THE young man did not answer and instead continued planting small kisses around her entrance.

“Glad you shaved,” he said as his finger went in and out of her a little faster, and then he bent down again and smelled her scent. "This is you, fragrant," after saying that, James began coaxing her front using his very mouth.

Aria felt the intense heat from both of her cheeks because of what James did. A few moments later she notices the sudden changes in the young man's actions. His mouth became more possessive while his tongue is now very playful that was even able to play with her clitoris in a way that almost drives her crazy with ecstasy. He looked very hungry and that was what she thought was the reason why the young man able to eat her without hesitation.

Aria let out a series of moans and sighs as James seemed to have no intention of letting go of her femininity. When she felt his finger enter her cut while his tongue was busy there, she screamed.

It was when she took one of the pillows and use it to cover her face. She could not understand, she was so shy but still, she did not want James to stop what he was doing because it was so good.

Aria knew and felt that she is about to cum at any moment but she could no longer bear the happiness that James' doing brought her so she tried to pull her hip away from the young man.

But James' face is now sinking in front of her as his two hands seemed to hook her thighs so when she tried her plan the young man was able to pull her back quickly.

“Hey, no running away from my tongue, baby,” he then continued what he was doing.

"There it is, oh shit, hmmm…" she moaned then shivered when James' mouth took her over there.

WEAKLY Aria took a series of a deep breath afterward. When the young man kissed her, her response was fierce.

“Do it, now!” she said in a tone that is wanting and hungry for more.

“Sure?” the young man asked her for assurance.

The young lady nodded then pulled James' neck and kissed him again. She was even stunned as her eyes grew wider when Aria felt that James is now rubbing the tip of his angry manhood in a way that seemed to tease and excite her wet cut.

“J-James…” she let out a complaining moan despite the delicious feeling and sensation brought by what James was doing.

"This is going to be painful, but I will try my best to somehow lessen pain," he promised then kisses her forehead afterward.

She smiled then bit her lower lip in preparation for the young man's entry on her. She took a deep breath while ignoring the intense throbbing of her chest. The young lady burst into tears when she felt James' large and rebellious weapon in her femininity. She clung to his shoulder then sobbed again as she felt his gentle penetration once more. Unintentionally, Aria even raised her head because of the intensity of the pain she was feeling.

“Are you okay?” James asked worriedly and she even saw that emotion in the young man's eyes when she returned her head to the pillow.

Aria closed her eyes and opened them again as she forced a smile despite the intense slicing pain she was feeling. Her eyesight is still spinning, but stopping James from what he has been doing is not a part of her plan. She doesn't know why but she is having this sure feeling that there is nothing to regret after doing this.

“Go on,” she said smiling with assurance then closes her eyes once again.

James claimed her lips and kissed her in a way where he was able to somehow lessen the great pain that she has.

And not long after, the pain gradually disappeared because it was replaced by a strange feeling and along with a wonderful and unexplainable sensation that she soon started to savor, and that completely freed her from her sanity.

“Oh James please do not stop,” she whispered between moans then tried to somehow meet every thrust of the young man in her femininity.

“It fits baby, it fits,” the young man took one of her legs then slung it over his shoulder. While he was talking about his manhood that fits her tight femininity.

The happiness that Aria was feeling intensified even more because of that position.

She was not aware, but it felt even more overwhelming than just a normal missionary position. Maybe because she could feel the length of the young man's weapon hitting her abdomen.

"Oh my god James please move faster," she said between panting.

James did smile and then opened his mouth to speak. “Just keep talking like that,” he said as he makes his bumping movement inside her in reversible motion.

A loud and insane scream along with a series of gasps and moans soon filled the whole room. This stranger made her very happy.

"There it is, James there it is, I'm cumming again…" she moaned when she felt for the second time that she was about to reach the peak once again.

It was then that James hastened his movements to get in and out of her femininity. “Fuck, baby!” he was then bent down and kissed her violently.“What’s your name?” he asked as he continued with rapid and merciless thrust.

“Oh…” she said still clinging to the man's shoulder.

"Please, what is your n-name?" the man was almost out of breath because of the tiredness that he feels. She knew he was about to cum as well.

“Hmm...” she said moaning when they reached the climax of their intercourse.

“You are one of a kind,” between gasps James complimented and then kissed her.“tell me your name,” he said in a pleading tone.

When James dropped himself next to her, it was then that Aria hugged and pulled herself even closer to the young man. "I'm going to sleep now," all she could say before she was dragged by a mixture of tiredness, drunkenness, and drowsiness into a vast and dreamless sleep.

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