Chapter 2

When Rosalie got into her VW Cabriolet, it wouldn't start. So Rosalie decided to walk to work since Burger Works was only a few blocks from her high school. It gave her some time to think. . .to think about how to stay away from Chad Newcastle. She had to admit she was stuck on him. His rugged good looks, his dark hair, and blue eyes. . .she could just melt with just one glance at him.

That was why she had to stay away from him. How was she supposed to keep her vow when a guy like Chad Newcastle showed up? She had to concentrate on her studies and her job. Her life right now had no place in it for dating. Her life was her studies so she could get into a good college and become an attorney like her parents and her job at Burger Works.

Chad wouldn't be lonely anyway. Not with the way every girl in school was drooling at him. Or should she say. . .foaming at the mouth. . .for a chance to date him.

Rosalie was halfway to Burger Works when a guy in a Classic '57 Chevy pulled up next to her.

“Hey, Rosalie! Wanna lift?

It had to be the one person Rosalie was trying to avoid―Chad.

“No thanks, Chad! I'm enjoying the walk.” Rosalie told him.

“C'mon, Rosalie. Get in! I won't bite!” Chad urged her. “I hate to see such a pretty girl walking alone.

“No thank you, Chad. I wanna walk.” Rosalie kept telling him.

Not taking no for an answer, Chad drove up ahead and stopped his car. He got out and waited for Rosalie to walk up to the car.

“What's wrong, Rosalie?” Chad asked, confused. “I just wanna give you a lift to work?

“I wouldn't have had to, but my car wouldn't start. It's still back in the school parking lot.” Rosalie told him.

“Well, hop in. I'll take a look for you.” Chad said.

Rosalie reluctantly got into Chad's car and he drove back to the school parking lot where Rosalie showed him to her VW Cabriolet.

“Nice care, Rosalie.” Chad said, as he hopped out and opened the car and popped the hood.

“Start the engine, Rosalie.” Chad instructed her.

When Rosalie put the key in the ignition and turned it, nothing happened.

“Sounds like your battery's dead. It needs a jump.” Chad told her.

Chad went to the trunk of his Chevy and took out some jumper cables. He hooked up the cables and started his car, then when the time was right, he told Rosalie to start hers.

Sure enough, Rosalie's car started.

“Thank you, Chad.” Rosalie said.

“It was no problem.” Chad told her. “Hey, Rose. . .do you wanna go out on a date with me?

Stunned by Chad's request, Rosalie couldn't say anything.

“Well, Rose. . .what is your answer?” Chad asked impatiently.

“I'm sorry, Chad, but I just can't. I'm busy all week.” Rosalie lied.

“Well, have a nice day at work, Rosalie.” Chad said. “See ya in school tomorrow.

As Rosalie got into her car and headed of to Burger Works, Chad said to himself, “Don't give up on her Chad. She'll come around. She's just the shy type.

But Rosalie was thinking just the opposite, “You don't want me, Chad. Not when there are so many girls in school pining for you.

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