Chapter 3

Rosalie had just gotten to work at Burger Works when her supervisor had asked her to come into his office. Mr. Jantz was a well-respected person, and well-liked by everyone in town.

“I like your performance here, Rosalie. I want to promote you to assistant manager here.” Mr. Jantz praised her.

“Really, Mr. Jantz?” Rosalie said in surprise.

“Yes, Rosalie, but there is one thing you need to do for me.

“Yes, Mr. Jantz, anything.” Rosalie assured him.

“C'mere, then.” Mr. Jantz says, pulling Rosalie close to him as he locks the office door. Mr. Jantz moves in to kiss Rosalie, but she pulls away.

“Mr. Jantz, what are you doing?” a shocked Rosalie asks.

“I'm trying to kiss you.” Mr. Jantz informs her. “If you want the promotion, you need to do what I want.

“Sorry, Mr. Jantz, but I don't want it that bad.” Rosalie tells him flat out.

“Well, then, I'm afraid your fired!

“But. . .

“I'm sorry, but if you won't do what I ask, no promotion and no job.

“Fine.” Rosalie leaves Mr. Jantz office and grabs her things. “I'll bring in my uniform after I've had it washed.

As Rosalie walked home, she nearly had tears in her eyes, she didn't see the car ahead of her. It was Chad, who stopped on the side of the road and motioned for Rosalie to get in.

“Hey, Rose, why the long face?” Chad asked her, sounding worried.

“It's nothing.” Rosalie lied to him.

“Rose, your nearly in tears and nearly got hit.” Chad urged her to talk. “Don't tell me it's nothing.

“I was let go from my job at Burger Works.” Rosalie told him.

“Why? I thought you were doing a great job.

“Guess they didn't need me anymore.” Rosalie lied again.

“That doesn't sound right, Rose?” Chad said. “You do a great job.

“I don't want to talk about it, Chad. Can you just take me home?

“Yeah, sure, Rose.

They drove in silence the rest of the way to Rosalie's home. When Chad pulled up in Rosalie's driveway, he gives her a peck on her cheek.

“Hey, Rose, anytime you wanna talk, I'm here.” Chad says, handing her his cell number. “Just give me a ring.

“Yeah, thanks for the ride, Chad.” Rosalie says, as she climbs out of his Chevy. She waves good-bye as he drives away.

How can she tell Chad the real reason she was fired? Her supervisor suggested she have sex with him for a promotion to assistant manager, and when she refused his advances, he fired her instead. Chad just wouldn't understand the truth. No one could know what really happened to get her fired at Burger Works.

As soon as Chad dropped Rosalie off at home, she ran upstairs and locked her bedroom door. She didn't want to explain to her parents why she was home so early from work. They wouldn't understand . . . . no one would! As much as Rosalie hated it, she would just have to cover for being fired from Burger Works?

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