Chapter 12

Missy Devereaux overheard Rosalie talking to Chad about what she remembered when they were at the cabin and ran to tell Mr. Jantz about it.

Mr. Jantz then went to his lawyer and started a lawsuit to sue Rosalie for sexual harassment. Mr. Jantz's attorney assured his client that he could win the suit and make Rosalie look like she came onto him if he didn't give her a promotion.

The next day at school, classmates all stared at Rosalie as she arrived at school. But the worst was when she saw her locker. “Pervert!”, “Rapist!”, and other such names were spray painted on Rosalie's locker.

Chad was horrified and urged Rosalie to go to the principal's office.

“Mr. Wicke, we need to speak with you.” Chad spoke as he and Rosalie entered his office.

“What can I do for you two?” Mr. Wicke asked.

“It's about what somebody spray painted on Rosalie's locker?” Chad told Mr. Wicke.

“Yes, I saw it when I passed by.

“You saw it and you did nothing?!” Chad said in anger.

“What can I do?

“Don't you see that that's harassment?!” Chad yelled. “Rosalie doesn't deserve this! She is innocent!

“Well, I called the janitor to have it scrubbed off.” Mr. Wicke told Chad and Rosalie. “Beyond that, I'm afraid there is nothing I can do.

“We'll see about that!” Chad raged, he grabbed Rosalie and left Mr. Wicke's office. “C'mon, Rosalie.

“Chad, what am I going to do?” Rosalie cried on Chad's shoulder. “The whole school hates me!

“It's okay, Rose.” Chad said, holding her.

As he did so, they kissed, just as Missy Devereaux was passing by. She snapped a photo with her phone. Then she text Mr. Jantz to report that she just got a photo of Chad and Rosalie kissing.

“Good work, Missy.” Mr. Jantz text back.

Later that day, after school, Missy hurried to collect her books so she could head over to Mr. Jantz office at Burger Works.

When she got there and gave Mr. Jantz the photo, he praised her with a kiss as the two started to get passionate, as the two of them ripped their clothes off and began making love on Mr. Jantz's desk.

After they had finished, Missy got herself dressed and headed up front to take over her new position as Assistant Manager. Missy loved being the Assistant Manager and she didn't care how she got it. She was going to flaunt it in Rosalie's face as much as she could. She couldn't stand Rosalie's self-righteous attitude. Rosalie was getting everything she deserved and she was going to love watching Rosalie squirm while on the stand. Missy intended to make Rosalie know just how she disapproved of Rosalie's actions. Missy thought Rosalie was nothing but a gold digger out to get her hands on Chad Newcastle. And she intended to make Rosalie pay for snagging the newcomer! When Missy was through with Rosalie, Rosalie wouldn't know what hit her! That was for sure!

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