Chapter 10

Monday morning came and Rosalie did not wish to get up. She slammed her hand down on her alarm to allow herself ten more minutes of snooze time and grabbed the bottle of pills that were put on her night table and popped the entire bottle in her mouth.

Then Rosalie let the pills take effect.

“Rosalie.” Rosalie's mother called out through Rosalie's bedroom door after knocking.

No answer.

Rosalie knocked on her door and when she got no answer, she opened Rosalie's door to find her daughter still asleep in her bed.

“Rosalie!” Rosalie's mother called out to her as she shook her daughter to rouse her out of sleep.

But Rosalie still didn't wake up.

Rosalie's mother felt for breathing and she felt no breath, Rosalie's mother screamed.

Rosalie's father heard the screaming down in the kitchen while he was eating breakfast, and ran upstairs instantly.

When he got to Rosalie's bedroom, he saw his wife hysterical and Rosalie lying in bed, unresponsive.

“Call 9-1-1!” Rosalie's father told his wife, as he performed CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) on his daughter.

Rosalie's mother did as her husband did and gave the dispatcher the information. When the dispatcher confirmed that help was on the way, the dispatcher remained on the line until paramedics arrived.

Within minutes, paramedics arrived and took over where Rosalie's father was performing CPR on an unresponsive Rosalie. Paramedics managed to get Rosalie's heart pumping and checked her vital signs. Rosalie's vital signs were stable for the moment, so paramedics placed Rosalie on a stretcher and into the ambulance and went on to the hospital, with Rosalie's mother sitting beside her in the ambulance.

Rosalie's father followed in the family's car to the hospital.

Meanwhile. . .

Chad walked into his biology class and noticed the Rosalie was not in her desk, which was strange, because Rosalie was usually one of the first in class reading her assignment when the rest of the class decided to pour into class.

Chad text Rosalie several times and got no response.

Later that day, Chad was called into the principal's office.

“Chad, I wanted to let you know because you're a close friend of Rosalie's.

“Is she okay?” Chad said, sounding worried.

“Rosalie tried to kill herself last night.” the principal informed him.

“What? Why?” Chad said, confused.

“I know you spent the weekend with her. Did you two do anything while you were alone?

“What? No!” Chad said, defending himself. “I wouldn't hurt Rosalie! I love her too much to do that!

“Rosalie's parents said that you could visit her at the hospital after school if you wish.

“Thank you.” Chad said. “I will do that.

As Chad left the principal's office, he wondered what was bothering Rosalie to want to end her life? She was unusually quiet on the way home from the cabin. But he didn't want to pry. He thought he would give her some space and she would come to him when she felt she could. But somehow, he couldn't help but blame himself for Rosalie's near attempt to take her life.

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