Chapter 11

After two days, Rosalie was discharged and Chad was waiting to pick her up, as her parents were working and couldn't get off work to pick her up and asked Chad to pick Rosalie up.

As Rosalie was wheeled to the front of the hospital by staff, she could barely look Chad in the face. Chad took hold of the wheelchair and wheeled Rosalie out to his van and helped Rosalie into the passenger's seat.

The drive to Rosalie's home was quiet. Chad pulled up the driveway to Rosalie's house and helped her out of the car. When they got to the porch, Rosalie burst into tears as Chad let her cry on his shoulder.

“I'm not a virgin!” Rosalie bawled even louder.

“What are you talking about?” a confused Chad asked.

“I remembered what my Uncle Ray did to me when I was just five years old.

“What did he do, Rosalie?” Chad said, trying to sound encouraging.

“I remembered that he molested me.” Rosalie admitted. “I feel like such a fake!

“Rosalie, you're not a fake. It's not you're fault what your Uncle did to you.

“But I'm not a virgin.” Rosalie said, sadly. “I can no longer have my dream of saving myself for marriage anymore.

Chad just held Rosalie in his arms. He didn't know what else to say. They just stood there holding each other.

As Chad helped Rosalie inside her house, a process server walked up the steps to hand Rosalie court papers.

“Miss Jansen?” the process server said.

“Yes, I'm Rosalie Jansen.” Rosalie replied back.

“I have some court papers here for you.” the process server said, handing her the lawsuit, along with a pen to sign.

As Rosalie opened the papers, she fainted in Chad's arms. Chad gently laid Rosalie on the davenport and looked at the papers. Mr. Jantz was suing Rosalie for sexual harassment.

When Rosalie came to, Chad was worried for her and brought Rosalie some water.

“This isn't fair!” Rosalie said, angrily. “I didn't do anything wrong!

“Sh-h-h!” Chad said, putting Rosalie's head to his chest. “We'll find you a lawyer!

“What will I do! How will I be able to go to school tomorrow?

“With your head held high and me by your side.” Chad reassured her. “I'm your boyfriend, and I'll stick by you no matter what.

As Chad held her, Rosalie couldn't believe her luck. She had just tried to take her life and now she was being sued for sexual harassment. Her life couldn't be any worse if she wanted it to be. Rosalie didn't know how her life got out of control? She resisted the advances of her boss only to be fired and now he was suing her? Chad was her rock, but when her secret came out, would he still be? Rosalie didn't think she could take the risk? Rosalie didn't think Chad would understand and might think she was just a "whore" if her secret came out? No! She had to keep her dream a secret!

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