Chapter 8: I'm sorry

I wasn't willing to go to school so I stayed on my bed, buried beneath the sheets and also in self pity.

It was a cold Monday morning and my mom was luckily not in the house. Actually, she was minutes ago but she had no idea I was in the house. Probably because I'd been in the same position as I was when i woke up.

I hated school for being a bitch on her own and it only got worse because I was db enough to slap Dylan. Not that I regretted the fact I caused him pain, believe me I couldn't care less, I just hated the fact it was going to be the school's trending topic. Mostly because the schools news stations, Amelia and Dylan's goons, we're present during the incident.

I seriously could've just kissed him. It was just a dumb kiss and I was dumb enough to have chickened it all up. I could've been relieved if it was just me and Dylan because there was absolutely no way he was going to spread the news he got rejected.

Besides, he was meant to be the topic for being rejected not me but I knew Bluefalls like I knew my name, they would twist it all up and say I was afraid cause it was my first kiss.

And there goes my self respect.

I just knew it, truth or dare was a game for the rich and popular. They were more than okay with getting with each other and fine with sharing their secrets since everyone knew it already. That explained why they always got the shy and unpopular ones amongst them. They just wanted to add spice to the game and make fun of them in the process.

I huffed one last sigh and dragged my lazy ass to the bathroom. I stripped off the former nightdress and found my way to the shower. My bruises we're evident but fading. They still had their purple colorations but it sure wasn't as bad as it was days ago. The three fork dots on my thigh had healed a but still as painful as staying in calculus class.

I carefully scrubbed my body, avoiding places with bruises. I washed my short hair and stepped out of the shower. I wrapped a towel around myself before stepping out of the bathroom.

I shivered at the temperature of the room. Even with the fact the windows we're shut, the room was still cold.

I was too lazy to get clothes so I wore pajama pants, a white top and huge robe that reached my ankles. It belonged to my dad and that explained the size. I only wore it in my mother's absence to avoid unnecessary drama.

I found my way downstairs for a comfortable breakfast. I couldn't walk properly in the robe. It felt so heavy, it felt like I had a huge wet blanket on me but it did a good job in keeping me warm so I had to get used to the weight.

I made myself toast and a huge mug of coffee for breakfast. It wasn't much and the toast lacked some ingredients but I was thankful I could eat.

I heard a gentle knock on the door which took me by surprise.

It couldn't be my mom because she would only come home this early the day pigs fly and would only knock that gently if snow fell in hell. Either ways, I was sure it wasn't my mom.

I didn't have any friends apart from Esther and she had no idea where I stayed so yeah, it had to be a mistake.

I was sure the person at my door couldn't be Davido so I was comfortable with showing off my oversized robe and ducky pajamas pants.

Once I opened the door, I wanted to take those words back. Not because it was Davido but because it was none other than Dylan.

He was dressed in plain ultra marine top with a V neckline and black jeans. The top was armless and showed off his bulging arm muscles and a bit tight to show his chest. His hair was a bit messy but it was the good type of messy. All I could say was damn.

Wait, what?

He looked at me with so much seriousness but he burst out laughing. He laughed so hard, I could see tears forming in his eyes. He held unto his stomach and used his other arm to support himself as he laughed his butt off.

Was I smelling?

"You look so stupid!"

It was then I figured out I really did look stupid. I got self conscious and wrapped my arms around myself. The way he laughed made me so embarrassed, I could feel myself turn to a tomato.

"You can tell me when you're done" I said to sound more serious but even I found it funny too.

Why didn't you tell me?

"Okay" He chuckled "I'm done"

"Now leave"

"On a more serious note, why would you wear this? You look more stupid than you do regularly"

"It's cold you idiot"

"Why couldn't you turn on the heater"

Because I don't have one anymore. "I love it this way, now please leave me alone as I go back to my breakfast"

"Scoot" He said and made his way past me.

Um rude.

I didn't tell him to come in and he walked in like he owned the damn place. Not to mention the fact he told me to scoot. No one tells me to scoot!


He found his way to my mom's armchair and it couldn't have been more coincidental to see him sit on it the way my mom did.

"Are you okay?" He asked "If you don't want me to sit here, I can just stand up"

"I don't want you in my house!" I said after regaining my composure.

"Too bad cupcake. You're stuck with me"

"Why are you here? To make my life more miserable?"

"Actually" He paused and cleared his throat "I came to apologise for that. I was an idiot for forcing you to kiss me. I didn't know it meant that much to you" He said and went through his pocket "Here it is" He said when he brought out a folded piece of paper. He unfolded it and continued "I am honestly sorry fo_"

"Wait, who forced you into doing this?"

"Well, the news got to my sister and she has a blabbing disorder so she just had to tell my mom about it. Long story short, she made me do this"

I just knew it. There was absolutely no way he would apologise on his own. He was too much of an asshole to do that. If he didn't then he wasn't sorry and he didn't see the fact what he did was wrong.

If I had not slapped him, I would feel bad for not giving him punishment for it.

"Get out"

"No no no no" He said when I took steps towards him "I really am sorry. I just don't know how to put in words."

"You're not sorry. You really don't see what this is all about, do you? I told you I didn't want to, yet you did it. I tried to push you away but you stuck to me like a leech. What is wrong with you?"

"I'm very sorry. I shouldn't have done that. I truly am sorry."

"What? Can you say it a little louder" I said before putting my phone on record.

"I SAID I'M SORRY!" He paused "Wait, did you record that?"

"Recorded it" I kept my phone back in my pocket.

"Delete it"

"Or else what"

"I'll take a pick of you and use it as my wallpaper"

"You dare not"

"Try me"

I thought about it for a while before pretending to delete it. "Done"


Serious, how dumb could he be?

"To prove to you that I'm sorry. I'll make it up to you"


"We're going out"

"To where?"

"It's a surprise"


"Enough with the questions. Okay?!" He took my hand and dragged me out. I yanked my hand away "In this?"

He sighed "Fine go change. I think I'll change my mind about where we're going"


"I'm gonna ask you one last t_"

"We're here" he cut me off and stopped the car.

The mall?

Of course, it was the mall. He hated my taste in clothes and the only logical reason he brought me here is to get new clothes.

I wasn't a fan of the mall or shopping. Yeah, I loved new things but I didn't like the fact I had to walk through various shops to get clothes. It was way too stressful and I hated stress.

Anything to stay at home and eat chips all day.

"Why here?"

"We're getting you new clothes"

"What? No"

"Yes. Let's go" He said, got out of the car and walked to the other side to pull me out. Pulling me out was painful but not as painful as when he carried me over his shoulder. I had a bruise there and it was pressing unto his shoulder.

Hurts like a bitch.

"Let me go! It hurts!" I yelled. He didn't ask questions before dropping me. I placed my hand on my stomach, already knowing the bruise would be redder.

Thanks a lot Dyl.

"Can you be less vulnerable?" He asked and I rolled my eyes at how stupid he was.

He starred at me for a while and before I could register it, he raised my top up. I slapped his hand away almost immediately. It was more of a reflex action than voluntary.

He took my hands in his and started dragging me away

"Hey! Leave me alone!" I yelled but he kept pulling me away. I really had to work on my one-squat-per-month exercise routine. It really wasn't working.

We got to a more quiet place behind the mall and he let me go.

"What the hell Is wrong with you?" He asked.


"Who is doing this to you?" He asked.

"None of your business"

"Why can't you just talk to me?"

"Because it's nothing Dylan. Just mind your business and take me home"

"You think I don't see what's going on? I'm not stupid Diana, I see exactly what's going on. You come to school and apply a lot of make up on your face, you work till midnight, you slept on a bench at night, you had bruises on your face and thought you were smart by telling me the dumbest lie on the planet and now, you have huge bruise on your stomach. I'm not dumb. I know someone is doing this to you"

"It's none of your business Dylan. Stay out of this"

"Someone's abusing you"

"That's stupid_"

"If you don't tell me what the hell is going on right now, I'll call 911"

"And tell them what?"

"That you're being abused. Believe me, I have enough power to make them search your whole house and find out what this is"

I guess I underestimated his smartness.

He was the most observant person I'd ever seen in my life. It felt like he could see through me the way he saw through glass. He got the hints something was wrong somewhere but he couldn't place a finger in it.

I was dumb for agreeing to come with him and even summer for getting this close to him.

"It's my mom"

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