Chapter 6

Chad pulled up into Rosalie's driveway at 6 am on the dot as he promised. Rosalie was up at 4 am getting her bag packed like Chad requested. She was reading a book when Chad knocked on her front door.

“Chad.” Rosalie said, excited when he stepped in and gave her a kiss.

“C'mon, Rose.” Chad said, picking up her bags. “We need to get going if we're going to beat traffic.

Chad put Rosalie's bags in his trunk, while Rosalie carried her laptop and her purse in her arms. Rosalie wanted to do some writing while she was away with Chad.

“Your going to like where we are going this weekend, Rose.” Chad said, excitedly.

“Where are we going?” Rosalie asked, as Chad helped her into the passenger seat.

After he got into the driver's seat and started the engine, they were off for his surprise weekend adventure. Chad just smiled his Cheshire cat grin at Rosalie's question. “You'll just have to wait and see!

Rosalie fell asleep a half an hour later as Chad drove the two hours to his family's cabin. Chad admired Rosalie sleeping next to him in the passenger seat. She looked so peaceful sleeping next to him. He tuned the radio to a station that played mellow music so Rosalie could relax and sleep during the drive. She would need the nap when they got to the cabin. Chad had a busy weekend for the two of them.

Two hours later, Chad pulled up to the his family's cabin and woke Rosalie to let her know they had arrived. When a groggy Rosalie got her eyes open, she looked out the car window. She saw the cabin got a little worried.

“Chad, why did you bring me here?” Rosalie asked, terrified that Chad may want to have sex with her.

“I thought you needed a weekend getaway after this week at school. My dad gave me the keys to the family cabin.” he told her.

“That's so sweet, Chad.” Rosalie said, giving him a kiss on his cheek.

Chad held her hand, “I won't pressure you into anything. I just want you to have a peaceful time and spend time with you.

“Thank you, Chad.

Chad got out of the car and grabbed his and Rosalie's bags and took them inside the cabin as Rosalie followed behind him.

When Chad unlocked the door and they stepped inside, Rosalie felt instantly at home.

“I'll go get some firewood to start a fire while you get settled in.” Chad told her. “Your room upstairs and to the left of the stairs.

Rosalie did as Chad suggested and went upstairs to the room where Chad instructed to freshen up after the drive up.

While Rosalie was upstairs in her room washing her face, she somehow got the sense that everything would be alright. A weekend in Chad's family cabin was what she needed from what was going on at school. Chad was such a sweet person for doing this for her.

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