"WHEN is that?" Aria is talking to her best friend Jocel on her cellphone. She was preparing for her passing of resignation letter at the mall where she works.

"Next week there will be a job fair at the head office. Just go there and then I will tell my friend in the Human Resources Department who is one of the interviewees to assign you to my outlet. To get you closer to the area where you go home," Jocel explained to her who is on the other line.

"All right," she said going out of her room. "I'm also leaving, I will be passing my resignation letter today," she informed Jocel.

Jocel laughed softly." Just in case you see Norman, just ignore him," she advised her.

A sad smile tore at Aria's lips then sighed afterward.“Of course, we are done. Then he won't be able to contact me either because he is already blocked here on my phone.

“Block him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as well. So you can move on continuously. Anyway, it's my rest day today, maybe you want us to meet? ” Jocel suggested to her enthusiastically.

Those words from Jocel touched Aria's heart. She knew her best friend very much. She knew Jocel wanted her to have fun that is why she wanted them to go out all the time since her break up with Norman happened.

"Okay, I just don't have any money right now, I don't have a salary yet," she said following her words with a light chuckle.

"Don't worry I will take care of everything, I only want to see you," Jocel told her.

Aria laughed there. "Hey! Am I the broken-hearted or are you? ” she joked.

Jocel clicks her tongue. "It's just because I love you," she said meaningfully and so Aria got what she meant.

"I love you more," she replied smiling.

AS expected she was leaving the HR Office when she saw Norman standing in the lobby while looking at her. She felt the intense anger and pain draw in her chest. But just like what she told Jocel earlier, she chose not to look at him and just passed her ex-boyfriend.

But Norman did not let her go away because he quickly grabbed her arm the reason why her steps were stopped.

"Let's talk please?" he begged then stared straight into her eyes.

Aria simply pulled her arm held by her ex-boyfriend. "I'm in a hurry," she said walking faster now.

"Please," Norman followed her steps. "What you saw is nothing, Lara is just my side chick. You are the one that I love,” he insisted in a strong tone that grabbed the attention of others.

Aria blushed in anger as she confronted Norman.“Why? Is it because I do not allow anything to happen to us? Is that a reason for you to cheat and play with my feelings? I don't need you in my life anymore. And I will never want to be with a cheater like you!” she said as she tried to turn his back from but Norman still restrained her arm so she quickly slapped the young man on the face.

“You follow and I will scream here. I'm sure people will start to beat you,” she threatened Norman and then turned her back on him.

"I will not lose you Aria, remember that," anger was in Norman's tone.

She turned to the young man then she was quickly terrified when she saw the danger in his eyes. But Aria hid it and instead just gave the man a sharp look and then left.

"It looks like he has no plans to let me go," she told Jocel worriedly then let out a heavy sigh. At a coffee shop is where she met her friend.

Jocel shrugged her shoulders. "Yeah, you're right, but don't think about it. He just can't accept the fact that you did not chase and you did not regret losing him that is why he is like that,” Jocel explained then took her cellphone out of her bag. “Shall we take a selfie? We haven't had a picture together for a long time,” she said with a smile.

Aria shook her head as she remained to stare at her best friend's beautiful face. "Thank you for the effort," she said.

Jocel clicks her tongue. "For what else and we became best friends," she said. "Okay, smile," she said raising her cellphone then took a selfie picture of the two of them. "I will upload this on Facebook so that Allan can see that you are really with me," her friend giggled.

“SIR James,” Mrs. Nolasco, was also the female secretary of his father.

“Yes, Mrs. Nolasco?” the young man from being preoccupied with the papers he is currently signing.

"You have a visitor outside. Shall I let her in?" asked Mrs. Nolasco.

“Who?” James asked even though he seemed to already know who his visitor is.

"It's Paula," his secretary replied.

It was when James shook his head and bring his attention back to his work. "Okay," he replied afterward.

"Is this black calling card you gave is useless already that is why your secretary doesn't want to let me in your office anymore?" Paula asked him angrily as she entered and then dropped the calling card on top of his working desk.

It was then that James leaned back against the back of his swivel chair. “Mrs. Nolasco knows that that has expired already,” he replied then stared at the woman.

Paula's eyes became angrier. “What? Are you kidding me? And one more thing, you think you can make me look like those women you slept with for a month, and then you just throw them away like a rag?

“I told you at the beginning, a month. You agreed, didn't you? ” he said coldly then continued what he was doing.

“Yes! But it is not possible! You are mine! ” Paula scolded him.

James closes his eyes to what the woman did.“How much do you need? Are all the expensive pieces of jewelry, bags, and even that car I gave you aren't enough? You make money from me, don't you? You took even the interest because I know I made you happy?” the young man asked sarcastically.

“How dare you!

That was when James laughs dryly. "I'm sorry but you can leave, I thought we understood each other in the beginning but it looks like I need to clarify something to you," after saying that James signed a blank check then handed it to the young lady. "I still have a lot to do. And please, leave the black calling card,” he reminded.

Paula reluctantly accepted the check and then tore the calling card in front of him. "Fuck you!" she said left after that.

The door of his office almost collapsed when Paula threw it shut. James just shook his head then sighed and picked up his cellphone.

His Facebook account was the first thing he thought of checking out for a moment.

But more than that happened because he was really surprised when a familiar face appeared on his news feed with the store manager of one of his outlets who was his friend on that social media site.

Coffee date with my forever best friend. She said she's broke so it should be my treat. I love you, sis...

He hoped that the woman with his store manager Jocel would have been tagged in the picture but he failed.

Hey! Small world huh!

The other part of his mind then smiled looking at Jocel's account. But he was disappointed when he found out that his store manager's friend's list was private.

James thought for a moment then found himself typing a message on his Messenger.

Mrs. Capistrano, please be here tomorrow morning, bring your friend with you. I need additional manpower.

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