Professional Virgin: The Rosalie Jansen Story

Synopsis-Chapter 1

16-year-old Rosalie Jansen had her mind made up. She wanted to remain a virgin until she was married. She firmly believed in saving herself for the man she married and give herself completely on their wedding night. But when newcomer Chadwick "Chad" Newcastle moves to town, Rosalie is the first girl that catches Chad's eye, despite all the girls in their school who moon over Chad. As Chad pursues Rosalie, will he respect her wishes, or will Rosalie have to give up her dream of celibacy until marriage?

This will be a story of jealousy and scandal and a traumatic childhood that will come into the story where Rosalie will be force to wonder who she can trust and who she can't. It is a teen romance that is centered on high school crushes and love and rivals that will wear on the romance of Chad Newcastle and Rosalie Jansen.

Chapter 1

“Rosalie!” Rosalie's mother, called from outside Rosalie's bedroom door. “Time to get up for school!

“Yes, mother!” Rosalie groaned.

Rosalie pulled the pillow over her head. If only she could have another hour of sleep. It had been a late night for Rosalie when she finally got home from work from her job as cashier at Burger Works, her part-time job.

Rosalie decided that she wanted to remain a virgin until she was married. She firmly believed in the power of chastity and to give herself completely to her husband on their wedding night. She wanted it to be her gift to her future husband: her virginity.

Rosalie applied for a job when she turned 16 at Burger Works and managed to land a job as cashier after school from 4 – 10 pm. Rosalie agreed so long as she could leave at 10 and not close the store. The manager agreed to the terms.

Rosalie wanted to keep herself busy so she could concentrate on her “perfect” 4.0 GPA with work and her studies. She wanted no time for dating, but to work on her career goals of becoming an attorney. She was the apple of her parents eyes, James and Margaret Jansen, who were successful attorneys―James, the D.A., and running for Senator; and Margaret, a Justice appointed by the President.

For as long as Rosalie could remember, she was groomed by her parents for law school. And her grades showed it. As a junior now, every college was vying to enroll Rosalie in their school. Rosalie had the applications from several universities to prove it.

Rosalie looked at the clock. . .6:00 a.m. . . .he mother called her just 15 minutes ago. Rosalie got up and slipped into her black slacks, white blouse, and black blazer. Then she tied her hair into a twisted bun and went to the bathroom to wash her face. Makeup was a no-no in Rosalie's family. Margaret Jansen reminded Rosalie that “good” girls didn't need makeup to get a guy. All they needed was their intelligence and personality―two things that landed Margaret Rosalie's father, James.

Rosalie took another look at her “plain-Jane” appearance and agreed with what her mother had told her. Then she went downstairs to join her parents for breakfast, a family tradition insisted by Rosalie's father. While it was hard for them to eat lunch and dinner together because of school and jobs, the Jansen family made a priority to have a family breakfast before everyone started their day.

“Good morning parents.” Rosalie said, in a cheerful mood.

“Well, good morning, Rosalie.” Rosalie's parents said in unison.

“I can't wait to start the school year.” Rosalie said with a smile.

“We're so proud of you, dear.” Mr. Jansen told her. “You are going to be an accompolished attorney when you complete your degree.

“Thanks dad. It's all that I want.” Rosalie informed her parents. “I want to tell you something.

“What is it, Rosalie dear?” her mother asked.

“I have made up my mind not to date and keep my occupied on my job at Burger Works and on my studies.” Rosalie informed her parents. “I want to keep myself pure and save myself for my future husband.

“Well, that is very commendable, Rosalie.” her father said.

“Thank you daddy.” as she gave her father and mother a hug before rushing off for her VW Cabriolet that her parents had bought for Rosalie's 16th birthday.

Rosalie drove carefully to school and got there 15 minutes before classes started. She walked to her locker and took out her first and second period books, Geometry and Chemistry, two of her worst classes, even though she still managed to get straight A's in them.

As Rosalie was walking to her Geometry class, someone had accidentally bumped her and sent her books across the hallway floor. As he knelt down to pickup Rosalie's books, Chadwick (Chad) Newcastle got a glance at Rosalie. He couldn't take his eyes off her. As Chad handed Rosalie her books, she too got a glimpse of him. Stunned by his gorgeous eyes and smile, Rosalie made an excuse and immediately walked to her Geometry class.

As Rosalie sat down in her desk, she hoped she never saw the guy again. But just her luck, he showed up in her Geometry class. Chad saw the girl who ran from him and went to sit next to her. Rosalie covered her face so he wouldn't see her, but it was too late.

“Well, hello, Beautiful.” Chad said, sitting in the desk next to Rosalie.

“Hi.” Rosalie said, shyly.

“I was hoping I would see you again.” Chad told her. “What a surprise to find you in my geometry class. What's your name, Beautiful?

“Ros-a-lie.” she told him, shyly.

“Well, Rosalie, what a beautiful name for such a beautiful girl.” Chad smiled at her, holding out his hand to shake hers. “My name is Chadwick. But you can call me Chad.

“Nice to meet you, Chad.” Rosalie graciously told him.

As the instructor, Mr. Jennings, called the class to order, Rosalie wanted to die. She didn't want anything to do with Chad. She intended to avoid Chad and by the way all the girls in her class were gawking at him, she didn't think it would be hard to do. Soon, Chad would take his interest away from her and find one of the other girls.

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