thought of a million things. After a long cold and hot shower, I got out and dressed in the pants I had. I stepped out of the bathroom and found my mate sleeping. I smiled at the cute look on his face and kissed him on the forehead.

"Goodnight, Angel." I smiled at the name and hoped he liked it because he was my angel. He brought light in my dark world and for that, I was grateful.

I made myself comfortable on the other side of him and willed myself to sleep. Only before I fully slept, I felt my mate shifting closer until he was in my reach. I brought my arm around him and secured him in my arms then slept.


The next morning I woke up in bed alone and I panicked. Hastily, I tried to stand but fell out of bed due to the tangled up sheets I was in. After untangling myself, I got up and made my way downstairs in search for my mate.

Luckily, I found him in a very tempting position in the sitting room. He had his bubble butt up in the air since he was bent trying to clean something. The sight had my member standing in attention and I didn't know what else to do, so I just stood there. When he got up and saw me, he blushed. The blush increased after he noticed my excited member.

"Good morning, Michael." He greeted and it took me a while to register it.

"Good morning, Angel." I said after I cleared my throat. He blushed at the name and I admired the look until my eyes landed on the clock.

"Damn, I'm late. I should get ready now." I said and he nodded at me and promised to have breakfast ready when I was done.

I took a quick cold shower to get rid of my problem and got dressed as fast as I could. I had a meeting with division two Alpha about the reconstruction of their pack house. I was a building contractor and so my pack and I were responsible for building things in the whole pack.

I entered the kitchen and sat down, eating my well-made breakfast. Cad was still cooking and refused to join me. Theo came in a second later and sat across from me after he greeted Cad.

"Good morning, dad."

"Good morning, Theo. Why are you up early?" It was rare to have him up early because he usually slept in.

"I've got to keep Cad company since I knew you will leave early. I think showing him around will be good." He said.

"That's nice of you. I don't know how long I will take but I will be home once I’m done." I finished eating and stood up. I walked to my mate and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

"Let me know once you're leaving the house and tell me your whereabouts in every hour." I heard a groan from Theo after I said that. "Not a word, Theo." I shouted to him and looked at my mate since he hadn’t replied.

"Fine, I will let you know." My mate responded after our staring match. I smiled and collected my things and left the house. I linked Daniel to send two warriors that must follow them as they go wherever they plan to go. They had to stay hidden from them because I knew both Cad and Theo wouldn't like it. I drove to the pack house, ready to start the day meetings.


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