Never Let Me GO


32.09k words

24 chapters



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Tired of hiding herself from a persistent guy, to get rid of the unwanted admirer, she kissed an unknown handsome man in a masquerade ball.
What will happen when she will find out the same guy is her ruthless boss?

She fell in love with a man who never felt her existence. Her broken heart gave her the desired pain to become the biggest sensation of the country; She became a singer.
The time he realizes the emptiness in his heart belongs to her, he ran to her, but her gaze gave him a strange look.
What will happen when he will find out the truth behind her strange behavior.
Did he lose her forever?
Or is this the beginning of a new story?

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Shiwani Damodar Gatla

Great story till now. Waiting for more chapters... please update soon.

2020/12/26 Reply