Chapter 18-Epilogue

Rosalie was nervous as she got ready for Chad’s surprise for her that night. She couldn’t imagine what it was and it was absolutely killing her.

“Hello Chad.” Rosalie said, as she answered her cell when she saw Chad’s number on it.

“Hello, Beautiful.” Chad said excitedly when he heard Rosalie’s voice. “Are you getting ready for tonight?

“Yes, Chad I am.” Rosalie said nervously. “What do you have in mind? It’s absolutely killing me not knowing.

“Well, you’ll know when you get here.” Chad said, as he checked the table that he had loving set at the restaurant his father had paid for the two of them to dine alone tonight.

“So when are you picking me up?

“The limo should be arriving for you any minute.

Sure enough, the doorbell rang and Rosalie’s mother called up when the Chad’s limo driver appeared at Rosalie’s door.

“I gotta go, Chad, my mother just called up for me.” Rosalie told Chad.

“Sounds like the limo driver is there. Don’t keep me waiting.” Chad said, as Rosalie hung up.

When Rosalie got downstairs to see why her mother called for her, her mother was waiting for her with the limo driver that Chad said would be coming for her.

Rosalie wished her daughter well before the limo driver helped Rosalie into the limo that was bound for the restaurant he was taking Rosalie to at Chad’s request.

It seem like forever for the limo driver to drive just 15 minutes to the restaurant where Chad was waiting for Rosalie.

When Chad saw that Rosalie had arrived, he went out to greet Rosalie with a kiss on her cheek. Chad tipped the limo driver then escorted Rosalie inside the restaurant, who was surprised by the elaborate plans Chad had made for the two of them.

“Oh, Chad, you did all this for me?” Rosalie said, at a loss for words.

“It’s a celebration, Rosalie.” Chad said.

“For winning the lawsuit?

“You shall see.” Chad said with a gleam in his eye, as he escorted Rosalie to the table he had set for them.

As the orchestra played Rosalie’s favorite song, ‘Can’t Fight This Feeling’ by REO Speedwagon, Rosalie was surprised when Chad got down on one knee and opened up a ring box as he proposed to Rosalie.

Caught off guard by Chad’s romantic proposal, Rosalie felt tears well up in her eyes.

“Chad, I don’t know what to say.

“Will you be my wife?” Chad repeated again.

“Yes!” Rosalie said excitedly. “Yes, I will be your wife!

Excited that Rosalie accepted his proposal, Chad and Rosalie sat down to eat the dinner that the server had cooked for the two of them. It was a special night for Chad and Rosalie. Rosalie never imagined that Chad’s celebration meant that it would be a new start for the two of them.

As Chad and Rosalie celebrated their engagement that Missy had witnessed when she saw the limo pick up Rosalie and follow them to the restaurant. Missy vowed that Chad and Rosalie would never make it to the altar.


Chad and Rosalie are engaged and headed for the altar. Will they make it to the altar, or will someone prevent them from walking down the aisle?

Stay tuned for Book 2 in this series: Professional Virgin: The Engagement.