Chapter 12 Everything Has Me

The warm water slowly slid into her throat, and the person holding her was warm. Sonia came to her senses slowly, then she immediately felt the severe pain in her body.

Sonia felt as if her internal organs were dislocated, and her bones were all smashed into pieces. She tried to lift her arm, and only halfway up it crashed down in pain.

He firmly caught the falling wrist and put it back into his arms, "Don't move. The doctor is dressing you up."

John frowned at the sweaty Doctor Fain squatting on the ground. He asked, "Could you give her some painkillers first?"

Sonia, who was in a coma for more than half an hour, twisted uncomfortably from the pain. She frowned, and cold sweat was dripping from her forehead. The tears were running down her pale little face.

John wrapped his left arm around her and leaned her against his own arms, his right hand turning out the softest fabric of his shirt lining and gently wiping away her tears. Doctor Fain had just roughly cleaned the blood from her face, and the gruesome crust of blood was soaked by the hot tears that it all stuck to John's cuffs.

Doctor Fain was anxious. He thought, "Who did this poor little girl have a deep grudge against? All her limbs are broken, and her internal organs are damaged to varying degrees. There is a heavy blow to the head and a lot of blood loss. Tests need to be done to see if the brain has been affected. "

Doctor Fain said, "John, she has hurt her head. And she needs to go to the hospital for a pain response test later. She can't take painkillers yet."

John nodded. He softened to avoid hurting her, "Is she hurt badly?"

Doctor Fain nodded, "Yes. Although she is not in danger, she needs to rest in bed for at least half a year."

Sonia vaguely heard the doctor's words. She quickly got up, "I'm fine." She felt more pained when she woke up, but her father needed her financial support, so she couldn't just rest in bed for a half year. Sonia gritted her teeth as she said, "Where's Charlotte?"

"I told you not to move. If you move once, I'll dock your salary by 1000." John frowned and glared at her, "2000! 3000!" The little woman in his arms finally calmed down, leaned against him, and said pitifully, "I'm fine. I won't move again."

Her face turned even paler, and her lips were bloodless.

John cursed to himself in remorse at what he had just said and done. How could he reprimand her when she was so pathetic? He kissed her hair and said, "Be good. We'll go home right away." Then he gestured Larry to come over.


Looking at Charlotte and Ryan, who were handcuffed, John said to Larry, "You can decide on the charges. I don't want to see them again."

Larry nodded understandingly and made a gesture, then more than 20 people, including Charlotte, Ryan and the street gangsters, were taken away.

"Bitch! I won't let you go!" Charlotte pounced on Sonia when the police were unprepared. But before she could touch Sonia's hem, John kicked her over. She rolled on the ground a few times.

Charlotte sneered with her frighteningly shrill voice. "Sonia, I won't let you live well. Even if I have to go to hell, I will drag you with me," taunted Charlotte.

Larry quickly went up and kicked Charlotte in the chest when he saw that John was going to fly into a rage with his gloomy face. "Take she away," shouted Larry.

"Zerger, check what's in the plastic bucket over there."

Zerger ran over and sniffed at his fingertips, "Sir, it's gasoline."

John twitched his mouth. Gasoline? Very well. So these evil, stupid people planned to destroy the evidence by fire after all this happened? He would deal with Charlotte later.

"Don't deduct my salary. Charlotte, please. My father is still in the hospital for the operation. Please."

Hearing it, John looked at Zerger and said, "Take us home first, then check on her father."


Doctor Fain had roughly treated the serious wounds, but Sonia still needed further treatment. And Sonia was bandaged up tightly.

John frowned. He was going to say something, but he stopped. Doctor Fain held his breath nervously, quietly took a few steps back, and hid behind Zerger.

"Zerger, start the car."

Zerger left, and Doctor Fain took a deep breath. Doctor Fain thought to himself, "Luckily, he didn't say anything! Otherwise, I really would have been sent by John to some deserted place."

"Don't worry about it anymore. I will help you."

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