It was dawn when James woke up just to smile when he saw the woman who is clinging to his side. She had been able to give him her virginity but not her name

He carefully removed some strands of hair that covered her beautiful face. She slept so soundly in his arm and he could not deny that even though she is a stranger he wanted her by his side.

He remained in that position for a while. Satisfied to simply stare at the beautiful face next to him. Quarter to five when he decided to get up and take a bath. He picked up his clothes on the floor one by one when a copy of one of his black calling cards fell out of his pocket.

He used to put a copy of that in the pocket of the shirt he was wearing which he gave to the woman he wanted to see again.

James picked it up and then placed it on the bedside table where the bag of the woman who wanted to be called by the name ‘Hey’ was placed. Because according to her, that is the expression of rich people like him.

Shaking his head while smiling in amusement, James glanced at the woman then went to the bathroom and took a bath. He took a longer bath than usual because he was not in a hurry.

But that was his only regret when it turned out that the woman he had left in bed sleeping soundly is no longer there.

Deep regret enveloped James' chest then thought of how he would look for her since he did not even know her name. Then he was stunned to think of the feeling he had for that woman.

WHEN she got out of the building, Aria hurried to take a taxi and then got on her way home. Just like Norman's apartment, she also has her house key.

She went to her room and changed her clothes. In front of the long mirror, she saw the reflection of her body that is full of small marks on the side of her stomach and breasts.

Aria's face quickly warmed up because of that. She then remembers her mother and father. As well as her younger siblings Anya and Alex. Even her older brother Anthony is struggling to work abroad.

You used to keep yourself from Norman, but you did give it voluntarily to a man you just met? What kind of woman are you?

The other part of her mind so she quickly burst into tears. She just hopes that what happened to them does not bear fruit. She hopes she doesn't get pregnant.

She was sure she would never see that man again, especially since she refused to give him her name.

I have to move on and forget everything that has happened. I have to be strong for my family.

Yes, she will just think as nothing happened. She needs to get on with her life. And most of all, she also needs to find a new job.

Then she sighed and started to cry again but she also dried them immediately. She will never forget Norman if she still sees him all the time. And as she sees him she will surely also remember the mistake she made last night. So for her own good, she will just do what she thinks is right.

"IF that's what you think is good for you Aria. No problem,” said her father Felipe as they all eat breakfast.

"Stop crying Aria, Norman is not suitable for you especially with the beauty you have. You are too beautiful for him,” said Anya while chewing food.

"Anya, you should not be joining in the conversation of the elders," her mother rebuked her younger sister.

Her younger sister shrugged. "I'm fourteen now so I understand my sister," she reasoned.

It was when she laughed then wiped her tearful face. "Don't worry, I will soon be okay," she said to her sister.

"Where do you plan to move if you resign now?" her mother Cita.

Aria then picked up the cup of coffee and then took a sip. "Do you remember that international bakeshop that should have been my first job?"

For a moment the eyebrows of her mother and father met. "Ah yes, but that was a long time ago, almost four years."

"I will try to ask Jocel for help. Isn't she a store manager there?" Aria said.

“It's up to you. You just don't have to worry about the expenses here at home. My income from driving a taxi is good and then your brother sends money regularly, we will not have a hard time,” her father assured.

Aria smiled at what her father said. Then her eyes warmed again as she remembered everything she had done last night. She stopped herself from crying and she succeeded.

She only had one prayer, that she would not get pregnant because of what happened. Because just in case, she knew that not only her parents but her whole family would really feel hurt.

"JAMES, you didn't come home last night?" his father Jaime who as usual he caught eating breakfast in the dining room.

He shook his head then smiled at the old man.

“I'm sorry I didn't call. I got drunk so I just spent the night at the hotel,” he explained. Well, that's half true in fact.

The old man stared at him intently and then continued eating quietly.

"Are you going to lie to me too?" his father asked.

James sighed. "Well, maybe we won't go to your favorite topic?"

The old man laughed at him. “When is your plan? When I am gone?” he said staring straight at her. "I just hope you stop. What you are doing is not good for women. You may regret that later, I told you I am old. I don't want you to be alone when the day comes,” was his father's long explanation.

He never spoke about it again. But in his mind, a beautiful face immediately passed by, that he dreamed of seeing and claiming, again.

Where can he find her?

Well, after all, he is still James Sebastian Jr. A well-known businessman who is chased and dreamed of by many women.

What would many think if he hired someone to find a woman who he even did not know by name?

Then the young man shook his head as he finished eating, said goodbye to Jaime, and then walked away.

I want to think that it's your loss that you refused to give me your name. But my body is saying something different. I want you again, and again, and again. And I think I can only be satisfied if you became mine.

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