Chapter Three

Cadmael's POV

When Michael left, I ate breakfast with Theodore and we went our separate ways to get ready. I changed into a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. After I made sure I was presentable, I left the room and met up with Theodore in the living room.

"You look great, Cad."

"And so do you, Theodore. I bet all the girls will look your way." I said.

We both laughed and then walked out after locking the front door. I've never drove a car before, so Theodore drove us to town which was not a long distance from home. The buildings were beautiful and I was proud to know it was my mate's doing. Theodore showed me the building where Michael's office was and that reminded me I forgot to send him a text.

‘We've left home and now we are in town.

I sent the text and a minute later, I got a text back from him telling me to be safe. I smiled and pocketed the device. I found Michael interesting on how he worried about me and his son. I bet we already had warriors following us in town. I didn't blame him much on that because if it would make him better then I didn't care if he sent a hundred of warriors to follow us.

Theodore parked the car at the mall and we both got out. He was telling me about school and his friends. He didn't mention if he had a girlfriend, so I also didn't ask if he had one. Mostly he talked about Gina, his best friend. She sounded to be a great person to be around and I hoped to meet her soon.

While we walked to the building, a voice called out Theodore's name and we both stopped and turned in its direction. A boy a bit shorter than Theodore with blond hair and green eyes, stood there with a smile on his face. Theodore looked excited to see the boy but then it went away.

"What are you doing here, Sean?" He asked.

"I was just looking around with-" the boy, Sean, was cut off by another guy who was the same height as Theodore, 6'1, who showed up shouting 'babe' which was directed to Sean. When he saw Theodore, he stopped and looked speechless for a minute but then he smirked.

"Babe?" Theodore asked.

"I can explain, it's really not what you think-"

"What? That you were cheating on me?" Theodore cut off Sean. "Please do tell me then, how can a person have another boyfriend in less than ten hours of breaking up? Unless you already had him around when we were together." Theodore glared at Sean and tears came flowing down the latter's cheeks.

"No I didn't cheat on you, Theodore." Sean sobbed.

"Don't lie to him, Sean. It’s already over between you so there's no need to hide it from him." The other guy smirked at Theodore as he took a step closer.

"Don't Andrew," Sean warned but the other guy, Andrew, shrugged and faced Theodore.

"Sean and I, have been together for two months now. He came to me complaining about how you refused to sleep with him." At this, Sean shouted to Andrew, trying to make him stop talking but the boy ignored him. "How you kept on telling him to wait until you are ready. How you failed to satisfy him and that made him come to me. I did to him what you couldn't, fucked him again and again when you left his house. You are a fool for not noticing that he was cheating on your pathetic ass-"

I was kind of not surprised to see that Theodore had punched Andrew. The guy clearly asked for it when he taunted him. I managed to pull him off Andrew before a second punch and we left the parking lot as Sean tended to his passed out boyfriend since he got one hell of a punch.

Theo didn't say anything and I didn't ask about it. We did the shopping with small talk until lunch time when we decided to stop by a restaurant.

"You can ask me what you want to know." Theodore said as we waited for the food we ordered.

"If you are not comfortable to tell me anything, don't. I will just pretend it never happened." I smiled at him in assurance and he nodded.

We ate our food and then planned to take a walk around the park. It was a beautiful day, the sky was blue with the sun was shining bright. It was a perfect day to take a walk. We walked in silent until Theodore started talking, explaining about how he met Sean.

Sean was his boyfriend from two years ago until last night when he ended the relationship. They met at school when he was a new student since his family had just moved from division one pack to this pack. Things were good between them until Sean wanted to take a step further in being intimate. Theodore didn't like that because he wanted to wait for his mate before he started sleeping around.

He wanted his mate to be his first and that decision messed their relationship. It wasn't until a month ago when things got out of hand and Theodore went on the journey with the beta to escape his emotional problems. When he came back, he first went to see his boyfriend only for said boyfriend to end things between them.

The only reason he got as to why it ended, was because things were not working between them. Theo didn't push him but left him, accepting his decision. He admitted to how it was painful to hear that his boyfriend had been cheating on him for whole two months.

"Dad doesn't know that I had a boyfriend."

"Why?" I question.

"I thought he wouldn't like it. I never talked to him about boys." He explained and I nod. I promised him I won't mention it to Michael until he was ready to do so himself.

"Why don't you have a mate yet? I thought all Alphas find there mates at 10 years old?" I asked Theodore as my curiosity got best of me.

"I'm not an Alpha Cad. I'm a hybrid."


"I'm half werewolf and half witch. My mother was a witch from a coven just outside our territory." He explained and I got speechless. His mother was a witch? What the hell was Michael doing with a witch in the first place?

He explained that his mother left him alone with his dad, a day after he was born and it is rumored that she died shortly after she left them. Talking of his mother makes his dad sad, so he stopped asking or talking about anything about his mother. He knows he have magic in him because he can feel it in him but he never practiced.

When he was 10, his father caught him practicing magic using a spell book that he believed was his mother's. Michael burned the book and made him promise to never practice magic again.

We sat down on a bench but he got up again to buy ice cream. I sat on the bench and got my phone out to text Michael. I had neglected doing that and I hoped he didn't get too worried about us.

‘We shopped a bit then got lunch. We are now in the park. How have you been?

I waited for a reply but it didn't come as quick as in the morning. Five minutes later, I got a reply and I smiled as I read it.

‘I hope you are enjoying your day Angel. I've been good, thank you. The meeting went well and now I'm just working on the papers in the office. I'll leave when you get home so hurry up!

I sent a quick reply back and put the phone back in my pocket. I looked around for Theodore but I couldn't see him. I sighed and decided to wait a bit longer. A moment later, I could feel eyes on me and I looked around but I couldn't see anyone looking my way. I kept feeling the eyes on me and it got me uncomfortable. I stood up from the bench and looked around but saw nothing again.


I heard a voice calling my name but I didn't see who it belonged to. The voice kept on calling and I thought I saw someone in the woods nearby. I started walking towards them as the voice got louder and louder. I entered the woods but saw no one, so I went further inside. I didn't know how long I walked but I stopped when I came to a clearing. At first there was no one there but then two boys showed up out of the blue.

They were both tall at 6'4, and had broad shoulders with a bit muscles. They had identical eyes but different hair color which made me conclude that they were related because they looked alike too. They both had black clothing on and they had smiles on their faces.

"Who are you?" I asked as I took a step back. They bowed at me and talked in a strange language but I somehow knew what they said. It was ‘greeting to the elder’ and it was directed to me.

"My name is Ashton and my younger brother here is Alec. We are the guardians to the being that bears the elder’s soul." The dark haired boy said and pointed to the brown haired boy as his brother.

"To the what?" I asked.

"To you, who bears the soul of our elder." Alec spoke up.

I shook my head and told them they had the wrong guy. I turned around to get back to the park but they appeared in front of me, blocking the path. I got startled at the sudden appearance so I moved backwards in fright. I caught their scents and found out that they were witches. I became afraid and pulled out my phone to call Michael but it got snatched out of my hand by the wind.

At the moment, I wished I was mated to Michael so that I could link him but then I remembered I could do so in the pack link. I tried but nothing seemed to work.

"What do you want from me?" I mumbled nervously.

"We want you to come with us. You are in danger and you will be safe at the coven." Ashton said and my heart stopped. They wanted to take me away from my mate.

The thought of someone wishing to separate me and Michael made me angry and I could feel something snap in me. I thought of killing anyone who wanted to take me away and soon after Ashton started crutching at his neck. It looked like he was being choked to death and that brought joy in me.

Alec saw his brother desperately trying to breathe and he run to attack me but I held out my hand and he was immediately thrown to a tree and held there. I watched as Ashton tried hard fighting hard to breath but he couldn't.

"Stop! You are killing him!" Alec shouted and like water burning out fire, I got a hold on myself again. The need to kill vanished and Alec was thrown to the ground where he quickly jumped up and run to his brother's side. I watched as Ashton started to breathe normal again and they both looked at me.

"I did that?" I asked in disbelief and they nodded slowly. "You want to take me away from Michael." I accused and they shook their heads in denial.

"We only want to protect you."

"Michael will do that just fine. You should not come to me again." I said and started walking away, back to the park.

"You need us. The elder’s power in you is dangerous and we can help you to control it." Alec shouted.

"Who is this elder you talk about? How did it get in me?" I turned to them with a raised brow.

"The name is Katherine; you can ask Michael the rest." He said and helped his brother up. "You can just call if you need us. We are always around you." They bowed and then disappeared.

I got startled again by the sudden disappearance but then I shrugged and started walking back. What did he meant by needing to ask Michael? Who exactly is Katherine and how did she get in me?


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