Chapter 13

The next day, a process server showed up at Rosalie's address to have her served with the lawsuit. As Rosalie skimmed the documents, she couldn't believe that Mr. Jantz was suing her for sexual harassment. Mr. Jantz came on to her and she was being sued for sexual harassment?

Rosalie was upstairs crying in her bedroom when Mrs. Jansen answered the doorbell.

“Oh, hi Chad. Rosalie is upstairs in her bedroom.” Mrs. Jansen told Chad, as he hurried up the stairs to see Rosalie.

“Rosalie? It's me, Chad.” Chad said as he knocked on Rosalie's bedroom door.

He got no answer. Worried, Chad opened the door to find Rosalie crying on her bed.

“Roselie, what's wrong, sweetheart?” Chad asked, concerned.

Rosalie just softly cried as Chad held her in his arms. As Chad was holding her, he saw the documents on Rosalie's bedroom floor and picked them up. As he skimmed the documents, Chad was seething with anger.

“Rosalie, is this what you're crying about?'

Rosalie just nodded and cried on Chad's shoulder. Chad held Rosalie tighter in his arms as he kissed her softly on her lips.

“Rosalie, cheer up.” Chad tried to assure her. “My parents know a good attorney. Will fight this with you, every step of the way.

Rosalie held on to Chad as if she clinging to him for dear life. She didn't know how she could get through this without Chad. She'd have probably killed herself by now if it wasn't for Chad.

“Chad, make love to me.” Rosalie urged him.

“Rosalie, are you sure?” Chad asked her.

“Yes, Chad. Make love to me now.

As Chad kissed her and started unbuttoning her blouse, he sensed a hesitation in Rosalie and although he wanted badly to make love to Rosalie, stopped what he was doing. He knew that it wasn't right for the two of them.

“What's wrong, Chad?” Rosalie asked him. “Don't you want me?

“Rosalie, I want you more than you know. But the time isn't right for us.” Chad explained.

“But . . .” Rosalie started to say, but Chad silenced her with another kiss.

“Rosalie, we will make love, but when it is right. I want everything to be perfect for our first time.

Rosalie just cried silent tears as she hugged Chad tighter. She never wanted to lose Chad. He was the only one who knew exactly how she felt. She was convinced they were soulmates.

As much as she loved and trusted Chad, she still felt like a fraud. She asked Chad to make love to her, then backed out? What kind of girl would do that? She was sure Chad would leave her? After all, he had needs, and she wasn't meeting them? Why would he stay with her?

But despite Rosalie pulling away, Chad was faithful to Rosalie and nothing would tear the two of them apart. As much as Chad wanted to make love to Rosalie, respecting her wishes was more important to him than forcing Rosalie into something she didn't want or wasn't ready for.

Meanwhile, Mr. Jantz was meeting with his attorney to discuss strategy in the lawsuit against Rosalie.

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