Chapter 6: Cupcake

You know the moment when you wake up and you just want to rest from the entire night of rest.

That was the only was I could describe my it. I was more than comfortable. It felt like my body was against marshmallows and I was covered with cotton candy. The way I wanted my life to be.

Filled with sugar with a sprinkle of a good social life.

However, the moment got ruined when I remembered I slept on a bench the night before.

As much as I didn't want to open my eyes, I had to. I could've been kidnapped by a bunch of Chinese guys with pink hair and fake white teeth and they probably would've kidnapped me to be their maid and no, I didn't want to work for weird Chinese guys.

Well, I wouldn't say I hate Chinese guys. They're kinda cute and yes, I love pink hair.

I slowly opened my eyes and hoped I was kidnapped my Joeboy.

The room was oddly empty and plain. The sheets, just like I'd expected were fluffy and soft. A perfect description of my body muscles.

It scent was, however, familiar. I couldn't recognize it bit damn, it was good. It had the sweet and slightly strong scent with a hint of mint. One thing I knew was that it was familiar but I didn't bother trying to know it's owner. Live the moment, remember?

As soon as I saw a familiar brown head stroll out of what I guessed was the bathroom, I immediately wished I took those words back.

Just like you predicted people, Dylan Sprouse.

Just kidding!

It's the one and only. King of idiots, Dylan Kings.

If Dylan strolled out like the owned the place and it had his scent,  therefore, he was the owner of the bed. If my thoughts were right, he would be the owner and Dylan is known to do a lot of... Ahem which could only have taken place on a bed that belonged to him.

I stood up without thinking.

"What the hell am I doing here?" I asked "Don't tell me you kidnapped me to feed your aliens"

I almost slapped myself after saying that. Way to go, Diana.

"Calm down there little cupcake. I only brought you here cause I saw you outside last night and you didn't look so good."

If it were to be anyone but him, I would've given him a big hug and a thank you for that but I couldn't trust the kid. He could do anything for his selfish intentions.

"Yeah right. Like you'd HELP me for no reason" I said, emphasizing on the word 'help'.

"Your little stunt annoyed me but that doesn't mean I would go so low to leave you to die on that bench. Mostly because I love that bench and I can't have your ghost haunting it"

"It wouldn't hunt the bench alone, it would hunt you too for being such a meanie to me"

"All I did was to add a little spice to your life sweetheart. We both know your social life was a minus hundred out of hundred before then"

"That doesn't concern you" I paused "This better not be one of your plans or I swear this will be your last day on earth"

"What happened to your face?"

Then it dawned on me. I had no make up on. No concealer, foundation or powder. My face was bare, rough and bruised.

It was that moment I wanted an earthquake to occur. Anything to run away from this

"I got in a fight"

And the liar of the year award goes to, ME! For telling a lie without stuttering, sweating or over blinking.

Seriously guys, I crushed it.

"Wow. I didn't picture you to be a street fighter"

"I'm not"

"Then why we're you in a fight. I don't mean go sound all parent-y but don't you think the fight was a little over the top. Just look at you, you look pale and messed up."

"It was important, okay? I had to do it"

"Yeah whatever." He said "You're late for school. The bathroom is over there. Please don't do anything weird. I'll get you clothes"

"I don't want your generosity"

"Well, you don't have a choice"

"I do actually" I corrected "I can just go home and_"

"I don't mean to interrupt your speech but I need you to know you're about ten minutes late already"

My eyes met the clock on the wall and for once, he was right. Well, not really cause It was actually eleven minutes and a few seconds but that wasn't the issue. I was late.

"Oh screw you Dylan"

"Mind your language nerd"

"Just so you know, I don't give a spoon if this is a prank. You probably have a few cameras recording everything just because you're waiting for me to make a fool out my myself. Jokes on you mister! I'm not going to do anything stupid!"

"Look here darling, as much as I want to prank the fudge out of you, I can't do that now cause I'm busy so please tell me what you need and let me get it."

"I'll never tell you!"


"And a hoodie" I completed.

To cover up my scars

"Um... I'm cold soooo"

"Yeah whatever" He nodded and left.

I was pretty late but I still had a fifteen minute argument over me wearing his clothes and boy, his ego was huge.

At the end, I figured out I couldn't go to school with my rough dirty clothes, I couldn't go home to get some and I definitely couldn't step out naked. I had no choice but to wear his clothes.

The moment I stepped into the bathroom, I was amazed.

First, it was far bigger than my room. I could literally cut out my room from it and it would have space left after. The amount of money they spent on the bathroom alone was unbelievable.

Gold and white we're the major colours. The bathtub was gold with ground white and spotless. It almost felt like I made it dirty with every step I took. There was a shower, a window with a perfect view of their garden, a sofa right behind the window and a couple of other things I couldn't afford.

Talk about luxury.

I didn't waste any time after. I stepped into the shower and in minutes, I was done. His soap and shampoo gave me his strong scent. Not that it was bad, I just didn't want to walk down the hallway with petiole thinking I had a thing with him.

I didn't have a good social life anyways so I guess it didn't matter.

He had placed fresh clothes on the bed with a pair of vans next to it. Something I definitely couldn't afford. Instead of a hoodie, he gave me a pink fluffy sweater and blue jeans. With the way it looked like, they were all new.

At least, something good could come from him.

"How many years does it take you to get ready?!" He yelled behind the door. I rolled my eyes and mimicked him inside. Just when I thought he was better than what he was

"Come in!" I yelled back.

"You look stupid" He paused "Again"

"Excuse you, you get me these clothes" I pointed out. "So you're the stupid one"

"You thought I was going to give you clothes you'd look good in?" He asked like it was the most obvious thing in the world. Well, at that point, it was. "I hate you"

"I hate you too"

"Don't lie to yourself darling. You know you love me"

"I just met you"

"Whatever floats your boat. Let's go have breakfast. The boys are downstairs"

That's a big no.

I couldn't cope with Dylan alone and me having breakfast with the whole crew would be a big mess. They'd throw silly jokes and pick up lines at me or even worse, prank me and take it on video.

Besides, how was I sure he wouldn't poison me.

"I can't" I said "I have to go home now. My mom would be worried sick"

Ha ha ha. Like that would ever happen.

"You know you're late for school right? And moments ago_"

"Moments ago doesn't matter my child. Now does" I said in an extremely dramatic way, raising my hand in the process. I had a way to make everything look like it was movie.

"That's stupid. Extremely stupid. Probably the most stupid thing I've ever hear_"

"I get your point!" I cut him off "I need to go home now" I said and started making my way towards the door.

"You don't know the way out or the way home so kindly be less bitchy and let me take you home cupcake"

"Don't call me that"

"Alright sweetheart"

"Or that"

"Okay ice cream"

"Or that"

"Fine. Darling"

"I'll go for cupcake"



"Why?" He asked "I don't see houses here"

"Well, I don't think you know but I live in the forest. I was trained my wolves." I said and flexed my biceps "That explains this"

"So you mean you were raised by baby wolves?"

"Oh shut up. Just drop me off here. I meeting with someone"


"My boyfriend" I lied. I didn't know why but I turned beet red after that. First, boyfriend and I were not allowed to be in the same sentence and second, boyfriend?

He laughed "Like you'd ever have or boyfriend"

"What? I once had a boyfriend" I lied again and at that point, my head was as red as a tomato "Cole"

"Oh really? Cole what?"

I didn't think before saying "Prouse"

"It's Cole Sprouse and he'll only date you in your dreams" He laughed. I felt my head was about to explode from shame. "On a brighter note, I'm way hotter than him"

"Yeah, in your dreams"

"Just admit it. It wouldn't kill you"

"I'm leaving"

"See you in school cupcake" he drove off and I started my journey back home.

After kicking twigs and constantly complaining about how messed my life was, i got home. My mom was no where in sight so I quietly found my way upstairs to avoid more drama. I took off Dylan's clothes and slipped on a pair of blue jeans and a white top before wearing a black hoodie to cover it up.

I applied my regular amount of make up to my face, folded Dylan's clothes and kept it in my bag.

I made breakfast and slowly ate it regardless of the fact I was late for school. It was a once in a while thing and there was no way I was going to leave food for an institution of boring teachers and children I definitely didn't like.

When I was done, I grabbed my bag and keys and found my way out.

Dylan's car was parked right in front of my house.

And that's a win for life again.

I was disgraced. My house was more than ugly. Definitely not a percent as beautiful as his house. If it were human, it would've been in starvation for ten years.

You know that moment when you feel like crawling under a table and staying there for five years? Yeah, that's exactly how I felt.

"You stalker!"

"You wish. We're late already. Come on"

I sighed and rolled my eyes before making my way to his car. He probably didn't find my house as embarrassing as I found it but I still felt like crawling under a table.

Preferably a table with doughnuts on it.

We got to school late, just like i'd expected. Only a few people we're at the parking lot which took me a bit by surprise actually. It should be close to third period, what the hell are you doing in the parking lot?

I made my way to my locker in peace. Lucky for me, students were too busy in class to stare or whisper things about me coming to school with Dylan. It wouldn't be that bad because I'd pranked him and gotten more respect and popularity than before.

However, they could go around and say things like they're together because they're both prank legends or she probably did it to get together with Dylan.

Yeah, that's how cliche my life could be.

There was definitely no way I was going to attend class. I'd have to wait till the next class which was not a problem if I might add. I never really liked school anyway.

I felt a presence behind me. As I much as I hated Dylan, I wished it was him.

"What do you want?" I asked Cassandra in a bored tone. Cassandra was the perfect example of a Barbie doll.

All plastic and no brain.

She always had a way to make my life miserable when we were younger but she lost interest when she figured out I didn't care. She and Dylan were basically fuck buddies but she made it look like they were dating. The whole school knew Dylan wasn't the dating type. All he wanted was a girl that would get with him whenever he wanted without questions and that girl was Cassandra.

"To stay away from my man"

"What?" I asked, once again, in a bored tone to make it look like that wasn't what I expected.

"I know bitches like you. Look, I don't want you anywhere near my man or else_"

"Or else what?" I cut her off "Will you spill coffee on me or tell the whole school a rumour that doesn't exist? News flash, you've done that before and I never cared. Besides, the last time I checked he didn't have a girlfriend so scoot. I have sleep to get to.


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