Chapter 17

After Chad dropped Rosalie off at her home, she went up to her room. Rosalie couldn’t believe that Missy slept with Mr. Jantz to get the assistant position, then threw it in her face. Rosalie knew that Missy was a bitch, but she never thought she could be so cruel. It was almost like it was planned.

Meanwhile, Missy had met Mr. Jantz at his home just like he requested her.

“Bill, we got her!” Missy said, giving Mr. Jantz a kiss. “I can’t believe how easy it was to set that self-righteous virgin up!

“You played your part perfectly.” Mr. Jantz praised her.

“Rosalie doesn’t even know what hit her.” Missy said gratefully. “Thank you, Bill, for helping me get her.

“You really hate her!

“Hate her?!” Missy raged. “I loathe Rosalie Jansen and her ‘I want to remain a virgin until marriage’ drama!

“But that’s not the real reason you hate her?!” Mr. Jantz accused her.

“What else could there be?” Missy challenged him.

“Chad Newcastle!” Mr. Jantz reminded Missy. “You hate that Chad fell for Rosalie and not you!

“That’s ridiculous!” Missy raged, her temper boiling, knowing that what Mr. Jantz said was the truth.

Missy calmed herself down enough to get seductive with him. But Mr. Jantz wasn’t having it.

“I think you should go now.” Mr. Jantz ordered her.

“What?” Missy asked.

“You heard me. I want you to go!

Missy picked up what was left of her self-respect, buttoned her blouse, and left Mr. Jantz’ house as he ordered.

Chad came out of the shadows and turned off the video recorder that recorded Mr. Jantz and Missy’s entire conversation.

“Got you, Missy!” Chad said to himself.

Then he headed straight for Rosalie’s attorney with the information.

“You have to listen to this!” Chad said when he showed up at Rosalie’s attorney.

“A tape recording. Only problem is that it is going to be inadmissible in court.

“Why is that?” Chad questioned.

“Because you obtained it without either Missy or Mr. Jantz’ consent.

“So I screwed up?” Chad said, feeling like a failure.

“No, maybe not. Maybe I can get a confession from Missy on the stand?

“Well, I’ll see you at the trial this morning.” Chad said before he left the law firm.

Chad left Rosalie’s attorney office with a glimmer of hope. He went to Rosalie’s house to give her the good news.

Later, Rosalie and Chad show up at the courthouse for the trial. Chad notices the smirk on Missy’s face as she sits behind Mr. Jantz at the plaintiff’s table with his attorney.

“Don’t look so happy, Missy! You’re about to go down!” Chad said under his breath.

“Did you say something, Chad?” Rosalie asked, as the two walked to their seats, Rosalie in the defendant’s table with her attorney, and Chad right behind her.

The judge brought the court to order and called on Rosalie’s attorney to call his next witness.

“The defense wishes to recall Missy Devereaux to the stand.” Rosalie’s attorney says to the judge and the court.

“Ms. Devereaux, would you take the stand.” The judge tells Missy.

With determination, Rosalie’s attorney found a way to use the evidence Chad got on the tape recorder to get a confession from Missy Devereaux about how she convinced Mr. Jantz to give Rosalie the assistant management position under false pretenses by trying to seduce her into taking the job.

After the jury was sent out for deliberation, they came back after only half an hour with a verdict.

“Have you reached a verdict?” the judge asked the foreman of the jury.

“We have Your Honor.” The foreman of the jury replied, as the bailiff took the paper from the foreman to hand to the judge.

“What is your verdict?

“Not guilty!” the foreman replies to the judge and court.

Rosalie and Chad rejoice in hearing the jury’s verdict: Not guilty. She had won the case, despite all Missy and Mr. Jantz tried to do to make her look guilty.

“I’m so happy for you, Rosalie.” Chad said. “I knew we could do it!

As Chad and Rosalie hugged each other in triumphant, Missy glared at them. She couldn’t believe that Rosalie won. After all she did to ensure that Rosalie went down. Well, she may have won this round, but the war on Rosalie Jansen wasn’t over!

As Missy fumed over this loss, Chad took Rosalie home and told her to get ready for tonight as he had a surprise for her.

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